10 Best Dating Apps for Android

Best Dating Apps: If you feel lonely and wish you too had a partner, how good would it be? But now you do not need to worry because, in today’s article, you will know about the Top 10 Best Dating Apps.

With the help of which you can find your partner and make a relationship with them.

The popularity of dating applications and websites has increased among the youth, through which they can meet such a boy or girl with whom they can share their inner thing.

Single boy or single girl tries to overcome their loneliness with the help of this Best Dating Apps

Best Dating Apps
Best Dating Apps

You will be surprised to know that the use of Best Dating Apps has increased in the last few years, due to which is included in the top 5.

If you also want to use the dating app and know about it, you have to read this article until the end.

We will try our best to know what a dating app is and how we can find a good partner for us with the help of a dating app, where we will also provide you with the best dating app download list, then let’s start.

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List of 10 Best Dating Apps for Android & iOS

Best Android Dating Apps
Best Android Dating Apps

Here is a list of the top 10 dating applications widely used. Many people have found life partners for themselves through all these Best Dating Apps and Best Dating websites.

You can also find girlfriends and boyfriends for yourself through all these apps and talk to them.

#1. Tinder dating app

Tinder logo
Tinder logo

This is the first dating application that was launched in 2012. After which, it proved to be a very favorite app among the people.

Due to which till now, it has made crores of its users. It is very easy to use, due to which people liked it a lot.

In this, you get the option to swipe left and swipe right. If you like the profile of a boy or a girl, you can swipe right on it. Then if you do not want someone’s profile, you can swipe left.

When you have liked someone’s profile by swiping right, and they also stole your profile right from there, then both of you can talk to each other.
On Tinder, you can access through free and premium accounts, but you get the option of swiping a few profiles in a day in the free version.

When you take its premium account, you can swipe as many profiles as you want in a day. You must use the Tinder free dating application to find your partner.

Download Tinder application here: iSO | Android | Website

#2. OkCupid


People have been using the world-famous OkCupid application for 15 years. It works very much like Facebook.

When you create an account in it, it asks you some questions. Then, according to your answer, it shows you the profile.

Then if you want, you can send the request to the next boy or girl. If she accepts your request, then you can chat with them.

Let us tell you that this is the oldest and most liked Best Dating Apps in the world to date.

It is very easy to use, where you also get a standard messaging interface, virtual dating feature, local people find option.

This is one of the best applications for those people who always feel lonely.

Download the OkCupid application here: iSO | Android

#3. Happn

happn logo
happn logo

You must have heard that Single Boy and Single Girl can talk among themselves and start their relationship through this application.

This is the best application for those people who want to get in touch with their near and dear ones.

When you pass a girl, and she likes you, but you don’t get a chance to talk there in public, then through the Happn Best Dating Apps, you can go to her and find out if she is on Happn Is it or not?

If that girl also has an account on Happn, you will get to see her profile, where you can confidentially like her profile. If she also likes your profile, then a chat box will open in front of you, with the help of which you can talk to her.

Download Happn application here: iSO | Android | Website

#4. Bumble

Bumble logo
Bumble logo

The Worldwide Bumble Best Dating Apps is like a lot. Let us tell you that its co-founder and CEO has recently become the world’s youngest female billionaire.

Here you are given many features, with the help of which you can talk to whomever you want.

Bumble has been made female head, i.e., female head, in which the boy cannot connect with any girl himself. If any girl likes your profile, then you can click on them.

After liking a profile, its time is only up to 24 hours. After that, you cannot connect to them.

Its specialty is that the woman can connect with you if she wants, but the man cannot connect with a woman before. You can use Bumble for Best Dating Apps, networking, and finding friends.

Download Bumble application here: iSO | Android | Website

#5. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly Logo
TrulyMadly Logo

It has often been seen that people chat with people by creating fake profiles in Best Dating Apps, but TrulyMadly is the only app where you do not get to see a single phony profile,

Because when you initially create an account on it, it asks you about many things.

Along with this, it also asks you to upload a photo of your identity card. At last, when your profile is verified properly, and it goes live, then you can talk to a female friend or male friend.

You get to see it like Tinder App features, but the process of verifying it is quite different.

With which you can only talk to the person with the original profile. The best part is that on TrulyMadly, no screenshots of your photos can be taken or downloaded, which makes your profile quite secure.

Download TrulyMadly application here: iSO | Android

#6. Hinge

HInge Logo full
HInge Logo full

It is an online dating platform on which people can connect with like-minded people according to their interests. If you want a girl to be like me, you must use the Hinge dating app once.

Here you get to see whatever boy or girl you want. This is also an alternative to Tinder App, but some features make it different from others. You can keep your Timeline photo on Hinge, as well as what your interest is. You can also tell it here.

The benefit will be that the same people will try to connect with you, who have the same thinking as you. Here, you are also asked questions like any other app and based on the answer you give. You are shown a profile.

Download Hinge application here: iSO | Android

#7. Aisle

aisle  logo
aisle logo

This online dating application is made. Although the Aisle app is used worldwide, it has been specially designed by focusing on the people. In a few words, Aisle is an application full of romance, which is intended for romantic dates only.

People do not have any time limit to talk here. That is, people here are given unrestricted freedom to do anything.

This application can prove to be right for those who want to spend more time doing all the things with the boy or girl, where the facility of video call is also given.

If you also feel lonely sometimes, then you can overcome your loneliness through the Aisle app because you get many girls and boys here.

You can have entertainment, and you can also openly chat or video call with them.

Download Aisle application here: iSO | Android

#8. Woo

Woo Logo
Woo Logo

This application has proved to be more good for those who study more and pay attention to their profession, but still, they cannot get away from loneliness.

If you are also one of those people, then Woo Best Dating Apps is best for you because it is made by focusing on people who are above 40 years of age.

In this, you are given the facility of Voice Call, Voice Introduction, Tag Search, Question & Answer, Messaging, etc. In this, you can search the people of your interest with the help of Woo tag feature.

By the way, this is a good application for girls, in which if a boy asks you to call your mobile number, you can make a voice call to him through Woo App, not your number, as well as someone’s number location here. There is no option to share photos, etc.

Download Aisle application here: Website

#9. Go, Gaga,

Go, Gaga,
Go, Gaga,

Go Gaga is one of the Best Dating Apps, which helps you connect with people instantly. Also, the friends you have on your Go Gaga, and you want to communicate with them, you are given such a facility, with the help of which friend to friend can be connected.

In this also, you get the option to do Right Swipe and Left Swipe just like Tinder Application which works in the same way.

Talking about its most unique mode, you can see the profile of a friend of a friend and see your friend’s couple on Go Gaga.

Download the Go Gaga application here: Website

#10. Badoo

badoo logo
badoo logo

This is a Russian Best Dating Apps that is also being liked. Let us tell you that Badoo is being used in more than 190 countries other than, but it has the best 400 million user base, in which you get the same features like Tinder.

In this, you can connect with different types of people on direct video call by swiping and talking to them. If you want, you can also find out your nearest Badoo users.

And contact them. You can use Badoo dating application to overcome your loneliness and find your partner.

Download Badoo application here: Website

We have provided you with the Top Ten Best Dating Apps list. All the applications mentioned above have proved to be very good, and there are millions of users of all the apps.

If you want, you can choose anyone according to your choice and install it on your mobile and start looking for your girlfriend.

Wrapping Up

In this article, you have read Top 10 Best Dating Apps. Know about Best Dating Apps. Hope you must have known complete information about the Best dating apps for a serious relationship.

If you think that it should be shared with others, then definitely share it with everyone on social media. Heartfelt thanks to all of you for reading this article from beginning to end.

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