How To Fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form For Your Suspended Adsense Account | Invalid Traffic Appeal

How To Fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form For Your Suspended Adsense Account: Invalid Traffic Appeal. Many times it happens that there are illegal clicks on advertisements, so our account is suspended. If a blog has fake clicks on ads the Google Adsense team can easily track them. And if the blogger reports illegal clicks the Adsense team will obviously deactivate your Google Adsense account. Then in this post, we will give you step by step information about disabling. Google AdSense due to suspicious activity solutions. You can easily inform Google Adsense about fraudulent clicks by filling in the illegal activity appeal form.

Before explaining anything about this, you should consider the important points

  • If you have earned from Adsense by purchasing traffic for your website, then your Adsense cannot be restored, as it is against Google Adsense Policy.
  • If you have clicked on your own ads, that is, in automatic clicks, your account will never be reactivated.

Yes, if a visitor to your site repeatedly clicks on the ads and you have seen it. You can stop completing an invalid clicks contact form and let Google know that you are facing an invalid clicks contact form some sources.

In this article, I am reporting on a disabled Google account due to a suspicious activity solution by completing an invalid activity processing form, by following these steps you can save your Google account and re-up your AdSense account in just 48 hours Can activate.

How To Fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form

Follow the steps described below to complete the invalid click activity appeal form:


First, open the invalid activity appeal form, click here to open it.

How To Fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form

If you have an editor ID, click “Yes”; Otherwise, click “No”. If you can access your AdSense account, open Google AdSense. To see your publisher ID go to Settings -> Account Information. If you cannot access your AdSense account, you can find your publisher ID at the top of the ad unit or in the AdSense script code. Your publisher ID is as follows: “pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx”.


Now you will be asked whether you can log in to your Google account or not, if you can access the Adsense panel, click “Yes”, otherwise select “No”.

How To Fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form

First condition: if you can log into your Google account


In this you get two options Yes and No, Select No, if you have more than one year, select Yes.

How To Fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form For Your Suspended Adsense Account | Invalid Traffic Appeal


Now, you will receive a link to complete the form, so click on the Appeal Form link to get the invalid click activity appeal form.

How To Fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form For Your Suspended Adsense Account | Invalid Traffic Appeal


You will now be redirected to an invalid activity appeal page, scroll down and you will see a large form that you must complete correctly.

How To Fill Invalid Clicks Contact Form For Your Suspended Adsense Account | Invalid Traffic Appeal
  • Put the same name in your Adsense account.
  • Enter an email address that is associated with your Google AdSense account.
  • Enter the URL of your website or YouTube channel where there were invalid clicks, YouTube or blog URLs
  • In it, enter your URL that you approved by Google and place the ad, YouTube or blog URL.
  • “Have you ever purchased traffic to your site (s), mobile application (s) and/or YouTube channel (s)?” No “Select”.

Next, you must answer some questions correctly and all answers must be absolutely correct, do not try to play games with Google and do not hide anything because Google has all the information about your website or YouTube.

I have paraphrased the answer for you, and I read it and get ideas to write your answer.

Question: How do users access your site, mobile application and/or YouTube channel? How do you promote your content?

Answer: Users access my content through Google search engines, including Google, Bing or YouTube channels and other YouTube features. Some sections of traffic through social networks also include Facebook and Twitter.

Question: What was the cause of the invalid activity on your site, mobile application and/or YouTube channel? Provide detailed information on all the specific reasons that you consider relevant in your case.

Answer: From my point of view, the main reason for the cancellation of my account was “My competitor could have done some invalid activity or there may have been some people who don’t have enough knowledge to use the application. It could be.” Reason for deactivating my account.

Question: Include any data from your site, mobile applications and/or YouTube channel traffic records or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, references, or requests that may explain the invalid activity.

Answer: Dear Google, This is the first time my AdSense account has become inactive due to this invalid click activity, I was unable to enter my suspicious IP address, traffic log, and report. I again apologize for this negligence. How should I know about my site or AdSense that I have mentioned? I just intrigue to disregard any invalid server or light action in my record and to have the first and last opportunity to work effectively in my AdSense account. I acknowledge my errors that occurred without knowing it and my lack of regard.


If you have any questions about the appeal of invalid activity, you have a good idea whether to open an AdSense account with illegal click activity, let us know by commenting.

Also, you can change the answer according to your needs. It is not necessary to write the same answer. You can guess my answers and write according to your choice …

If you have a problem, you can ask, even if you have a problem completing the invalid click activity request form, send me an email or comment, I will definitely answer it, and if this information is good, So share it because sharing is caring and keep up with TechnoVimal.

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