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12+ Best Micro Jobs to Make an Extra $5000

Best Micro Jobs: Completing small tasks online can help you earn extra money during your free time. These short tasks are collectively known as micro employment or collective bargaining work.

Thousands of small and large companies in the United States require their skills to complete micro-jobs. Therefore, they are quite easy to find.

Since I may not know about micro-employment, I will tell you what they are.

What are Micro Jobs?

A micro job is sometimes known as crowdsourcing or microtasks. There are no clear definitions of the type of work you will do. Generally speaking, there are two types of micro-employment or collective bargaining work.

  • Online Micro Jobs: You’ll perform these micro gigs online from your computer or smartphone. There’s no specific location or time: they can be done anywhere.
  • Offline Micro Jobs: These are the most common. Again, there’re no specific descriptions of the type of work. However, offline micro-jobs are usually somewhere around your home or office.

There are several websites where you can find micro employment online and offline. Micro jobs involve fairly simple tasks that take a few minutes to complete. Therefore, you can expect only a few cents or, in the best case, a dollar to complete the task.

The offline Micro hustle takes longer. Therefore, you could earn some decent money from these. However, this would also depend on the nature of the work.

If you love taking those parallel concerts and making money, here are some micro jobs you can consider.

Popular and Highest Paying Micro Jobs

Here is a list of simple online and offline crowdsourcing jobs you can easily find. It makes sense to take more than one micro job. That way, you can earn a lot of money during your free time.

  • Basic review: checking grammar, spelling, and other minor errors on invitation cards, business cards, stationery, and other similar items.
  • Duplicate or incorrect content detection: Generally, e-commerce companies and online stores require humans to verify whether the website’s appropriate images and product descriptions appear.
  • Game testers: Software developers ask you to play a video game for a few minutes to detect any failure before launching it to the market.
  • Writing reviews: Some companies give points for writing positive reviews about your product or service in two or three sentences.
  • Application test: this is another interesting micro job. You test the applications before their final release and write a small review for money.
  • Classification of email: people who receive many emails want someone to sort them and assign them to the appropriate folders. They pay you a few cents for every minute.
  • Measures: Executing errands is a micro work offline. You bring something for someone from a nearby store, and you get money.
  • Labeling: Another simple micro job you can get in stores or warehouses. It involves fixing some labels on packages and packages to send by mail.
  • URL searches: you must search on Google with specific keywords and find which websites are ranked at the top. Provide the information to your employer and receive payment.
  • Content moderation: Some companies require people to moderate their social media comments to avoid negative publicity. You may also have to post a small thank you note for several words.

In reality, there is no shortage of micro-employment online and offline. You can find micro gigs that easily match your skills. This brings us to the question, where to find micro gas?

The answer is very simple: you can find several parallel concerts online. And you can also find many micro-jobs in your neighbourhood. Therefore, let’s look at some of the best micro-employment websites.

Top Micro Jobs Websites for Side Gigs

Looking for a good crowdsourcing job is not as simple as looking for regular, independent, or part-time work. However, that’s nothing to worry about. Some websites especially list all sorts of micro jobs or offer them directly.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mturk is the best site to find crowdsourcing jobs. As the name implies, these crowdsourcing jobs are available at Amazon, the world’s largest online store.

Several small, strange, and easy micro-jobs require human intelligence. These may include detecting incorrect images, product descriptions, and other errors.

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as Amazon mTurk, offers excellent micro-jobs through its website.

2. Clickworker

On this incredible website, Clickworker.com, simple and small tasks are available, such as data entry, writing brief descriptions, proofreading, application tests, and online surveys.

He is not hired or paid by the hour. Instead, you get a few cents or a few dollars for completing several tasks daily.

Register at Clickworker.com and create your account to receive email alerts about your micro-jobs anytime.

3. Fiverr

Register at Fiverr to create your account and list several micro jobs you can do. You get paid up to $ 5 for each task.

Of course, you can charge more by offering complementary or value-added services. However, for easy crowdsourcing jobs, you will only get a maximum of $ 5.

Fiverr micro concerts include writing short essays or content, uploading mysterious images, giving details about something, or even translating something.

Look at the various micro-jobs people advertise on Fiverr before creating their profile.

4. User Testing

You can earn up to $ 20 for spending approximately half an hour of your free time through User Tests.

As your brand suggests, you will test websites and applications. And post voice comments in User Tests.

This is a good website if you have some knowledge about how websites and applications work, but it is not essential.

The only disadvantage is that you will not find micro jobs in the User Tests daily. But visit the website frequently and verify.

5. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a website where you get jobs offline. You can find offline micro-jobs in your neighbourhood or location.

These may include running errands to nearby stores to buy groceries, deliver packages, do food deliveries, do gardening, cleaning, and much more.

Sign up to receive alerts for jobs in your area on your mobile phone and email. The amount of money you earn depends on the type of work.

6. The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd is an excellent website for micro employment. However, most of their crowdsourcing jobs require skills.

These micro gigs include completing short surveys to seeing advertisements, reviewing something, or scoring several psychometric tests employers perform.

Once you register successfully, it is possible to select the micro jobs you want to work on.

7. Skyword

Excellent for writing, or do you have that special eye necessary to take amazing photos? Apply in Skyworks. Once your application is successful, upload content, graphics, images, videos, and audio files. You will be paid when someone accepts the content you upload.

Sometimes, you can quote a price for your content or images. However, you must comply with the strict Skyword standards before you can start contributing to things on this micro-employment website.

8. Figure Eight

Figure Eight has excellent micro-employment if you love social networks and know how to moderate publications and content and classify them.

After successful registration, you can choose the tasks you want. These may include classifying the content into several categories necessary for the employer, responding to comments on social networks, updating publications or sending Tweets.

You get paid for homework. Figure Eight was previously known as Crowd Flower. They work according to the crowdsourcing principle. You can find several micro-jobs for extra money on these crowdsourcing websites.

9. Gigwalk

You can easily earn a few cents or a few dollars, depending on Gigwalk’s micro job.

It is an application that you will have to download on your smartphone. Once your registration is successful, the application will display several micro tasks in your area.

It can be anything, like walking to that nearby bistro to verify the environment or the number of people. Or go to a store and write a brief review of what you see. These are interesting concerts.

You must keep your smartphone location search engine on while touring the city because concerts can arise anytime, anywhere.

10. iDictate

iDictate is an online transcription service. If you can transcribe quickly, you will get a lot of money from iDictate.

Once you sign up and log in to your account, iDictate will ask you to choose between several audio files. Listen to the audio and transcribe.

They also have another service known as Quicktate. With Quicktate, too, you will work as a transcriber.

Only the Quicktate audios last less than five minutes; therefore, the payment is slightly lower. But that doesn’t mean I can’t transcribe more audio.

11. Ingram

Another great website to find secondary jobs is Ingram Micro. They operate in 64 countries spread across six continents. And they also have 33,000 associates through which Ingram extends its services to clients and micro workers.

They specialize in micro jobs primarily for the IT sector. You must create a free account by registering with your email ID.

Ingram alerts you to IT-related micro-jobs every time they arise. And they pay very well because these are special micro-jobs.

12. Microworkers

There is no shortage of micro-jobs online for any skill anywhere in Micro workers. This is the best website where you can find crowdsourcing jobs almost yearly and from anywhere.

Micro workers are unique. Your homepage has a control panel where you can complete micro-tasks online and earn money.

You can perform several parallel concerts in one day if they match your skills. Register on this website and provide basic information. This allows you to view and complete micro-jobs that match your skills.

Wrap Up

Before concluding, let me also tell you other simpler ways to get crowdsourcing jobs.

The first is classified in your local newspaper. You will find small and large businesses that advertise micro-employment in these classified sections.

The second option is to register as a micro tasker at a local company that provides people with small tasks.

As I mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of micro-employment. You can earn good money working during those free hours.

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