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How to Earn Money During the IPL in 2024

Indian Premier League, i.e., IPL, is a very big cricket competition organized by India, in which the world’s biggest cricketers play, and a team buys in crores. Do you also want to know how to earn money from IPL?

If you are a cricket lover and have a good knowledge of cricket, you can take advantage of your knowledge and earn money from IPL. All the methods we have told you about in this article are legal; you can make money using the methods mentioned in the report without worry.

There are many illegal ways to earn crores of rupees by the wrong means, like betting on IPL or cricket. But if you get caught, you could be in jail, so don’t use illegal means to get more money.

All applications in this article are valid only if they involve financial risk.

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How to Earn Money From IPL?

How to Earn Money During the IPL in 2024

Although there are many ways to earn money from IPL, in this article, we have talked about the four best ways by which you can make money in IPL, which are as follows:–

  • By Fantasy Cricket Application (MPL App, Dream11, Winzo App)
  • Creating a YouTube Channel
  • creating a blog or website
  • Earn lakhs by making an app for IPL

Let us now know in detail about IPL Earnings.

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1. Make Money From IPL With Fantasy Cricket App

The most popular way to earn money from IPL is through the fantasy cricket app. This is an application in which you have to make your team in any match, and if your group stays at number one, you can also win one crore rupees from the fantasy app.

Many people earn crores of rupees in every match with the help of a fantasy app. In the fantasy app, the first one gets money, and the team whose team is last also receives some money.

If you do not know how to make the team in a fantasy app, then let us explain to you through an example-

Suppose there is a match between Mumbai and Chennai then you have to make a balanced team of 11 players from both teams. Batsman, Bowler, Rounder, and Wicket Keeper mus must be selected. And then, you also have to choose your captain and vice-captain.

If the players you select perform, you get some points for it. Based on these points, the one on top wins from 1 to 5 crores. If all your team players perform well and your team remains at number one, you can also win crores of rupees from the fantasy cricket app.

We have told you below about some of the Best Fantasy Apps.

Fantasy Cricket Money-Earning Apps

  1. Dream11
  2. My Circle 11
  3. Paytm First Cash
  4. MPL
  5. Ballebazi
  6. Gamezy
  7. Winzo App
  8. Hala Play
  9. My Team 11
  10. 11 Wicket

2. Make money from IPL by Creating a YouTube channel

If you have good knowledge of cricket, you can create your own YouTube channel to give reviews of every cricket match. When your subscribers increase, you can earn a lot of money from YouTube.

3. Earn money from IPL by creating a Blog/Website

If you know how to make a blog, you can create a blog related to cricket. And you can write the status of every match in your blog. You will get unlimited content ideas to create a cricket-related blog. But to earn money from a cricket blog, you must write 3-4 articles daily.

4. Make money from IPL by making an App

If you are a developer, you can create your cricket-related application and monetize it with Facebook Audience Network or Admob. In the cricket application, you can give a live score of IPL or any cricket match. If more people download your application, you can earn lakhs of rupees from your cricket application.

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Apps to Earn Money from IPL

1. Dream11 App

Dream11 is the most loved fantasy application in India. You must have also seen many advertisements for Dream11 during IPL. India’s big cricketers will be seen promoting Dream11. Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the brand ambassador of Dream11. In 2020, Dream11 roped in Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador.

In Dream11, you get many fantasy games in which the price is also different. In Dream11, many games are less than 100 rupees, and many games are also thousands of rupees. You can also participate in the game for thousands of rupees if you have good cricket knowledge. The chances of winning are very high as very few contestants can participate.

2. My Circle 11 App

My Circle 11 is also a Fantasy Cricket App that became very popular in a very short time. Many people from rural areas also won crores of rupees from My Circle 11. Sourab Ganguly, the current president of BCCI and former Indian cricket captain, is the brand ambassador of this app.

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3. MPL App

MPL is a Gaming Application in which you get many types of games that you can earn money by playing. In MPL also get Fantasy Cricket Games. MPL is a fast-growing gaming application in India. Millions of people make money from MPL every day.

In MPL, you can create your best team of the match by participating in the Fantasy Cricket Game, and when you stay at number one, you can earn lakhs of rupees. In 2019, the brand ambassador of MPL was Virat Kohli.

4. Paytm First Game

Paytm First Game is also a Fantasy Cricket App where you can create your best team and earn money on winning. Compared to Dream 11 and My Circle 11, your chances of making money from Paytm First Game are higher because there is not much competition yet. Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket, is the Brand Ambassador of Paytm’s First Cash App.

5. Ballebazi App

Ballebazi App also gives you a chance to earn Real Cash in IPL. This is also a Fantasy Cricket Application whose brand ambassador is India’s all-rounder Yuvraj Singh.

6. Gamezy

Gamezy App is also the Best Fantasy Application. Which was launched seeing the popularity of Fantasy Games in India. The Brand Ambassador of Gamezy App is India’s opener batsman KL Rahul.

7. 11 Wicket App

11Wicket is also a Fantasy Cricket application where you can earn money daily by playing Fantasy games. Along with the popularity of the Fantasy App in India, the popularity of the 11 Wicket App is also increasing.

8. WinZo App

WinZo is a gaming application in which you can earn money by playing various games. There is also an option for Fantasy Cricket in this application. In WinZo App, you can participate in Fantasy Cricket and earn money for winning.

9. My Team 11

My Team 11 is also the very best Fantasy Cricket Application. If you have good knowledge of cricket, then you can earn good money from this app. In My Team 11, apart from making Dream Team, you can earn money from Prediction.

You must have noticed one thing: whenever someone watches a cricket match, he tells you what will happen on the next ball; if you also make such a prediction, you must join My Team 11. If your Prediction is correct, then you can earn good money.

10. Hala Play

Hala Play is also a Fantasy Game Application in which, apart from cricket, you can earn money from Kabaddi and Football matches. The current two brothers of the Indian cricket team, Hardik Pandya and Kunal Pandya, advertise the Halaplay App. Since 2019, Hardik Pandya has been the Brand Ambassador of the Halaplay App.

Disclaimer – The game apps mentioned in this article involve financial risk and can be habit-forming. Please play with your responsibility.

⚠️ Disclaimer:- The game apps mentioned in this article involve financial risk and can be habit-forming. Please play with your responsibility.


Q1. Can I earn money from IPL?

Yes, you can earn money from IPL; many ways are available, like playing fantasy games, creating IPL-related blogs/websites, creating YouTube channels, making IPL-related apps,s, etc.

Q2. Which is the easiest way to earn money from IPL?

To earn money from IPL, you can easily make money by creating your team in Fantasy Cricket App.

Q3. How much money can I earn from Fantasy Cricket App?

Earning money from the fantasy cricket app depends on how many games you play and your position. With Fantasy Cricket App, you can win a maximum of Rs.5 crores.


If you are also a cricket lover, you can earn money from IPL or any cricket match by adopting the methods mentioned in the article. To make money from IPL, you must understand cricket a little. Only then can you make money from IPL using any technique.

So, friends, I hope you have liked this article. We wrote this article with your friends, also.

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