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PUBG New State: Download Link, Release Date, Pre-Registration More

What is PUBG New State? Friends, the game that every mobile gamer was waiting for, finally that game has arrived. Yes, friends, I am talking about Pubg Mobile only, but this time its name has been changed to Pubg Mobile as PUBG New State.

Friends, as you would know that last year in 2020, keeping an eye on some security reasons, the Government of India had banned the Pubg game, in which all the gamers supported the government. Which was all too because there is no game bigger than the country.

But gamers were missing Pubg Mobile a lot because there was no great game like Pubg for the phone. Yes, let’s say Apex Legends Mobile has arrived, but friends, it is still in Beta Testing.

Now no matter how good the game is, no other game can ever replace Pubg. So friends, in today’s article, we are going to give you all the information related to PUBG New State like, what is PUBG New State, when will PUBG New State be released and what are the extra things in it, etc.

So friends, without wasting time let’s know in detail about PUBG New State.

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What is PUBG New State?

pubg new state download link in india

Friends, many YouTubers are calling PUBG New State which is wrong, because if seen well then this game is better and better than Pubg Mobile Global Version.

PUBG New State is a game development company in China, it does not contribute anything.

PUBG New State has been made keeping in mind only and only India, news of Pubg Mobile Back was coming for the last several months, but all that proved to be wrong.

But this time the developers of Pubg Mobile themselves came officially and gave the news of PUBG New State, which caused a wave of happiness among the Indian gamers.

What is special in PUBG New State?

This game is based on the year 2051 and 100 players can take part in the battle simultaneously. This battle will go on till one team wins. It will get ultra-realistic graphics and dynamic gunplay. Drones, combat roles, and many new weapons are seen in the game.

Friends, Pubg Mobile is not only fun in PUBG New State, but you will also get to see many other things in it. Which you will get to see only and only in this version.

Right now you will go to the official website of this game, then there you will see a man floating in Parachute, and Coming Soon will also be seen in big capital letters.

In this, you will get to see the game characters already in the outfits. Friends, if you have played Pubg Mobile before, then you will know very well that at the start of the game, your default character is visible only in Garments. But now you are going to see a change in it.

Along with this, you will get to see a lot of changes in Maps. Maps and Locations of PUBG New State have been prepared according to the Geography of India so that we can get an even better experience in playing the game.

Apart from this, you can also see Outfits, Transportation, and Gun Skins related to Indian Culture.

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When will PUBG New State be Released?

Till now there is no official release date of PUBG New State from Krafton Union. But if all the big media networks are to be believed, then PUBG New State can come by the end of May or in June.

A very big Content Creator Maxtern of Pubg Mobile gave an interview to Sportskeeda in which he told that Pubg Mobile can come by June or earlier.

Krafton Union also said that pre-registration will be done before the official release of the game.

PUBG New State APK and OBB Download link for Android And iOS

Friends, PUBG New State has not been released yet, so you cannot download it now.

But friends, whenever this game is released, it will be available on both Playstore and IOs App Store, which you will be able to download in Single Click.

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

As soon as the game is released, we will update this article and put the link of the game and step-by-step process in it, so that anyone will be able to download it easily.


What is PUBG New State?

PUBG New State is an online action Battle Royale game developed by a game company name Krafton Union.

Who is the developer of PUBG New State?

The developer of PUBG New State is Krafton Game Union.

PUBG New State is the game of which country?

Battlegrounds Mobile is the game of India South Korea country.

What is the official website of PUBG New State?

The official website of PUBG New State is Battleground Mobile India.

When will the PUBG New State game be released?

The PUBG New State game can come by the 8 Oct.


So, friends, I hope that after reading this post today, you must have got every information related to PUBG New State, such as, what is PUBG New State, what will be PUBG New State Release Date, etc.

So friends, quickly share this post with your Pubg friends so that they can also get the good news and they can also know what is PUBG New State.

If you have any query or want to tell about this, then feel free to comment us. We will be very happy to assist you.

I meet you all in another post, who will make your life more fun, till then wherever you are, keep learning something new and unique.

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