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Online Tutor Jobs: Earn up to Rs 45,000 per month

Online Tutor Jobs: are one of the best ways to earn money online. In fact, I can say that, if you are looking for a significant income every month online, I will first suggest these tutoring jobs for you.

In fact, I have listed tutoring jobs as the first option on my list of the best part-time jobs for students.

Anyone can apply for this job, the amount of income is good enough, they can work directly from home, they can work whenever they are free, they have part-time and full-time options and the best part is that there is no Investment required.

Taking into account all the above factors, a tutoring job can be considered as one of the best jobs one can consider requesting.

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In this article, I will show what tutoring jobs are. What do you need to teach? How can you request it? How much can you earn with it? What are your requirements to teach online?


Why Should you Become anOnline Tutor Jobs?

In the age of technology, most of us do not use our time properly. If you know how to make your spare time valuable or if you learn to make it profitable, then nothing will be better than this.

Online teaching is one of the career options emerging in this decade. It does not require a specific profession or a specific degree.

Some websites may require your academic background and some may require expertise However, many websites only require expertise in any subject, and you can start teaching online.

I have listed both types of sites. So why waste your time? If you haven’t started yet, start today. Otherwise, after a few years, the fans will leave it.

Advantages of Teaching Online

  • Online tutoring jobs offer flexibility in working hours. (You can choose your work hours, either in the morning or at night and you can also select the amount of work hours).
  • You can teach from anywhere and at any time with the help of a laptop and a stable Internet connection.
  • No geographical limits You can teach students from different places and countries from home.
  • Easy, fast and high earnings compared to other jobs online.
  • It saves you a lot of money and travel time.
  • Suitable for college students or engineering students (to free themselves from monthly pocket money).
  • Suitable for the housewife to generate additional income for the family.
  • A regular source of income.
  • The total profit will depend on you. The more time you spend teaching, the more money you can earn.

How to Become an Online Tutor?

I have listed some of the best websites where you can start your online tutoring career.

These websites are very famous and also excellent for Indians. There are some differences between them, such as time options, the amount of income, the subjects you can teach, etc., which I will mention in-depth for each website below.

Some websites also need an interview to be selected, but on some websites, you can start earning money immediately. You can check all the differences between them and select the perfect website that suits all your needs.

Websites to make money as an Online Tutor Jobs in India

1. Teamlearn

Teamlearn offers you to teach subjects from CBSE, ICSE or other board schools. It also offers engineering classes to all branches. The teaching model is live video conferences.

You must submit an application on the website with your resume and, through a particular selection process, you will be recruited.

2. MeritNation

The Meritnation process is different. It is the main online tutoring job. Here the teaching method is through Skype or video calls.

The students selected are from grades 6-12 and the entrance exam prepares students as well.

Meritnation offers you around Rs 600 per hour for teaching. You can teach from anywhere and you can choose the topic you prefer.

You can earn decent money in a month by teaching basic school education to students. The earning potential of Meritnation is greater.

You can apply directly on their website or you can call them to schedule a job interview.

3. Vidyalai

Vidyalai is an online tutoring website to teach students in grades 8-12th for Board exams or competitive exams (IIT, NEET, etc.).

You have to take an individual live class through online video chat, and pay for each session. The remuneration is not fixed in Vidyalai.com

It depends on your teaching experience and also on your level of experience in that subject.

4. Learnpick

This website gives you the option of working online, or you can also choose tuition at home, and will help you find students.

Register on the website and you must complete the amount you charge per hour for each subject. It covers several subjects from the school level to the competitive level of exam preparation.

5. Teaching Care

They are live video classes online. Here you can teach students in grades 4-12th of any board and students of the entrance exam.

If you have mastery over English, you can also take special English classes.

It also offers many other subjects such as accounting, job skills, communication English, etc. If you are good at any subject, you can take classes and earn good money.

6. Udemy

They are live video classes online. Here you can teach students in grades 4-12 of any board and students of the entrance exam.
We have been talking about topics that are thought of in classes on all previous websites. Udemy is not about them. It’s about knowledge and skills. In Udemy, you can literally teach any kind of skill. Be it language, sport, instrument, programming, design, dance, singing, etc.

And you don’t even need to teach in a videoconference for each and every one. You can create a video course once and sell it on this website. You need to record a single or series of videos, edit and upload them. And you can decide your own price for your course. But be reasonably priced with competitors so you can have some sales and, therefore, more money.

You can even record with a smartphone, but make sure your video is good enough to watch it with good content.

The only drawback is that there is no guarantee that you can make sales, you may have to promote online. And it is a kind of online business instead of a job.

The amount you earn depends on the number of sales and the amount of your course. On average, it can make around Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. In fact, you can earn much more money as well as increase the business.

The process to start your tutoring at Udemy is very simple.

If you have mastery over English, you can also take special English classes.

You can also offer many other subjects such as accounting, job skills, communication English, etc. If you are good at any subject, you can take classes and earn good money.

  • Create an account in Udemy
  • Make videos and upload your courses
  • Set a price for your course
  • Promote your course
  • Get sales and earn money.

7. Unacademy

Unacademy is a platform where you can teach students doing a series of video conferences. You can choose any topic from any category and make a series of videos.

You don’t have to take live classes here, you can make PowerPoint presentations and you can teach students. Unacademia is more about the passion for teaching.

The process of becoming an online tutor is very easy. Through your application, you must upload a demonstration conference, and in a few hours, you will get approval and appear as a tutor.

The pay is low, but the videos you create here can be used as an experience to get work on other websites. (You have to download the unacademy tutor ‘tutor application to become a tutor in Unacademy).

Most of the websites I have shown above are based in India. There are many international websites that pay well for online tutoring jobs. However, its application process is long and a bit difficult.

I will recommend that you visit these websites when you have a good experience in online teaching. With your experience, you can earn more from these websites.

They take more time to approve as an online tutor. Some of those popular online tutoring sites based in the United States and the United Kingdom are:

8. MyTutor24
9. Brainfuse
10. Skooli

5 Best Tips for Online Tutors

  • Involve good examples and get the student’s attention.
  • Keep it informal and relaxed. No one wants a strict school like teaching, even online.
  • Don’t worry when something went wrong, everything will slowly return to its place.
  • Focus on teaching and explaining to students instead of earning money. In fact, concentrating on explaining is the best way to earn more money.
  • Find a suitable place to teach, students should not bother with the sounds around you.

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