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How To Schedule Instagram Posts in 2024

If you also want your post on Instagram to be automatically posted on your chosen Time and Date, then this post of ours will be beneficial for you today, in which we will tell you how to Schedule Instagram Posts. 

As you all know, Instagram is one of the most popular Social Media platforms today in which you can promote your business and be popular yourself. Just for that, first, you have to increase your followers. 

Since Instagram has launched the Short Video Feature (Reels), Instagram has become a vast social media platform. Since then, a lot of audiences has started coming on Instagram. 

There are 1.386 Billion Active Users on Instagram right now so that you can guess how big a social media platform Instagram is. Since the ban of Tiktok, reels are being liked the most on Instagram right now.

Everyone knows that to become famous on Instagram, you have to increase your followers, and followers will improve only when you remain active on Instagram. You will have to keep publishing your content from time to time.

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But as everyone knows that today most people do not have enough time to publish their posts again and again from time to time, and sometimes you forget to publish your post, but I hope that if you read this post today till the end and better, then this problem of yours will end forever. 

So in today’s post, we will tell you what an Instagram post schedule is, how to schedule posts Instagram and the benefits of scheduling posts on Instagram. 

What is Instagram Post Schedule?

Almost everyone knows Instagram, but some people do not know that this post has been scheduled, so now let us know what is Instagram Post Schedule is. That then, we will learn to schedule posts Instagram. 

It happens in Instagram Post Schedule that when you have to enter any post according to your Time and Date, you can Schedule it. What will happen that your post automatically on the same Time and Date you had selected? It will be published. 

Let us understand it in a more accessible way, like suppose you have to upload a post on Instagram on Christmas (25th December). You know that you do not have any time on that day, i.e. on Christmas day, then you. You can put the post on the Schedule by selecting Christmas day and time so that the post will be uploaded automatically according to your time. 

Convert Instagram Account to Business or Creator Account 

Before scheduling posts on an Instagram account, you have to switch your profile to a Business or Creator Account. Only then you will be able to schedule your posts on Instagram. Let us tell you how to convert your profile into a Business or Creator account. 

Step 1). First of all, you have to open your Instagram. 

Step 2). Now you have to click on your profile, then you have to click on Three Lines on the right side in which you will get the option of setting, you have to click on it. 

Step 3). After coming to the setting, you will now see an account option. You have to click on it. 

Step 4). After clicking on Account, you have to scroll down and come to the bottom, where you will get the option of Switch to Professional Account. You have to click on it.

Step 5). Now, you have to click on Continue, and then you have to choose a category that what you are like Artist, Musician, Digital Creator, Gamer or Bagera Bagera. 

Step 6). You have to select whether you want to switch your profile to Business or Creator. 

After that, your Account will be successfully switched to Professional Account. Now you will get to see some new features like; Insights and Add Tools etc. 

How to Schedule a Post on Instagram

Like Youtube and Facebook, there is no such option on Instagram to put the post on the Schedule. Yes, but you can schedule the post on Instagram with the help of some tools. 

So let us now understand what post scheduling is, so let us learn how to schedule a post on Instagram. 

Step 1). First of all, you have to open Chrome on your computer or laptop. 

Step 2). Now, you have to search by writing Creator Studio. After that, you have to click on the first website Facebook Creator Studio. Or you can access Facebook Creator Studio by clicking here. 

Schedule a Post on Instagram
Schedule a Post on Instagram

Step 3). You have to log in to your Facebook and Instagram ID in Creator Studio. 

Note: Your Instagram ID must be connected to Facebook.

Step 4). After login, you will now see some such interface. Now you have to click on Create Post, in that you will get two options, first Feed and second IGTV. 

If you want to put a post, you click on Feed and if you’re going to put more IGTV Videos, then click on IGTV. 

Step 5). Now, you have to write a nice caption to add Emoji and Hashtag. After that, you have to enter your location and select the post. 

Step 6). Now, you have to click on Down Arrow next to Publish on the right side, where you will get the option of Schedule and Save Draft. 

Schedule a Post on Instagram
Schedule a Post on Instagram

Step 7). After clicking on Schedule, you have to select Time and Date and click on Publish. After doing this, your post has been successfully scheduled.

When you get back, you will start showing the scheduled post there. If you want to edit something, you can do it from there. 

Benefits of Post Schedule on Instagram 

There are many benefits of post scheduling on Instagram, about which we are going to tell you today. 

1). The most significant advantage of scheduling posts on Instagram is that you save a lot of time, in which you can schedule many days of content at a time. All you have to do is upload the post once, enter the caption, select the time and date, and schedule it.

After that, your post will be published simultaneously and date. You will not need to print the commands one by one, again and again, saving you a lot of time. 

2). An advantage of post scheduling on Instagram is that your activity remains on Instagram. By doing this, you will not miss a single post, and you will be active on Instagram to get to see excellent results. 

3). With the help of this, you can publish posts on both Facebook and Instagram pages simultaneously. 

4). If you know that your audience is active, you should also upload your post at the same time. It will benefit you a lot. What you have to do is that you first find out when your maximum audience is active. After that, you have to schedule your post at the same time. 

5). If you have three or four Instagram accounts, you can easily handle it all through Post Schedule.

1). Can we schedule reels from Creator Studio

No, you can only schedule Post and IGTV videos through Creator Studio. 

2). Can we schedule a post from Instagram

No, there is no such feature in Instagram yet to schedule the post. 

3). What is Facebook Creator Studio 

Facebook Creator Studio is a tool from Facebook in which we can see Facebook Page Insights, manage the page well and schedule our posts on Instagram and Facebook. 

4) What can you schedule from Creator Studio? 

With Creator Studio, you can schedule Posts (Images and Videos), Coursoual and IGTV videos only. 


So in today’s post, we learned what Instagram Post Schedule is, the benefits of Instagram Post Schedule and how to do Post Schedule on Instagram.

I hope you have liked this post today, and now you can also easily schedule your post on Instagram. If you are still having any problem designing the centre, you can ask us through comments.

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