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10 Unique Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

Do you want to earn extra money for Christmas? Making extra money for Christmas is not as difficult as you falsely believe. In fact, there are innumerable ways.

Therefore, try these excellent ideas to earn extra money for Christmas and add joy to the season we look forward to each year.

At the same time, it is important to know how much extra money you really need to enjoy Christmas. Obviously, it makes no sense to stress to the point of losing all the festivities and fervor.

Avoiding Stress for Extra Cash

Drawing a budget to estimate how much extra money you will need for Christmas is the first step to making money. This is because there are excellent ways to earn money online and offline that are available 24 hours a day.

But earning extra money for Christmas is something very different. Earning money quickly and in a way that helps avoid stress is the key to enjoying this holiday season to the fullest. Therefore, I list some of the best ideas to earn extra money for Christmas.

How to Make Extra Cash for Christmas?

These forms will help you earn extra money for Christmas quite quickly. Make an extra effort and you can make a small fortune with this festival season.

1. Sell Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are the best and easiest way to earn extra money for Christmas.

The reason: all of us can buy those typical gifts that are available online and in stores. And most likely, people already have something you give away.

Today, handmade gifts are in great demand because they give that personal touch to both the donor and the recipient. And if you can create custom handmade gifts, the way your customers want, you can charge a little more and make a small fortune.

Where to sell handmade gifts? I would suggest Etsy.com that specializes in handmade items and sells your stuff. They charge a small fee to provide you with an online market.

The other way is to sell on the Facebook Marketplace, which is free and allows you to find customers within your city.

2. Deliver with Amazon Flex

Earning between $ 18 and $ 25 per hour during leisure time is something that Amazon Flex makes possible.

And yes, it comes from Amazon, the largest online store in the world. In fact, you can earn a lot of money before and also during Christmas with Amazon Flex.

Because Christmas is a season of shopping and gifts. And Amazon is the main online shopping destination.

Joining Amazon Flex is very simple: you will have to download your application and register. It will send packages to Amazon within your area.

Of course, you will need a vehicle to make these deliveries. In addition, Amazon Flex allows you to choose when you want to deliver things to customers.

3. Amazon Fulfilment Centers

And in case you don’t know, Amazon offers incredible opportunities to earn $ 15 per hour in various places in the US. UU.

This is because part-time workers are essential for Amazon to complete customer orders on time, according to their delivery dates and policies. When a customer places an order, he goes to the nearest Amazon Compliance Center where the product is available for further processing.

His work would include packing orders, inventory maintenance, verification of defective items and other various tasks.

Just before Black Friday and during the Christmas and New Year shopping season, Amazon is witnessing an avalanche of orders. And that’s where part-time workers are required at Amazon Compliance Centers.

4. Help with Christmas & Seasonal Decorations

Individuals and families, shopping centers, shops and florists, among others, require part-time hands to help with Christmas and seasonal decorations.

These include decorating seasonal wreaths, helping set up lights and other Christmas decorations, keeping a Christmas tree and several others. In fact, the season before Christmas is a boom time for anyone with creativity.

As a part-time decorator, you can earn between $ 15 and $ 35 per hour, depending on the type of work. And you can also find these jobs in your neighborhood. Or visit local recruitment websites where you will find several similar publications that match your creative abilities.

Helping with Christmas and seasonal decorations is nice to make money for Christmas.

5. Seasonal Sales Jobs

Another excellent opportunity to earn extra money for Christmas comes from seasonal sales jobs. And believe me, they are available almost everywhere.

Bookstores to boutiques, bakeries to supermarkets, all need part-time staff to serve the largest number of buyers. And they will pay between $ 18 and $ 25 per hour, depending on the store.

Some stores also offer some commissions as a Christmas gift and thanks for their services. In fact, some seasonal sales jobs are also available for young people aged 14 and 15.

Retired people and mothers who stay at home can also earn extra money for Christmas with seasonal sales jobs. The best way to find these jobs are local hiring websites and newspaper ads.

6. Sell at Consignment Stores

Empty your wardrobe and sell those dresses that you will never wear in the consignment shops.

And you can also sell other things, such as paintings, furniture and electronic products. Fortunately, there are several consignment shops online and offline.

You can select any after finding how much your unused items will recover. In fact, making money for Christmas in consignment shops is quite fast: there will be several buyers for their things.

You can consult this list of the 30 main consignment stores in the United States. However, read their terms and conditions carefully, especially about their payment and shipping policies.

7. Santa & Santa Helper

How about playing Santa Claus or his assistant to make money this Christmas? Every company, shopping center, party room, shop, restaurant, and club, among others, requires Santa and his assistant. Without them, a Christmas celebration would lose its strength, as you would know.

Making extra money for Christmas is possible with this wonderful job you can do in your spare time. You will need that sense of humor and other traits that Santa and his assistant are known for.

Santa or Santa Helper earns between $ 20 and $ 30 per hour. And these part-time jobs are not lacking during the season.

8. Gift Wrapping Jobs

Wrapping gifts is an art in itself. And if you know this art and have the necessary speed, look for seasonal gift wrap jobs. As I mentioned earlier, the Christmas season is also about gifts.

And that’s where stores make money. They charge a little more from customers for wrapping gifts or, sometimes, they provide it for free. However, they require part-time gift wrap assistants for the job.

Speed is very important if you want to work as a gift wrap assistant. Because each store will have many more buyers during the season.

And some will buy several gifts and demand to wrap them. You will also need skills to handle wrapping and labeling material, when necessary.

This job can cost you between $ 18 and $ 20 per hour and sometimes more, depending on the store.

9. List Your Room on Airbnb

The Christmas season is also a holiday season. And this translates as a travel season. Millions of Americans want to spend Christmas in new destinations to enjoy local festivities.

As a result, hotels and motels run out of rooms due to large reservations. This is where you can earn extra money for Christmas. Include your room on Airbnb and welcome seasonal visitors.

In general, people who do not want to spend Christmas in hotels are looking for accommodation where they can enjoy the holidays with a certain level of peace and tranquility. You can benefit from this demand and put a room on Airbnb.

10. Seasonal Tourist Guide

Seasonal tour guides can earn up to $ 50 per day or even more, for working during Christmas.

This is because you will have a wave of tourists visiting your city to experience several Christmas attractions. And travel companies are looking for people who know the city and its various Christmas attractions to guide tourists.

Knowing your city and its attractions is not enough: you will also need skills to answer travelers’ questions.

Usually, the travel company will provide basic training in tourism management. You may have to accompany regular guides and observe how they present a destination or attraction. And learn these tricks of the trade.

Final thoughts

You will find countless suggestions, such as online surveys, plasma sales, childcare, and many others to earn extra money during Christmas.

Most of these would be unique ways that will not pay much. Others can cause immense stress and steal the pleasure of Christmas.

These 10 ways to earn extra money for Christmas will help you enjoy and be part of the biggest celebrations.

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