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33+ “Best” WordPress Plugins & Tools for Your Site [Most are FREE]

Who doesn’t know how to write? Everybody does. And many are even capable of producing a masterpiece with their writing. According to a survey it has been observed that writing is the easiest way of earning money online with any investment that too if you are good at playing with words. But is it that easy to manage the aspects of earning money online through writing? Yes, it is and it will be once you have WordPress plugins. And yeah just to remind you all this article is solely for all those who are having a website on WordPress or who are deciding to start a blog or website on WordPress. Here you are going to find the best WordPress plugins that can help you take your site to a higher level.

For those who have relatively no idea what a plugin is and why is it used. Let me tell you the basic meaning of a plugin. In simple words, WordPress plugins are a tool used to add some more new features or maintain the functionality of the site. Particularly it provides an interface inside WordPress that saves you from coding and still fulfills your need. For example, using a Yoast Plugin for SEO can help you to add around 6-8 keywords for better searching. The reason behind using a plugin is that it distinguishes your website from others or you can say it makes your website unique. Too much of your excitement let me tell you that there are more than 50000 WordPress plugins to choose from.

Just because roses and thorns go hand in hand so do plugins and their disadvantages. Some plugins are capable of messing with your website theme. That’s the reason why I thought it is necessary for people like you to know about the Best WordPress Plugins that will suit your needs as well as will not mess with the theme of your website. Plugins come in two ways they come either as free or you have to buy a premium to use them. Freemium version for some plugins is also available

Here is the list of 30+ Best WordPress Plugins

1. Jetpack

The only way of earning money online is by generating traffic. And there are no other best WordPress plugins apart from Jetpack that can help you achieve the same. Jetpack is capable of securing the website and produce traffic in several ways. It creates site maps and whenever you publish a post. By default, it shares it with search engines hence helping you gather traffic. It also produces the ultimate website statistics. Overall it’s a package of happiness for you. It comes as a freemium that is you can use some of the features as free. And to use advanced features like backups and additional security scanning you can purchase the premium version of the Jetpack plugin.

2. Akismet

Akismet anti-spam as the name suggests is the only WordPress plugin that will help you keep the spammers farther away. It has its unique way of working it checks all the comments and filter out those comments in which spam is found. For your convenience Akismet also provides you a status history that can help you know the spam comments. It is free to download for personal sites but you have to download a premium version for all the commercial sites. In addition to this, the premium version comes with some advanced security solutions. Akismet is not so costly and hence helps you maintain a spam-free site.

3. Gutenberg

You all must be well acquainted with the father of the printing press Johannes Gutenberg; this plugin is named after his name. Therefore as the name suggests Gutenberg is a WordPress plugin used for editing. It customizes as well as helps in creating blocks. With the Gutenberg plugin, you can make use of the shortcodes and meta-boxes. It provides full site customization for the user. It is one of the Best WordPress plugins that are in use for several years.

4. Classic Editor

Another editing plugin that’s been in view for the last few years is the Classic Editor plugin. It provides some add-on features for the flexibility of use for editing.

5. Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps you get more and more visitors to your site daily either from search engines or from social media. Yoast SEO is one such most popular WordPress plugin that fulfills all your needs related to SEO. At every step, it will guide you to create better content by letting you add the focused keywords. It will also check and inform you wherever there is a weakness of SEO. With the help of Yoast SEO, you can add the meta tags to look for better headlines which in turn will increase the click-through rates (CTR) of the site. it also helps in connecting the site to the google search console and generating the sitemaps.

It is available in both fa ree and premium versions. In free premium, you can add around one to two keywords and with the premium version, you can add around 6 to 8 focused keywords.

6. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that connects you with Google Analytics so that you come to know about the important stats of your visitors. The main advantage of using the MonsterInsights plugin is that it tells about the no of visitors visiting your site their country and what they are interested in. it also tells you about which keyword the visitors have used most to reach your site or who has referred them. It helps you in creating the content that is liked by your audience most. More than one billion people are using MonsterInsights for their websites. You should use it too.

7. Google XML Sitemaps

google XML sitemaps plugins

You all are very well acquainted with the need for correct SEO and the plugins are made to make this work of yours easy. Google XML Sitemaps is an SEO plugin that helps various search engines like google bing yahoo to index your site by creating some special XML sitemaps. When you install this plugin and activate it by default it will create an XML sitemap of your site for better indexing. Every time you publish a new post it notifies all the search engines about it hence gathering several visitors or in other words gathering traffic. It helps you in achieving a good rank worldwide.


Don’t use Yoast plugin with Google XML Sitemaps plugin due to confliction. I would recommend using the “Yoast”.

8. Virtual Robots.txt

It’s really important to know about the index keywords and make use of them appropriately. And such indexes are added to your robot.txt file. It contains a set of rules for indexing the website. Here you add the data you want to allow being searched by the search engine and deny the permissions for those indexes which you don’t want to be searched. The virtual Robots.txt plugin helps you to manage the robot.txt file.

9. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

You often have visited other’s websites and seen some extra information that is not present on your site. That extra information or a rich snippet can be anything like start rating product or site review catchy images videos events author photo etc. Where do you think this information comes from well for adding such information to your site Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin is used. These snippets give the search engines the specific information required by the user and it then helps in generating traffic. It helps in increasing the click-through rates for your site.

10. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for WP adds the accelerated mobile pages feature to your website on WordPress with just a single click. In simple words, it means that this plugin will help you to add a feature that will help in the faster loading of the pages on mobile phones. The faster loading sites get more priority than a slow loading site by the user. Most people use smartphones for almost every work. Therefore it is essential to generate Accelerated Mobile Pages for gathering more traffic.

11. WP-Optimize

There is a huge requirement of plugins like WP-Optimize that helps in the management and cleaning of the WordPress database. Once enabled it automatically removes the cache data or unwanted data spam comments trash posts etc. There is no need for running manual queries with WP-Optimize. You don’t have to do it yourself time-to-time. It creates space for the new edited database while deleting the old one. It optimizes your database and helps you in getting a much better and faster performance. Take it as friendly advice but when you install this plugin to make a backup of your database for any future query.

12. WP Fastest Cache

Cache are those unwanted files or recently used data that minimizes the working speed. To not let this happen WP Fastest Cache plugin was introduced. As the name suggests it’s the fastest cache removing the plugin. It has its way of managing cache by creating a static HTML file and saves. It removes the desktop cache and browser cache as well.  As soon as the post is published all the cache files are automatically deleted. You can also set a specific time for time to time cache deletion or let it be done at the default time. You may as well delete the size of the page and CSS. It also reduces the page load time for the visitors who repeat again and again hence making itself user-friendly.

13. Broken Link Checker

There are a couple of times when a visitor clicks on the link and it takes them to a broken page. Have you ever wondered how faster it will degrade your ranking because the search engine notices everything? Well to not let such conditions arise WordPress has introduced the Broken Link Checker plugin. As the name suggests this plugin checks for the broken links in your comments posts and scans the complete website if any broken link is found it notifies you. Not only this it also prevents the search engine from following such links. As soon as it is installed it will start looking for broken links automatically without much manual work. Install it today and prevent your website from nasty comments.

14. Pretty Links

Managing the links and putting them at an appropriate place to gather traffic is extremely important to earn money online. The links can be any starting from affiliate links redirects to backlinks. Pretty links plugin can 100% help in managing the links. The bloggers, as well as the site handlers, share their links on various social platforms to gather traffic and the pretty links plugin manages such links centrally. It uses your domain name and to provides you complete control over how your links will look like. The pretty links plugin ensures that you have a clear vision of how your links are performing.

15. Redirection

Many times it happens that your sites end up having some loose ends without you noticing it. When you change the permalinks of your site it happens that in a hurry you forget to redirect them. But your visitors who are unaware of such a thing when clicking on this old URL will face a 404 error because the page that they have requested will not be available anymore which will give them a bad impact on your website. For handling such cases Redirection plugin is made it is capable of handling all your 404 Errors and 301 redirections. Whenever you change any URL redirection plugin automatically adds a 301 redirection. This plugin also provides a feature of manually adding 302 303 307 redirections. With this, you can increase your site ranking.

16. Contact Form 7

If you are looking for a plugin that can help you manage multiple contact forms then your search will stop here. Contact Form 7 uses the special re-captcha verification for both preventions and it enables customization. It is also used with those WordPress themes that have some integrated contact forms. It is used for generating forms. Contact Form 7 plugin also protect from any sort of spam.

17. WPForms

WPForms is the most popular inquiry form plugin. It provides the users with many necessary functionalities which include forming templates building Drag & drop forms providing protection from spam providing a 24-hour notification facility and an easy make payments option. These were the features of the free version. The premium version holds some advanced functionalities like building multi-page forms Order forms payment forms conversational forms creating custom captchas creating surveys & polls etc. It offers you more than 150 form templates. In addition to this WPForms plugin allows you to form landing pages for creating distraction-free form pages.

18. OptinMonster

Have you ever wondered why after so many efforts your website is unable to gather subscribers? The answer can be any but how about if I tell you the solution to this problem. Well, the only solution is OptinMonster which is one of the Best WordPress plugins for creating beautiful email forms and templates.  It provides you a Drag & Drop building option for creating forms like in-line forms after post forms scroll-triggered forms etc. You can also create forms of your own with the information related to the interest of your user. It will help you be in touch with your audience.  OptinMonster is also integrated with many major email marketing software like Aweber MailChimp GetResponse etc. Also, it provides you with some important stats of your user.

19. SumoMe

SumoMe WordPress plugin helps you in growing your email list and provides popups from time to time. In addition to this, its other services include SumoMe scroll box SumoMe list builder SumoMe smart bar SumoMe Welcome Mat, and Google Analytics too.

You can also use the sharer feature with which you can set a share button for sharing the post or image or any of your content on social networking sites. Apart from OptinMaster SumoMe also integrates with Aweber MailChimp etc. It is good because as soon as a subscriber joins your site SumoMe sends him/her a welcoming letter.

20. Wordfence

Providing security from malware spam and hackers is the foremost responsibility of the site owner. And Wordfence plugin made this job easy. It will take an ounce of a minute for the hackers to destroy the work of years. To not let this thing happen Wordfence provides your site firewall protection from malware and spams and blocks any unnecessary or harmful content for the site. it limits the logging attempts makes you set a strong password and checks for malware in the files themes and other plugins. Also, it provides two-factor authentication for more security. 

21. Sucuri

Another WordPress plugin that is capable of providing security from Malware by creating a Firewall. It offers various facilities for security that includes Auditing Monitoring and Scanning. The main aim of the Sucuri plugin is to protect t the system from brute force attacks malware threats spam and from all sorts of attacks. Sucuri will prove to be a very good firewall for such threats. Something that will excite a WordPress user is that Sucuri is free of cost. 

22. UpdraftPlus

Imagine what happens if one day all your database gets crashed or someone hacks your site well just imagine and come to reality. Nothing like this will happen if you will use the UpdraftPlus plugin. This plugin will never let anything happen to your database. UpdraftPlus is the most popular backup plugin used by 70% of WordPress users. It just takes one click for backing up all your files and database to Google drive Rackspace cloud etc. it provides you more than 50 cloud options for backup. UpdraftPlus provides some advanced features in the premium version like incremental backups database encryption multi-network compatibility etc.

23. WooCommerce

For all the sellers who want to set up an online store to sell anything, the online WooCommerce plugin is the perfect eCommerce platform. If you wish to sell something online it’s obvious that you have to provide shipping too WooCommerce provides you several options that vary from providing free shipping to local pickups. You can sell almost anything using WooCommerce. It offers several payment options for the convenience of both the seller and the purchaser. With this plugin, you can sell anything like physical or digital goods and services.

24. WP Google Maps

For the flexibility of users to find directions WordPress provides a plugin for setting the directions that are WP Google Maps plugin. This plugin allows you to set a google map on the pages. It also provides a map widget option to provide a side view which you can add anywhere on the screen and the user can take the benefit from it without even leaving the site. It comes in both a free and premium version. The premium version comes with very exciting features which include customizable maps that display the map layers and draw shapes.  

25. Smush

Smush is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for image compression. It is capable of compressing and resizing any image without compromising its quality. For example, it can compress the 200-300 KB image to 20-25 KB. Because we all very well that a 200 KB image will take much time to load and nobody wants to be on a page that takes minutes just for loading.

26. Imagify

Another image compression plugin is Imagify. It compresses the image for faster page loading without degrading the image quality. Though a much stronger compression can lead to the degradation of the image quality. But still, if there is an immense need for stronger compression you can make use of the lossy algorithm. It will prevent the image from degrading. After enabling it whenever you use an image it will automatically be optimized.  A maximum of 200-250 images can be optimized in the free version of Imagify for more you need to buy the premium version.

27. NextGEN Gallery

Today while smartphones are offering 64 GB storage space it has become so difficult to manage the space in the gallery. Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to manage the space in the WordPress Gallery? But the NextGEN Gallery plugin has reduced your work it is capable of adding deleting sorting and rearranging photos with a single click. Not only this it is also capable of editing thumbnails uploading the photos and importing the metadata. It lessens your workload all you need is to install it.

28. Disable Comments

If you are tired of getting nasty comments or spam comments on your posts and looking for a way to stop them then Disable Comments plugin will help you do the same. Disable comments plugin will either disable the comments from all the posts or specific post type pages and attachments. In addition to this, it also provides you a flexible way to remove the comment-related items from the Dashboard Widgets and Admin menu.

29. Easy Affiliate Links

For some websites the major source of income if Affiliate Marketing and the management of the affiliate links is a major issue of consideration. Easy Affiliate Links plugin is definitely one hundred percent use for such management. Many times people don’t click on the affiliate links thinking that it might be a scam or of no use for them. Easy Affiliate Links gives you a chance to represent the links smartly and turn them into pretty links. You can create short links assign categories to your link export your links to XML using this plugin. Also, it lets you know about the important stats like monthly clicks and lifetime clicks.

30. AddThis

Sharing the content to various social networking sites emails etc helps a lot in gathering traffic to a site. But the question arises on how to do it you can do it simply by using the AddThis Share Buttons plugin. It helps you in increasing traffic by allowing you to share your content with WhatsApp Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest etc. You can make use of the Sidebar and Inline share buttons according to your choice. More than I million people are using this plugin. Not only this it allows sharing the content through 100+ apps.

31. Better Click To Tweet

Everyone doesn’t interested in lengthy content. Some people like short quotes or short tweets. And there is no better way of getting such tweets than the Better Click To Tweet plugin. It helps you in creating those quote boxes that you might have seen on other sites. You can also add the no-follow links using this plugin. Also, you can customize your tweet box.

32. Related Posts For WordPress

As the name suggests with the Related Posts For the WordPress plugin you can link the related posts to each other. You just need to install the plugin activate it and the rest of the plugin will do itself. You may as well manually add edit remove the related posts. Also, you can manually set the number of posts to relate. It provides you a widget using which you can display the related posts either in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page. The main advantage of using this plugin is that it works relatively faster than the other plugins and does not slow down the website. Its premium version includes slack and slide option transitioning etc.

33. Keyy Two Factor Authentication

Security is what we look for every time we think of setting up a site because we know that hacking attempts have become common in today’s world. For providing security from such hacking threats Keyy Two Factor Authentication plugin is best suited. It provides safety from brute force hacks weak credentials and key-logging. Also, this way it provides website safety from unauthorized access.

When you are installing this plugin it will enable you to log in to your WordPress account through your smartphone. Download the app for your device and create a password either a fingerprint or a 4-pin code. The simplest part is that when you log in you just have to on the phone towards that code on the screen. Hence it’s the safest mode of providing security. It’s easy to use a feature that is not typing the password, again and again, which has made it even more popular.

Wrapping Up:

There is an abundance of plugins available on WordPress. It’s completely your choice to chose them. But why not go for something better well why even better why not go for the best? The above-presented list is the list of 33+ Best WordPress Plugins of 2021. I hope this article is a welcoming one and useful for the new WordPress users. If you have any more suggestions about the Best WordPress Plugins don’t forget to share them in the comments. Please Like, Comment Share,  THANK YOU!SHARE.

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