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How to Make Money from Freelancing in 10 Easy Steps

Make Money from Freelancing. Not satisfied with the salary you get? Are you looking for part-time jobs? This is what you can do. Today, when prices rise from day to day, the salary of a working person remains the same. After hours of working so hard, what do you get? The answer is nothing. Do you know that you can make attractive money in your spare time? Yes, you can sell your service online, and you can earn money by working independently. Don’t worry, it does not mean that you are providing your service for free. You will be paid for this.

Many people do not really know that they can sell their services online. People look for people who are better at their work and can help them. For example, good people in digital marketing, social media marketing,  SEO, SEM, graphics and design, writing and translation, video and animation, music, dance, acting, computer programming, etc. are in high demand. There are endless people searching for good people in these jobs.

An independent professional is a person who is self-employed and does not depend on his employer. Nobody likes to be ordered by someone and normal corporate jobs pressurize him, sometimes they pressurize him.

Become a freelancer, teacher of your world. It is not important that you have to leave your job to be a freelancer, you can also take it as a part-time profession to earn a few extra dollars. Working for a freelancer can cost you $ 1- $ 100 per hour. Isn’t it amazing? Slowly and continuously you will gain experience and can charge more than $ 100 USD according to your demand. An independent professional fee per hour, day or project. A freelancer lives the life of a free desk worker.

Here are the Steps to Become a Freelancer

1. Set Your Job or Skills

The most important thing is to decide on your job. Do not look for two or three jobs at the same time, thinking that you will earn well. You can’t win anything with this thinking. Decide what is good, what your secondary skills are, this may include web design, copywriting, graphic design and more. Make sure you are the best at what you do. Everyone has some skills in which they are good. I am sure you also have an inner talent with which you are not yet familiar. You don’t even need experience; Freelance is also a platform for beginners. Believe in yourself Once you decide on your work, you can continue with your profile.

2. Choose a Niche

Now the question arises, how to choose a niche? Niche is a type of subject that describes an area or industry. It is like giving a plot of your work. Your niche should make people directly understand that their work is different from others and it is beneficial for them to strike a deal with you. People run towards brands. You have to create your own brand. Keep improving the quality of your work. Learn from your mistakes, live them. Experience is the best way to grow a brand. You may be confused or you may feel that there is a lack of data to decide the niche.

Here are some simple steps that will help you find an ideal niche:

  1. Ask yourself about your area of ​​interest, your hobbies, your passion, get suggestions from them.
  2. Be fully informed about your competition, find your niche and then create a niche that is better and different from them.
  3. Think like a customer, think about how you would look for an employee.
  4. Evaluate from the niche list you have decided.
  5. If you are satisfied that your niche matches the product, do it randomly twice.

3. Create an Attractive Profile

First, choose any of the independent platforms. The most famous place to work independently is the Fiverr I would suggest. Create an account on it; The steps to create an account in Fiverr are at the end of the article. Your profile should include your skills, previous experience, portfolio and qualifications if you have one. Upload proof of your work, such as photos, videos, documents, etc. If you are taking it as a part-time job or if you have decided to quit your job, then, of course, you have enough skills. Add all your important details which are necessary for the person to know your service. For example, if you are going to work as a content writer, upload some of your striking writing.

4. Learn to Trade

Business is something that requires experience, and you will never get experience without trying it out. If you are not sure enough, check out the profiles of others in freelance, read comments and visit at least 10 profiles. Do you verify what price they are selling their service? Learn from it First, do not set your rates too high or too low, because too little will give the impression that no one is hiring you, so you have reduced your rates.

5. Focus on Your Work

To equalize any business, the first requirement is that you must work really hard. It may seem difficult, but you cannot move forward without working. The first impression is the last impression, so be polite to your employer. Do not be discouraged by the number of questions the employer asks. If he is paying you, he will have hundreds of questions and it is your job to clear them. While working, consider the project conditions, deadlines, and quality of work (signed agreement). Do not lose your mind as soon as you get your first job. Think calmly and discuss time and budget. Make everything clear in the beginning.

6. Set Your Service Fee

Before posting about your service, decide your service fee. You can ask your friends, relatives, supporters or people who have some information about your work to help. You can also search for freelancers who offer jobs similar to yours. See her profile and comments on her page; Verify people’s requirements for that job. Based on this, set your salary. Think about your needs as well. You can continue to increase your price in the future based on your demand.

7. Set up a Billing or Billing System

Set up a billing system through which people can pay you. Many online payment sites have facilitated accounting and billing. Payment terms are transferred as an invoice. Evidence to be left to the employer or employee if there is a problem with respect to payment. The employer also specifies the project deadline and the amount to be paid via invoice. The freelancer, in turn, confirms your commitment by sending an invoice; It also confirms that you are charging by the hour or day. An invoice contains the cost, mode of payment, address of payer and beneficiary, etc.

You can use PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Payza, etc. For payment purposes. The best of these is PayPal. PayPal is a reliable international payment application and site that offers to send and receive money quickly and in an unsafe manner. In addition, your previous transactions can help you keep track of your profits and losses.

8. Make a Good Network

Socialize as soon as you establish a profile on any independent platform. Build a great network of people, tell them about the work you offer, ask them to spread the same thing. Share your free site links through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, email, WhatsApp and text messages.

9. Search for Projects and Start Bidding

You may not get any work or project in the beginning. But don’t stay idle, look for published projects, opportunity won’t knock at your door, you have to make an effort for it. Read the comment on the published project, start bidding. If a person offers a job for $ 50 per day, offer it for $ 40. Do not lower your price too much, as it can give an impression to the employer, who is a novice and who barely knows about the job offer. This will reduce your profile eligibility and also create a bad impression on your work. Comment on projects that have not yet been collected by anyone. Start with them, they can be a good start-up. Also comment on other people’s profiles. Introduce yourself to various blogs and websites.

10. How to Attract Customers

Socialize, ask your friends, family, old colleagues or other people to recommend their work to those people. Maybe you get some work. In many cases, this is a good way to start a business. Submit your work before the deadline; It should not look like it was done in a hurry, maintain its quality. It helps in building goodwill and trust among customers. You can also give them special discounts if you contact them a second time. Your good work will help you get good reviews and comments. People always go to the staff after reading reviews and comments.

Today, many people suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension), gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease, accelerated aging, and the reason behind these diseases is stress, which occurs daily when working with someone. Sometimes a person is so irritated that he rarely talks to anyone and when he does, he is always angry.

The best sites that provide independent services are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, WorknHour, PeoplePerHour, 99Designs, and others.

Nothing is impossible. Have faith in yourself and work hard, it will be easy to relax. Hello readers, I hope this article has helped you and you have got your questions answered.
Vimal K. Vishwakarma
Vimal K. Vishwakarmahttps://technovimal.in
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