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How to Make Your Instagram Account Private in July

Instagram is a popular social media website whose popularity is increasing among the youth. You can make your account on Instagram as public or private as you want, some people want to keep their Instagram account confidential, maintaining their privacy in mind, but they need to know about it. Does not contain information.

Often, many people like to keep their Instagram Account Private to show their photos and videos only to whomever they want to show and prevent strangers from peeking into their profile, so the option of making their Instagram Account Private is the best for those people. Is option.

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After making your Instagram Account Private, no one can see who you follow on your profile or who follows you and photos/videos uploaded by you without your permission unless You do not accept the request sent by you.

So if you want to make your Instagram account private, but you do not know how to make your Instagram account private, you can do this work very quickly by following the steps so read the article once.


How to Make Your Instagram Account Private

When you create your Instagram account, it, by default, keeps your profile photo and video public, meaning that your photos/videos and profile, like who you are and who follows you, can be seen by anyone.

But if you want that, no stranger can see your photos/videos, followers, followings, as well as like and comment without your permission, then you can make your Instagram account private, for which you will follow below.

Step-1 First, open the Instagram App on your mobile and go to your profile.

Step-2 Now, you will see three lines above on your profile. Click on it.

Step-3 As soon as you click on the above three lines, you will see the setting option below; click on it.

Step-4 When you click on the Settings option, after that, you see many options in front of which one of the “Privacy” opportunities comes; click on it.

Step-5 As soon as you click on the “Privacy” option, you can make a private account at the top, which is disabled by default.

Step-6 So, if you want to make your Instagram account private, enable it from here, after which your account will become personal.

So in this way, you can make your Instagram account private, but because your account is available on Instagram, people who know your Instagram account can see your profile.

But who do you follow or who follows you and the photos/videos uploaded by you on Instagram? Only those can see the people through whom the request is sent to you, and you accept that request. Take.

Pros and Cons of Having a Private Instagram Account

As we told you when you create your Instagram account, it is automatically public, but once you make your Instagram account private, you have many benefits: follows.

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  1. After making your Instagram account private, only those you follow or people who follow you can see the photos and videos uploaded to you.
  2. After making your Instagram account private, no stranger can comment on/like your photos and videos.
  3. After making your Instagram account private, if someone wants to follow you, he will need your permission.
  4. This is an excellent option for those who do not want to show their profile, photos/videos to people and do not wish to add any stranger without their permission.
  5. If you want to hide your identity on Instagram, you can quickly do this by making your Instagram account private.
  6. To increase people’s interest, many people make their accounts private so that people follow them to see the videos/photos uploaded, increasing their followers.

Many people make their Instagram accounts private for different reasons. Still, whatever the reason, we have told you the most straightforward steps to create an Instagram account personally, following which you can easily make your Instagram account private.

Although many people claim that after privatizing your account on Instagram, your followers start growing fast, this is not an accurate way to increase your followers on Instagram.

Because many people follow your account only after seeing your uploaded photo/video etc.


The main reason for this is that when your Instagram account is private, any person has to send a request to follow you and wait for you to accept the request, so most people follow the Instagram private account. I wouldn’t say I like to do it.

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