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12 Content-Writing Secrets of Professional Writers in 2024

Secrets of Professional Writer: Writing is considered an easy job. Well, it must probably be regarded as easy by those who are good at writing. But what about that 60 % of the struggling writers, who have a fantastic imagination and innovative ideas but lack in putting them into words?

Most of the time, the writer has that urge to write, and in their mind, they are almost ready with the topic. But as soon as they start writing, their mind goes blank they keep gazing at the screen. This is not the problem of one or two. This is the problem of many. That’s why they keep searching for professional content Writing tips to write an article.

Write an Article as a Professional Writer
Write an Article as a Professional Writer

Write an Article as a Professional Writer

Sometimes they are ready with the words and can even develop the content through hard work. But, well, you will always have to face this “But” if you want to do something unique. People write, and they write well, but their content is not up to the mark. Though the words are satisfying, the quality of the content isn’t. I hope you did. If not, this article will make you understand what I am trying to convey.

From previous comments, I have realized that many of my lovely readers are finding some difficulties in writing, and this article is for them. I hope you know who you are. Here I am going to share with you guys the “best 12 tips to write an article as a professional content Writing” and trust me, if you follow these tips in every post, it will become a masterpiece.

12 Awesome Tips for Writing an Article as a Professional

1. Focus on Keyword

You might not be sure what is meant by the focus keyword. It is the one that must be present in the introductory paragraph of an article for SEO-friendly content. For example, if you are writing an essay about “Top 12 Richest People in the World” or if it is the article’s title. Then, the keyword “top 12 richest people” must be present in the article’s introductory or first paragraph.

2. Introduction Length

We often drown in writing, so we write an introduction of around 400-500 words. And this is not the correct way of writing an introduction. “Complete introduction” shouldn’t be more than 300 words, i.e. before giving the main points, complete the introduction in a maximum of 300 words.

3. Keyword Density

Good content demands good SEO. For good SEO, you must use the focused keyword at least six times in the article. This is known as keyword density. For example, (the top 10 wealthiest people) must be present at least 6 to 8 times in the whole article (Depending upon word count. If the article’s length is 1500 words, it should be 6 to 8 times).

4. Sentence Length

Don’t be so engrossed in writing that you increase the length of sentences. The sentences should not have more than 20 words. You can break the sentence line with a full stop (.) And then continue writing.

5. Paragraph Length

Tips are a mixture of dos and don’ts though this one is a few don’ts. Don’t write long paragraphs. The paragraphs shouldn’t have more than 100 to 150 words depending on the article’s length. You can break or change the section if it goes beyond 100 words and can write from the next section.

6. Transition Words

I hope you are well acquainted with the transition words (and, but, so, as, because, therefore, however, moreover, further, meanwhile, during, subsequently, likewise, similarly, after that, above all, in addition, in conclusion, in short, in other words, on the other hand, for example, most importantly, certainly,  firstly, secondly). There is a definite need for transition words in the article. They must be present between sentences because it makes it easier for the reader to understand how thoughts and ideas are connected. Transition words show readers the relationship between phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. So, you must include transition words between the sentences.

7. Consecutive Sentences

They shouldn’t be present anywhere in the article. A consecutive sentence means that any specific word shouldn’t be repeated three times continuously in sentences. For Example, She is a girl. She loves to eat good food. She is pursuing her degree from a reputed university. (repetition of “she” shouldn’t be there).

8. Passive Voice

I don’t know how most people use passive voice due to lack of practice or some other reason. This isn’t the right way of writing. The sentences shouldn’t be present in the passive voice in the article. Try to use Active voice sentences. For example,

  • Active voice: I checked your writing skills.
  • Passive voice: Your writing skills are checked by me.

9. Make Use of Synonyms

Don’t go with words that ordinary people have never heard to make the content look catchier. Use the words with “simple meanings” and sometimes new meanings. Using easy “synonyms words” between the sentences would be best.

10. Content Must be Unique

Firstly, a writer must consider the uniqueness of the content. None of the sentences should be copied from anywhere. Research any topic on Google, read at least five sites for understanding, and then try to write an article yourself.

11. Article Length

Don’t make the article too long to make the readers bored. The minimum article length should be 900 words and a maximum of 4500 words.

12. Beginning and Ending

Do focus more on the beginning to keep the reader reading. And the endings should be good, too, so that it will leave the reader wanting more posts.

Conclusion:  Make your writing readability easy for your audience. This article might not help much, but it is a little better to understand writing an essay. I’ll keep writing posts for my readers. And I hope you people will keep showering your love.

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