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How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps

Passionate about blogging? Do you want to turn this passion into a money-making machine? This article is all about starting a blog and making money online.

The foremost thing that you must learn about is how to create a professional blog of your own. Blogging is, of course, an awesome platform that will help you make money online from a blog and other ways. All you need to know is how to play with words. Even if you don’t know how to play with words, then don’t worry. This platform is only for you to understand how to create and write a blog. You just need to be calm and focus on your goal. It would help if you only had only things to be a blogger: patience and hard work.

Blogging is not something for which you need a degree and diplomas or be perfect in English. When I heard about blogging and making money from blogging a year back, I thought its nonsense. I was not even good at English, nor did I know how to write a single sentence without a mistake. It felt useless, but then one day, I didn’t know from where a thought came in my mind that I should at least give it a try because I will never learn something new until and unless I will make efforts to learn. So, I finally decided to start a blog of my own.

But how will you gain experience unless you start a blog of your own? So here are some simple guidelines for you to know how to create a blog.

There are just seven simple steps that will let you know how to start a blog:

  • Blogging Platform
  • Domain Name
  • Choose Web Hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Setup a Blog
  • Design a Blog
  • Make Money from Blog

Choosing a Blogging Platform: Once you step into the world of blogging, you will come across hundreds of blogging platforms. Some of them are Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, TypePad, etc. And being a beginner, you might get confused about which platform to choose.

For the last few years, the best platform for blogging has been WordPress because it offers you site-building and a content management system that no other platform provides. Almost 9 out of 10 blogs in the world use WordPress because it is considered the only trustworthy software that offers you a DIY tool and various other advantages.

Friends don’t get confused with WordPress.org and WordPress.com. They are both different in several ways. WordPress.com is a free blogging platform. On the other hand, WordPress.org is not free. It would help if you bought a domain and hosting for using WordPress.org. You might want more reasons to trust WordPress. Don’t you?

Here is why you should choose WordPress:

  • WordPress is free.
  • WordPress is easy to use, and the best part is that you don’t even need to have the technical knowledge to create a website and blog.
  • You can choose approximately 8000 free and paid themes provided by WordPress.
  • You can make your blog fast and efficient using thousands of plugins. Yoast is one of the most popular plugins offered by WordPress.
  • If you face difficulty in any topic, you can help from the WordPress forum.
  1. Select a Domain Name:

After selecting the blogging platform, the next challenge that comes your way is a selection of domain names. Select your domain name wisely. It should be easy enough for the reader to remember. Don’t select a complex character that becomes difficult for the reader to remember. Please choose the domain name so that it gives a quick idea to the reader about the topic or about what it deals with.

Suppose your blog is about travelling, then you should give it a name related to tour and travel such as TheLastHolidays, and if it is about cooking or food, then keep a name related to this only like EasyJunky. Don’t go for innovative names that will take you out of the topic. For example, my blog is all about earning by doing nothing, and its name is LazyEarning. Its name itself gives an idea to the user that it is all about earning or making money. Keep the name short and simple.

While purchasing a domain, keep in mind that finding a domain name of your choice might be a difficult task because maybe some other person has also thought of the same name just like you did, and it might have been sold. Make a list of a couple of words while looking for domain names. And the domain extensions can be of your choice like .com, .org, .co.in, .info etc. Look for wings at the time of domain booking.

  1. Choose a Web Hosting for Your Blog:

Like several blogging platforms the same way, there are many hosting sites. Some are Bluehost, Namecheap, iPage, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bigrock, etc. Without a hosting site, you might create a blog, but it will not be yours to be called. You might make a blog, but where will you keep its content. Hosting is done for the storage of your content.

It would help if you had web hosting to store your blog’s contents. If you don’t buy web hosting, Google will have the right to delete the contents of your blog or your blog itself. To have a domain name of your choice and have complete control over it, you need to have web hosting.

The most popular and recommended web hosting site is Bluehost. It is considered the best site for hosting because it offers:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Auto Updates

You can even get discounts while purchasing the hosting. But this golden opportunity comes once a year only on black Friday. You can get a discount of approx 40% to 60% on Black Friday. The price for purchasing a Bluehost is nearly $7.99 per month, but you can get it for $2.65 per month during Black Friday.

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4. How to Install WordPress:

  1. Setup Your Blog:
  • Do it yourself.
  1. Design Your Blog:
  • Do it yourself.
  1. Starting to Make Money from Your Blog:

Not everyone starts a blog to earn money. Some start it for their passion also. But it’s not bad if you make handsome money from blogging. You can even become a professional blogger.

Here are some tips for you to earn money through blogging:

I. Write daily: In the beginning, be regular with your blog, rite daily because everyone is interested in daily stuff. No one would like to read from a blog that posts once in a couple of days. To increase traffic, your content should be innovative as well as true. It should not contain any myths or fake ideas or be copied from other sources. Maintain the uniqueness of your blog.

II. Keep promoting your blog: Traffic is what you want to earn money. To grab the audience’s attention, your content should be useful for them, and they should find it appealing. Promote your blog on various social networking sites that are widely worldwide used, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube. Pin it on Pinterest as well. Visit other blogs, too, comment on their contents, and invite them to your blog. Keep promoting those contents that are appreciated the most. Use hashtags and, above all, learn SEO to get traffic from Google.

III. Monetize your blog: If you have created a blog for earning purposes, then let me tell you several ways to make money online through blogging. You can start earning money through your blog only after you gain some traffic.

IV. Through AdSense: Once you sign up with AdSense, Google will keep sending advertisements on your blog, and if any visitor clicks on the ads present on your blog, Google pays you for this.

V. Affiliate Marketing: Sign up with Amazon associate, Flipkart, eBay or Bluehost. After you log in to your associate account, you will get a link for promoting the products on your blog. If any visitor visits that affiliate link and goes to a site like Amazon and buys something from that site, you will be paid approximately 4% to 12% of that amount. This is called affiliate marketing.

Why should we not start with a free blog?

You might have heard somewhere that starting a blog is free but keep in mind that everything free comes with limitations. There will be several problems once you start with a free blog. You will not have full control over it. It won’t be a blog of your own with full authority. It will not even have a name of your choice.

For example, if you go for free blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress, you might get a domain that will have your name and then the name of the site with the extension of yourname.blogspot.com. Which will not look attractive, nor will it give the user an idea about its content.

  1. The free blogging platform will control your content, and you will not be able to do anything if they delete your content, webpage or whole website.
  2. Your domain name, which will not suggest anything to the reader, will make your blog non-serious for them.
  3. Even you can’t do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) better and can’t get huge traffic.
  4. After you start getting traffic and you want to shift on a paid blog of your own, it becomes difficult in turning.

My Personal Experience:

The first few months or you can say the first year, really forced me to quit blogging because I was neither getting any traffic nor any appreciation. I started losing my temper, but as I said, don’t ever lose your temper, be patient. One day your hard work will fetch you results that you have never imagined. Many people liked the last article I wrote before losing my temper, even commenting on it. I think that was the turning point of my career as a blogger.

From zero to some and from some to a lot. I started making money. People started asking for more articles. My friends, if I can do it, why can’t you? Slowly and steadily, you will learn your mistakes, and you can improvise them side by side. With experience, your writing skills will enhance.



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