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How to Start a Blog using Blogger – A Step by Step Guide

If you also wanted to start a blog but don’t know how to?  you are not alone the best way to get your foot into the door is to publish your first blog with one of the free services that are a blogger. So, friends in this article I will tell you how to start a free blog at blogger Simple Step.

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Start a Blog Follow these Simple Steps

Step 1:

  • open your web browser.  
web browser in pc

Step 2:

microsoft edge Blogger
Microsoft edge

Step 3:

  • Here, click on the blogger official website link.
blogger official website link
blogger official website

Step 4:

  • Click on create your blog if you already have an account then click on sign in.
 blogger website
blogger website

Step 5:

  • Choose your account to continue.
account continue Blogger
account continue

Step 6:

  • Next click on create a new blog and give your title and address then select a theme and click on create a blog.
 title and address Blogger
title and address

Step 7:

  • After fill up you can choose your domain name if you don’t want to choose from there you can click on no thanks.
Domain Blogger

Step 8:

  • After that click on a new post to create your new post
create your new post Blogger
create new post

Step 9:

  • Here give your post title and post content. In the post, settings give your post labels example Android, windows, in the schedule option-click on a set date and time, in permalink choose custom permalink and in location give your location.
post content Blogger
post content

Step 10:

  • Next, click on pages and click on new pages to create pages like privacy policy, terms and conditions, contact us, these pages are very very important for your blog.
poge content Blogger
page content

Step 11:

  • Click on the layout where you can customize your blog theme. Choose your favicon can add gadgets in the sidebar and remove waste things from your template.
blog theme Blogger
blog theme

Step 12:

  • In the theme option, you will get advanced customization options. In edit HTML  you can paste or edit different codes.
 customization options Blogger
customization options

Step 13:

  • Click on settings where you will get all the settings for your blog. In basic settings give title, your blog description, in blog address you can set up a third-party URL for your blog such as .com, in search preference you will get settings related to Search Engine Optimisation.
Domain Settings Blogger
Domain Settings

So, friends, you have seen how easy  it is to create a blog on blogger.com

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