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How to save your mobile if it falls into the water?

We all know who does not use a mobile phone today and its importance. Sometimes you must have seen that when our phone falls in water or gets drenched in the rain, water goes inside it and our mobile turns off. We do not understand what should and should not be done in such a condition. Here I will tell you some tips on what to do if your mobile phone falls in the water and how to fix it, so it gets fixed. 

So which is the best way to protect your mobile phone from water damage? Experts also recommend keeping a waterproof phone pouch with you. It is very useful, saving water and keeping it safe from overheating, preventing damage to your mobile device. But if water has gone into your mobile, here are some important tips by which you can get the mobile working again. 

How To Fix Your Phone After You Dropped It In Water

1. Switch Off the Phone

First of all, you have to switch off your phone. I have seen many people when their phone falls in water or water enter their phone, although the phone does not turn on in the condition, and some people forcefully turn it on. Keep engaged. Due to this, their phone gets short-circuited and the phone gets damaged. The phone is an electronic device, and when water gets into it, turning it on again causes a short circuit. So in such a condition, do not forcefully turn on the phone and leave it switched off. 

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2. Quickly remove the battery, SIM card, and SD card.

After switching off the phone, the second step is to remove the battery, SIM card, and SD card from the mobile and put it out. And if your battery is non-removable, that means the battery cannot be removed from the phone. Then in such a condition, you leave the phone switched off, and all the other things in the mobile like memory card, sim card, take out all these. And leave it outside to dry. 

3. Keep mobile in the box of raw rice.

Now you have to leave all the parts of your mobile inside the rice box for at least 10 to 12 hours. The advantage of this is that whatever little moisture is left in your phone, the rice will absorb it completely, so your phone will dry completely. And your phone will be saved from getting short-circuited. Because the property of holding the moisturizer in rice is found, whose benefit can be available to your phone? After 12 hours, you take out the mobile and turn it on by putting everything like battery, sim card, and memory card in it. There is a 95% chance that your phone will start working again. 

4. Dry the mobile parts in the sun

If there is little moisture left in your mobile, keep all the parts of your mobile on the balcony or terrace in strong sunlight for 15-20 minutes only. Whatever this will leave little moisture, it will go away from the sun, but one thing must be kept in mind the mobile screen should not be towards the sun.

How to Dry Out a Wet Phone

As soon as the mobile falls in the water, many people make small mistakes due to which their phone gets spoiled completely, so what are these mistakes which many people do that you do not have to do? 

  1. Many people make the mistake of not removing the SIM card, memory card, and SD card from their mobile. Due to this, moisture remains in their battery, SIM card, and SD card. All these things get spoiled completely. You must not repeat this mistake.
  2. If your phone has fallen in the water, avoid using the key function of the phone key at that time, as there is a risk of a shortcut key.
  3. Do not mistake drying the phone with any machine. I have seen many people doing this or others advising that one can use a blow dryer to dry the phone. But this should not be done because the blow dryer emits hot air, which poses a risk of damage to the body or display of your mobile and the soft circuits in the phone or the plastic parts of the mobile that cause more hot air. It can even melt if you get it. Some people even try to dry it in the microwave or oven. You can use a paper towel to dry them. 
  4. Some people are so scared of data deletion that they quickly connect their mobile to the computer when the phone falls underwater. This will not only spoil your mobile but also threaten your computer. Becomes. Because a wet phone can damage both devices. 
  5. Sometimes, the phone gets saved due to rain, but the charger gets wet. So do not use that charger at that time because by connecting that charger to the mobile, moisture can reach your mobile device, which may damage the device. 
  6. Whenever the phone or charger is slightly wet, do not charge it at that time, as there is a risk of getting electrocuted and damaging the device.


So you learned here what should be done if the phone falls into the water. By following all these tips, the mobile can be saved from getting damaged very easily at home. If the phone does not turn on after using all these tips, you can go to the expert if needed. I sincerely hope this information will help you to save your phone. If you like this information, share it with your friends, and if you have any other related experience, then definitely share it with us in the comment box.

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