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Vidmate Mod APK 2024 Latest Version (Premium Unlocked)

If you want to download Vidmate Mod APK and get all the information about Vidmate, then this post is for you. In this post, we will tell you how to download Vidmate on Android Mobile, the features of Vidmate? etc. will talk about all the information.

In today’s time, almost everyone has a Smartphone. Whether to learn something or be entertained, everyone likes to watch video content more. You do not get the download feature in most of the video platform apps.

Even if it is found, the video you download is not saved in your mobile but gets saved on the same app, so users have to face a lot of trouble downloading the video. 

Now you will not face any difficulty downloading any video or photo. If we talk about downloading videos, first of all, the name of Vidmate comes to our mind.

Downloading Vidmate is not as easy as other apps. You can download additional apps by going to Play Store, but Vidmate is not available. To download Vidmate Mod APK, you have to use a browser. We will know how to download Vidmate Mod APK.

Vidmate Mod APK

What is Vidmate App?

Vidmate is an Android mobile application mainly used to watch and download videos. The download feature is not given on many social media platforms to download videos and photos of all those social media platforms from Vidmate. 

Vidmate svg Icon
Vidmate Icon

With the help of Vidmate, you can download videos from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms to your mobile. 

Vidmate is not famous only because of video downloading. Apart from downloading content, Vidmate has many more features, and you get to see different categories in it.

Like: Movies, Music, Reality, Comedy, Apps, Status, etc., you can watch them according to your interest.

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Is Vidmate safe?

You must wonder what the meaning of Vidmate is safe or not? That somewhere, he is not leaking your data. When you download any app, it asks for some permission from you, and most people click on Allow without reading it. 

The application saves your mobile data on its server. If an application sells your mobile data to another company, then your privacy may be at risk.

You must be wondering what kind of data it can steal. If an app has access to your storage, it can see all your photos and videos. Once you have access to Contacts and Messages, it can read all your Contacts and Messages. 

Many such Fake Apps steal your data and leak it or sell it to any company. This company guesses by looking at your data and what you like and showing you ads accordingly.

Everyone has different opinions about Vidmate Mod APK is safe or not. We tell you all the things, after that, you have to decide whether Vidmate is safe or not.

Vidmate was earlier available on Play Store, but a few years ago, Play Store removed Vidmate from its platform because it was not following the Terms & Conditions and Policies of Play Store. 

Also, when you download and use Vidmate Mod APK, it accesses your storage and phone calls. 

There is no need for call details, yet it asks for permission. Therefore some people believe that it is a threat to our privacy.

On the other hand, talking about the other point of view, people believe that the permission of the call can be denied or it can also be turned off. These people think that new movies keep coming on Vidmate, pirated content. Hence Vidmate has been removed from Play Store. 

Now you have to decide whether Vidmate Mod APK is secure or not. Vidmate is not available on the Play Store. Even after that, Vidmate is downloaded and used by millions of people from third parties.

Note:– This blog post is created for education and information purposes only. LogicalDost.in does not imply you to download or use Vidmate. The Government of India banned the Vidmate app in the year 2020 because this app is made by Alibaba Group and is Chinese. If this app is available in your country, do not use it.

Download Vidmate Mod APK App Latest Version

We told you that you could not download Vidmate Mod APK from Play Store because it is not available on the Play Store. The browser has to be used to download Vidmate Mod APK. You can download Vidmate Apps on your phone in just one click by clicking on the button given below.

 Download Vidmate Latest Version

After clicking on the download button above, you may be shown an ad. You click on the X icon or the close button, close the ad, and download the Vidmate Mod APK app automatically.

If you face any problem during app Vidmate Mod APK, you can tell us through a comment. Apart from this, you can also comment for any other information.

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If you are downloading Vidmate from the browser, keep in mind that you should download it from the official website or the button given above. If you want to know another way to download Vidmate, you have been told about it below.

1. First, you have to go to your mobile browser and search Download Vidmate Mod APK in the search box. 

2. Many websites will come in the search result. You have to go to the official website of Vidmate. You can reach the official website of Direct Vidmate Mod APK by clicking on Download Vidmate Mod APK.

3. By clicking on the link, you will reach the official website. Below it, you will see the official download button, click on it and download it.

How to Install Vidmate

When you download an App from Play Store, it is installed on your mobile. It happens, but when you download an app from the browser, it is not downloaded automatically, let us now tell you how to install Vidmate. 

1. After downloading Vidmate, you have to click on the three dots appearing on the right side of your browser.

2. After clicking on Download, you will see the downloaded Vidmate Mod APK. You have to click on it and then click on Install.

You can install Vidmate Mod APK by following both the steps.

Features of Vidmate App

You get many features and categories in Vidmate. Which we will know about in detail. 

1). Music 

In Vidmate, you get to see the category of Music. In this, you can listen and watch all the newly released songs; you will see the Download button below the song you are listening to. You can download the Music by clicking on that button. 

2). Status And Images

Vidmate is also quite famous for its downloading status. With Vidmate Mod APK, you can download Trending Status in HD. In this, you also get the Image category, from where you can download Image Status. 

3). Movies And Films

On Vidmate Mod APK, you get to see New Release Movies for free. You can also watch or download these movies online. You get these movies in Hd Quality. In the Movies section, you get movies of many categories like Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Action and Adventure, etc. 

4). TV Shows 

You can also watch Tv Shows on Vidmate Mod APK. You can watch Anime and Cartoon Show here for absolutely free. In Tv Shows, you get many filters, from which you can watch the shows of your choice. Here you do not get to see many Tv Shows. Only a few shows are available here. 

5). Apps

If you cannot find any app on Play Store, you can download it from Vidmate. You also get the feature of downloading the App from Vidmate, and you get to see many more categories in Vidmate. 

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Interesting information about Vidmate

1. You also get Incognito Mode in Vidmate. If you do not want anyone to know what you have searched or seen on Vidmate, then you can turn on Incognito Mode.

2. In this, you get icons of more than 50 Websites and Apps by clicking on which you can use Direct without installing them.

3. You also get the feature of Private Files in Vidmate Mod APK, in which you can easily hide any Video, Photo, and Song.

4. In this, you can play any video song in audio format.  

5. If you want to download any video song in Audio, you can use Vidmate. It can download Video songs by converting them to Audio. 

6. You also get Dark Mode in Vidmate so that whenever you want, you can darken the theme of Vidmate 

7. You can also play online games in Vidmate.

How to Download YouTube Videos from Vidmate

As we told you, you could download videos of almost all social media platforms from Vidmate. Let us now tell you how to download videos from Vidmate.

1. Open Vidmate. You will see the site’s icon on the left side. Click on it.

2. After clicking on the site’s icon, you will see the heroes of many websites and social media apps. You have to click on YouTube.

3. After coming to YouTube, search for whatever video you want to download, and click on the Download button after playing it.

4. After clicking on the Download button, you get many downloading options.

If you want to download it in audio format, then choose the option with Music, and below, you are given the quality of the video. From here, you can download the video in Hd.

Although this method is quite simple, we tell you another quick way, through which you can download videos on YouTube.

1. Whichever video of YouTube you want to download, play it on YouTube.

2. Now click on the option of Share.

3. After clicking on Share, you will see the icon of Vidmate. Click on it. 

4. As soon as you click, you will reach Vidmate, now all you have to do is click on the Download button, and the video download will start.

How to Download Instagram Videos from Vidmate

On Instagram, you do not get the option to share in Vidmate. Please copy the link of any post you want to download on Instagram and paste it into Vidmate. Instagram’s Post Show will start. You can download it by clicking on the download button. 

Or you can open Instagram on Vidmate Mod APK itself and download the post.

How to Use/Run Vidmate in Computer

Vidmate is specially made to run in Android Mobile only, but there are some ways by which you can run Vidmate on Computer. To run Vidmate on the computer, we need an emulator. Now you must be thinking about this amulet, so let us tell you about it in brief.

Multi: Emulator is software, which acts as an Android Device on Computer. You can run any Android App on your computer by using Emulator. There are many emulators available on the internet, but we suggest that you use Bluestack or Nox. We are using Bluestack here.

1. By clicking here, Download BlueStacks. You can download BlueStack

2. After downloading BlueStacks, you install it and sign in with your Gmail Account.

3. Now download and search Vidmate in the Search Box.

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Benefits of using Vidmate

1 . You get a lot more features in Vidmate than other downloading apps. 

2 . You also get Incognito Mode in Vidmate, and you can also download apps from it. 

3. With this, you can download videos and photos of almost all social media platforms. 

4. You also get the feature of File Sharing in Vidmate, with the help of which you can share photos, videos, and Audio.

Frequently asked questions about Vidmate.

Q. Is Vidmate safe?

A. Vidmate was removed from the Play Store because it does not follow their guidelines. Despite being removed from the Play Store, the user base of Vidmate is relatively high. 

Q. Does Vidmate Mod APK work in Pc?

A. Yes, as we told you that you could run Vidmate in Pc, but for that, you have to install Third Party Emulator.

Q. Does Vidmate work on iOS?

A. Since Vidmate is an Apk, it doesn’t work in iOS. It only runs on Android.

Q. Is Vidmate Free?

A. Yes, Vidmate is free. You do not need to pay any money for this. Vidmate shows you the ads.


Vidmate is a perfect app, and its user base is also huge. At the same time, it has also been removed from the Play Store, so some users do not find it safe. How did you like this information about Vidmate? Tell by commenting and sharing it with your friends.

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