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Top 12 Most Popular Search Engines in the World

Every day you search for new information from the Internet. If your friends do not know the answer to any question, you tell them to search in Google. But have you ever tried to understand what this search engine is?. What is the history of search engines? What is the use of search engines? Or how does this search engine work?.

In the olden times, when the answer to a question was not known, he used to ask elders to get the answer. The elders answered that question, but it was not entirely accurate. At that time, there was no internet to search and find out the correct answer. But now, it is not because today’s era is the age of the Internet.

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In this era, the answer to every question is with the Internet. That, too, is very accurate and correct. Whenever there is an agreement between two friends regarding a question, they search directly from the search engine. But they do not know what this search engine is, so let us know what is a search engine and how does a search engine work?

Top Most Popular Search Engines in the World
Top Most Popular Search Engines in the World

What is a Search Engine?

Viewing any website by connecting your computer to the Internet and getting information from it is the favorite task of many people. Many people spend hours surfing the Internet by going to their nearest cyber cafe.

But do you know that this task can be harrowing for some people? Yes, it is accurate, and these people do not know the full URL (uniform resource locator) of those websites by which they want to get information. 

Such people surf the Internet for hours but cannot find the website to get the desired information. With the increasing size of the Internet, this problem gets deeper. An Automated Search System has been invented to match the need of the people and the increasing size of the Internet.

This system is a program, i.e., software that, based on some keywords given by the user, finds the website in which all those keywords are included. This computer software is called a search engine.

When a website or blog is found with the help of these search engines, it also shows the result of its search as a temporary webpage.

The webpage with these results contains the names of all those web pages in which the keywords are given by the user come. All these names are in the form of hyperlinks which can be reached by clicking the mouse button.

There are many search engines available on the Internet to find the website, which can find the website based on the character string given by the users. This character string can be any person’s name, company name, keyword or date, etc.

Search Engine History

No matter what the search engine is, it has only one job: to search the data on the Internet and display it on the screen. In the early days, the search engine was nothing but a collection of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Who used to collect only data. It was used to search data from all the servers that were connected.

The WWW (world wide web) was the only way to connect to the Internet. The purpose of creating the search engine was to locate the file from the webserver because, at that time, it was tough to identify the webserver and the file.

Alan Emtage created the world’s first search engine. This search engine was a school project. At that time, Alan Emtage had created this search engine in a project at McGill University. This search engine was started on September 10, 1990. And it was named Archie. After this search engine, many new search engines came into the world, which is as follows-

Top 15 Search Engines in World

Search Engine
Search Engines
  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Baidu
  4. Yandex
  5. web crawler
  6. Lycos
  7. DuckDuckGo
  8. Ask
  9. Alta vista
  10. Msn
  11. Metasearch
  12. Bing
  13. ALL
  14. WolframAlpha
  15. Excite
  16. Internet Archive

Top 10 Search Engines in India.

  1. Qmama
  2. 123khoj
  3. Guruji
  4. Epic Search
  5. Glass
  6. Bilder
  7. Rediff
  8. justdial
  9. 13tabs
  10. Neeva
  11. iBharat

Example of Search Engine

By the way, many search engines have been made in this world to date. But some are more popular, and they are still being used. It lets you know their information.

1). Yahoo

This search engine displays from the displayed windows that this website provides many other services to the search engine and the user, such as it provides the benefit of email, with the help of which one person can communicate with another person. Any message, whether it is text, voice, or Image, can be sent at any time.

It is necessary to have an account of the person on this website. This website is considered an excellent service, with the help of which a person can chat with a person online.

This service Yahoo is considered an essential service. With its help, the user can find any website in a few moments. There are many types of facilities in yahoo like you can search facilities like Shopping, Chatting, Games, Movies, Music, Videos, Greetings, Geo cities, Image, etc.

2). Google

This search engine is the most used in the world. This search engine was started in 1997 in America. You can search for anything in this search engine.

3). Web Crawler

This search engine is one of the oldest meta-search engines on the web today. For many years, it has worked as a metasearch engine. WebCrawler was the first web search engine to provide full-text search. Brian Pinkerton, the creator of this search, created it on April 20, 1994. It was made at the University of Washington.

In this metasearch engine, you can see the top search of google and yahoo. In this, you can search audio, video, news, etc. Web crawler first search engine in the world was.

4). Lycos

It works for both search and web portals. This search engine was also created in 1994, but it was launched on April 13, 1995. This search engine was started at Carnegie Mellon University. It provides the service of email, web hosting, social networking, and entertainment websites.

5). Jammu

This is the search engine of India. The self-reliant India campaign inspired this search engine on January 26, 2021. It is made from advanced technology, almost similar to the Google search engine. Nishith Dhanani of Gujarat created this search engine. In this, you can search anything like audio, video, webpage, news, etc.

6). DuckDuckGo

This search engine was launched on September 25, 2008. The creator of this search engine is Gabriel Weinberg.

7). Yandex

Russia’s most popular search engine is Yandex. This search engine has been specially designed for Russian searchers only. Arkady Balogh and Arkady Borkovsky started this search engine on September 23, 1997. Apart from this search engine, it also provides other services in many ways.

8). Baidu

This search engine is the search engine of China. This is the local search engine of China. The language of this search engine is also Chinese. Robin Li launched it in January 2000. This search engine is the second largest search engine after Google. In this, you can do all the searches that you search in Google.

9). MSN

Along with searching any site, this search engine also provides many other facilities to its users like News, Health, Shopping, Travel, Sports, Money, Games, House & Home, Entertainment, Careers & jobs, etc.

10). Ask

This search engine is still viral today. Earlier its name was Ask Jeeves. This search engine was created on June 3, 1996. This is just a question-answer search engine or website. My focus was only on E-business and web search engines. The name of its creator is Garrett Gruener and David Warthen, and Douglas Leeds (CEO).

11). Alta vista

The primary function of this search engine is to search a website. This search engine provides many facilities to search like – videos, websites, directory, images, mp3/audio, news, etc. This search engine gives some useful options along with the facilities to search.

By which a website can be searched in a moment. After searching, it also shows the result, for which it gives the facility of all languages.

12). Metasearch

Metasearch is considered a tiny search engine that does not provide other facilities. The primary use of this search engine is used only in finding sites.

Types of Search Engine

There are four types of search engines which are as follows:-

  • Crawler Based Search Engines
  • Web Directories
  • Hybrid Search Engine
  • Meta Search Engine

1). Crawler Based Search Engine

This crawler-based search engine uses crawler, robot, spiders, and bot programs for crawling and indexing new content in the database. This type of search engine includes google, yahoo, bing, duckduckgo, Yandex, ask, etc.

2). Web Directories

Unlike search engine software, web directories store the links of those websites in their directory, which is given to keep them. In other words, it can be said that web directories search the entire web (www) like search engines. Instead of storing the addresses of available websites in themselves, they hold only the URLs of those websites asked to keep. 

When a user tries to find the URL of a website using the web directory, then by searching the keywords given by the users in their guide, they try to find the URL of the website in which those keywords are found. For example, Yahoo is a web directory with its URL – https://www.yahoo.co.in ).

3). Hybrid Search Engine

Those websites can be included in the category of hybrid in which the properties of both search engines and web directories are found. They actively search in the whole www, and they also have their manuals from which they can also do their search. Infoseek is an example of a similar search site whose URL is – https://www.infoseek.com.

4). Metasearch Engine

Metasearch engines are those search engines that take data from another search engine and display it in front of us. When we search a keyword (query) in it, it explores it in different search engines and presents it by applying its algorithm. Examples are Metacrawler and the dogpile search engine.

Use of Search Engine.

A search engine has many uses, which are increasing with time. Let us know about the use of search engines. Search engines are used for shopping, research, watching movies/videos, downloading or playing music, earning money, playing games, etc.

How does a Search Engine Work?

All those web servers that provide the service of the search engine store a database on their hard disk where the URLs of many resources available on the Internet are stored.

Search Engine acts as an interface between users and the database. With the help of a search engine, the user can give his keywords to the webserver and find them in its database.

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Some search engines find the words given by the user only in the title of that web page, and some find those keywords in the whole web page. As a result, at the end of the search, the names of those websites are displayed in the form of hyperlinks. In which those keywords are found.

By clicking on these hyperlinks, we can access those web pages. A search engine works in the following three steps:-


Also known as Robot and Spider is a unique program that continuously scans the Internet’s website and gets the information available there. After collecting the data from any webpage, Crawling means that the spider continues its search by clicking on other links present there. 

These programs constantly roam the web and make it easy to search engines.


This process occurs when the data is processed and placed in the database after crawling. The index works like a catalog where the information obtained from the searched web page is collected. By exploring the character string made by the users in this index, the link of the page displays the result format.

Ranking & Retrieval

This is the last step of the search engine. This step is used a lot these days. In this, the search engine processes our searched keyword, then displays the most similar content to our keyword by bringing it in front of us. This process is called retrieval. Searches trillions of pages to display the page most matching the keywords we search. It is also called a ranking algorithm.


Which is the world’s first search engine?

The world’s first search was Archie, made on September 10, 1990, by Alan Emtage.

How many search engines are there?

There are many search engines in the world, in which Google, yahoo, bing, ask, Yandex duckduckgo etc., are prominent.

Which is the largest search engine in the world?

The world’s largest search engine is Google. Every child in the world knows about it today.

Which search engine runs in China?

China has its search engine Baidu, most commonly used in China.

How do search engines work nowadays?

Most of the search engines run through the ranking and retrieval process. Google also currently follows the same process.


In this article, you have learned what a search engine is? Read complete information about types of search engines, history of search engines, usage of search engines, examples of search engines etc. Along with this, you read about the top 15 search engines.

I hope you liked this article very much. If you do not understand anything in this article, you must comment in the comment box. Share the essay on your social media profile.

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