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Google Play Redeem Code June 2024 (100% Working)

June 14, 2024: The latest collection of Google Play Redeem Code that has not been used and the steps for exchanging the code.

Google Play Redeem Code: Many such apps and games on Google Play Store have An App Purchase option. Like Free Fire PUBG etc., If you play famous games like Free Fire and PUBG, you must have heard about BC, UC, and Diamond, which you can buy inside these games, for which you have to pay UC through your Paytm & Google Pay. There is an opportunity to buy BC and Diamond.

If you have a balance in Paytm and Google Pay, you can easily buy all those things, but if you do not have Paytm or Google Pay, you get the option of redeeming code in all these apps through Redeem Code. You can buy anything in the App. But have you ever wondered what is Google Play Redeem Code, what are the benefits of Google Play Redeem Code, and how to buy Google Play Redeem Code? So through today’s article, we will give you complete information about Google Play Redeem Code.

What Is Google Play Redeem Code?

The Google Play Redeem Code is a 16-digit code that includes the English alphabet and some math numbers. With the help of Google Play Redeem Code, if there is an In-App Purchase option, then you can buy things from it like if we tell you about Free Fire, for example, you get many options in Free Fire like You to have to pay money to buy all these things like Diamond, Gun Skin, Characters, Emote, Bundle, etc. But you can also buy all these things with the help of a Google Play redeem code.

Google Play’s Redeem Code is made from Google Play Store. You can also make Google Play’s Redeem Code for Rs. Suppose you made a Redeem Code of $ 100 and must buy something worth $100 in Free Fire. So you can easily purchase anything by applying Redeem Code of $100.

App NameGoogle Play Store
Session2022-2024 years
Redeem CodeRelease today
BenefitsFree in-app purchases, Diamonds, UC, increased game level, books, movies purchase, vouchers, gift card
StatusCurrently Active,
Get reward(Rs10 – Rs7000), ($1- $100) Many more.
Official Redemption Siteplay.google.com
Google Play Redeem Code June 2024 (100% Working)

How to get Google Play Redeem Code for Free.

We have told you above about how to buy redeem codes. Now you must wonder whether we can get redemption codes for free. Then the answer to this question is that you cannot get save codes for free. On Google, you will find many websites where you can get save codes of Google Play, but many people already redeem that redeem code, so it isn’t very smart to find and use Redeem Code on Google.

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So now you think that how do we get redeem codes for free? If you do not have money to buy save codes, you can enjoy our daily new save codes by visiting this post. You can save and use it in other apps like Free Fire and PUBG.

On this website of ours, you are given 3 to 5 redeem codes every day, but the condition is that you have to redeem those save codes first because many people visit our website daily, and some people update the redeem codes. If you use it as soon as you do, then in such a situation, you have to use the redemption code first.

Last Update: 1 hour ago

Google Play Redeem CodeVoucher Amount
959UF317K8AYYDG4$1 (New)
1UFLE9516WC6BR48$5 (New)
GY68B9M9FG4ZJK9S$20 (New)
81W3R0NH6LSR89R6$80 (New)
69S5-C7WE-1YGG-559E$80 (New)
2R6L5A3DC999KHCB$35 (New)
5RP97W4LJD21JHL0$50 (New)
6S0LX07LKC2KDG29Bonus Code🎁
0HM4KA31KGHJDA7UBonus Code🏆

Last Update: 23 hours ago

Google Play Redeem Code Voucher amount
5C44SP8DR583B62BBonus code🎁
8CYRVVV9X44E09A4Bonus Code🏆

Last Update: (Will update very soon)

Google play redeem code Voucher amount

Google Play Gift Code Today List

Google Play gift codes redeem premium items, subscriptions, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies. Google offers Google Play gift cards in various denominations, which can be purchased in-app through the Google Store.

Below we have a google play gift codes list, which you can use to get paid items for free, and there is no need to pay any money.

All gift codes expire, so you must use the applicable Google Play gift card until 2023.

Last Update: 2 Minutes ago

Free Google Play Gift Card Codes Value  Status
G52U-TBPE-FKWF-LGF3-GKEE 5$ Used Before 2 Minutes
XJHS-H6T9-SH08-WW0H-OU53 15$ Used Before 7 Minutes
CVI4-716H-QYAT-CBRL-XWP9 25$ Used Before 9 Minutes
SNX3-YTB3-1IUO-25YM-MHLK 500$ Used Before 13 Minutes
T7UY-Z7XO-DQYH-U6P6-S1FD 1$ Used Before 8 Minutes
Z9WK-F47D-F6SH-5LPY-HBYX 10$ Used Before 16 Minutes
6BJP-BJ9W-YEXM-F8LF-UDSW 5$ Used Before 18 Minutes
BZ8H-BWL8-1HSM-HPQR-S0S8 1$ Used Before 20 Minutes
80DS-XRJW-B61A-V85J-OFMO 1$ Used Before 22 Minutes
 8DBH-WKNT-Z9FC-4EPL-I1A8 5$ Used Before 25 Minutes
6BJP-BJ9W-YEXM-F8LF-UDSW 10$ Used Before 30 Minutes

Free Fire Google Play Redeem Code Today

Friends, here you have been, given some redemption codes below. You can also Redeem these Redeem Codes. But the one who redeems first only will get it. The rest will not. We add new Redeem Codes every day in this post.

The person who does Radium first will get this redemption code. Below are some redemption codes. You can try them.

Also, Check This Redeem Code:

  1. 3MB06XNNS8Y1WJ43
  2. HA44DZ7REZ9W3S7A
  7. B00ZHMZHD87Z75RK
  11. 7VX2MR9UJ2CTZ5MJ
  12. 5ZS8EGG6UXN09BUM
  13. ELG42BMS47YS1JXZ
  14. 1TB02LHCYZW2AEZ0

How To Get Free Fire (FF) Redeem Code Today?

  • Visit the Free Fire Redemption website to receive links to redeem codes.
  • Players must log in using their account credentials.
  • In the box provided on the page, enter the redemption code.
  • Now, open the App on your device, and access the Game Mail section.
  • Find new updates on the App.
  • Tap and download each Update to redeem and get new in-game rewards.

Disclaimer: This Free Google Play Redeem Codes post is for informational purposes only. We do not share any hacking tricks or illegal information on our blog. However, this article uses the word hack only to alert users not to fall into scams like free google play generators. We guide our visitors not to get cheated by any online source because there is no way to hack google play codes from any generator app.

How To Make Google Play Redeem Code.

Now you must understand what Google Play Redeem Code is and what are the benefits of the Google Play Redeem Code.

For your information, let us tell you it is very easy to make Google Play Redeem Code, you have to follow the steps given by us, and you can also make a Google Play Redeem Code for as much money as you want.

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How To Withdraw Redeem Code On Google Play Store?

You have now created a redemption code. But you should also be able to withdraw it and add it to the Google Play Store on your mobile. Well, it is very easy. But what if you’ve never done this before? So you may face some problems with this. But if you follow the steps below, you will not face any such problem.

1. First, you must open Google Play Store on your mobile.

2. After that, click on Menu (3 Lines). After that, such a page will open in front of you.

Google Play Redeem play store
Google Play Redeem play store.

Here you have to click on the Redeem button.

3. Next to such, a page will open.

Google Play Redeem Code

Here you enter that code above and click on the Redeem button below. After that, money will be added to your Google Play account, which you can use for in-app and App item purchases.

How To Withdraw Redeem Code On Paytm?

1. If you are going to make redeem a code from PhonePe, it is also very easy. For this, open the PhonePe App on your smartphone and click “See All”, as shown in the image below.

2. This will open all the options in front of you. Here you will get the option of Google Play by going down a bit. On which you click.

3. Here, you want to make Redeem Code of the amount of money, enter the amount and click on “Pay”.

A code is generated before you as soon as the payment is made. This is called Redeem Code.

How To Generate Redeem Code From Google Pay.

To create a redeem code for Google Play, you will need some online payment apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, and Paytm. You can use any of these three apps. For example, we will walk you through how to create and buy redeem codes using Google Pay.

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1. Open Google Pay And Go To New Payment.

To create Google Play Redeem Code, open the Google Pay app on your mobile, and after that, you will get the option of New Payment at the bottom. Click on it. We cannot explain through screenshots because taking screenshots is not allowed in Google Pay.

2. Search Google Play.

After clicking on New Payment, you will get the option of searching at the top. You must search by typing Google Play and entering the first result.

3. Buy Redeem Code.

Now you will get the option of Buy at the bottom. Click on it. When you click on Buy, you will be asked how much you want to make Google Play Redeem Code. For example, suppose you want to buy something worth $100 in Free Fire or PUBG, then you put in 100 rupees, and then you have to do next.

You must make payment by entering your UPI PIN and confirming the payment. You will also be asked to which email you want to send this redemption code. Because you won’t be able to see the redeem code in Google Pay, Google Pay sends the purchased redeem code to your Gmail.

As soon as you confirm the email, your created redemption code will be sent to your email ID. After copying the redeem code, you can use that redeem code wherever you want.

Benefits of Google Play Redeem Codes.

The biggest advantage of Google Play Redeem Code is that if you want to buy something in any app, you will not need an Online Payment App like Paytm, Phonepe, or Google Pay. Only you can apply Google Play’s Redeem Code to anyone. You can buy things easily.

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By the way, we have already told you that with the help of redeem codes from Google Play, you can easily buy anything without the help of Paytm Wallet. If an app has an option for In-App Purchases, you can easily believe that by applying Redeem Code.


TechnoVimal periodically publishes the Google Play Redeem Code itself.

However, most of them have usage limits, so only those who are quick to redeem will get the prizes.

Therefore, take advantage of the redeem code above to get free skins to beautify the heroes you use in the game.

That’s the list of the latest Google Play Redeem codes for June 2024. Good luck.

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