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How to Save WhatsApp Status, Video, Photos on Android & iOS in 2024

In today’s time, WhatsApp is installed on every Smartphone. Maybe WhatsApp will be installed on your mobile too. First, let us tell you that WhatsApp was launched in 2010, and more than 5 billion people use this application.

We get to see a feature of WhatsApp Status on WhatsApp, which almost all users use, and through this status, you can put any photo or video on WhatsApp for 30 seconds. 

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If we put a status on WhatsApp ourselves, then that video, the photo is present on our phone, but if a friend has put a very beautiful and good status, we can not download the status even if we want. Because WhatsApp us WhatsApp Status on the official app is to Download not get to see the option, but we can download the WhatsApp status by whether another app.

How To Download WhatsApp Status, Photo & Video

We can easily see the WhatsApp status of another person, but on the official app of WhatsApp, we do not see any such option, under which we can download WhatsApp status on our mobile. If you want to know about WhatsApp Status Download Kaise Kare, then follow the steps mentioned below

1. If you want to download WhatsApp Status, you have first to download the Status Sticker Saver app from Play Store. If you want, you can also download the app by clicking on the link below. 

Download Now

2. When the Status Saver App is installed on your phone, you have to open the application. After opening, you will have to grant permission to the app. 

3. After granting permission to the Status Saver App, you will be redirected to a new page where you will get to see all the video and photo status of WhatsApp, here you will see to download only those statuses you have seen. It’s over

4. The WhatsApp Video or Photo Status you want to download, you have to click on that Video or Photo Status. 

5. When you click above WhatsApp Status, you will see a plus (+) icon below the status. You have to click on that icon. 

6. After clicking on the plus (+) icon, you will see an option by saving. You will have to click on the option of that save. 

When you click on Save, Video, or Photo Status will be downloaded on your mobile, which you can also give in your WhatsApp Status. WhatsApp Status Download Kaise Kare You must have known this very well, but let us tell you for information that you can also download WhatsApp status through other apps, which we have told below. 

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Best App to Download WhatsApp Status, Video, Photos

In this post, it has already been told that no option to download another person’s WhatsApp status is officially available on WhatsApp. If you are a user of WhatsApp, then you will know about it. 

So to download another person’s status, we have to use another WhatsApp Status Saver App. We have told below about some good apps to download WhatsApp Status. If you want, you can download WhatsApp Status using those apps – 

1). Status Saver For WhatsApp Download:

This Status Saver For WhatsApp app is available on Google Play Store. Which are an app of 4 MB and 4.6 ratings. It can be installed very easily from the play store. Through this application, you can download WhatsApp status very easily.


2). WhatsApp Status Save:

This app is an app of 5.2 MB and a 4.4 rating. It helps you to save WhatsApp status like other applications. This app is very fast, and its interface is very simple. It is available on the App Play Store. You can download the app by clicking on the link below.


3). Download WhatsApp Status From WhatsApp:

Download WhatsApp Status From WhatsApp is also a good WhatsApp status download app. Through this app, you can download any WhatsApp status very easily. The size of this app is only 4 MB. This app is available on the play store. If you want, you can also download this app by clicking on Download below. 



In today’s post, we have explained how to download Whatsapp status in full detail. Do we hope that by reading this blog post today, you must have come to know that WhatsApp Status saves Kaise Kare? What is the best app to download WhatsApp status? 

After reading this post today, if you have any questions about WhatsApp status download, you can ask us by commenting on the comment box below. And if you think that today’s post is very useful for you, you can read the other post on our blog.

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