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How to Play Free Fire: Everything you need to know

Friends, in today’s article, we will see how to play Free Fire Game. As you all know, free fire is a popular battleground game in today’s time! The game has more than 500 million downloads on Google Play Store.

You can guess the popularity of the Free Fire game! The size of this game is also very less, due to which Android phone users with less ram can play this game easily.

The free fire game was developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena! Free Fire game was launched on 20 November 2017 for beta version only and then on 4 December 2017 officially launched for Android and iOS too! More than fifty players are dropped on a map in a game, and they have to kill each other.

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The player who survives the last is called the winner. So let’s know how to play the free fire game and become a free-fire pro player.

How to Play Free Fire: Everything you need to know

How to create a Free Fire ID?

Friends, before playing the free fire game, you have to create an account, i.e., ID, inside the game so that you can be identified! If you also want to create a free-fire ID and do not know how to create a free-fire ID, then all the steps have been given to you. Follow those steps! 

Step 1: To make friends with a free fire id, you have to download a free fire game from the google play store.

Step 2: After downloading and opening, two options will appear before you to create an account, first guest account and second Facebook account. You have to click on Facebook because it keeps your account safe.

 Step 3: After clicking on Facebook, whatever account will be login into your mobile phone, will be automatically detected. You have to click on the button given below.

 Step 4: After that, you have to enter the name of your good game character. Remember, after entering the word, you have to click on the confirm button below.

Step 5: After that, you have to select your avatar, i.e., character. If you are male, you can choose a male character, and if you are female, you can choose a female character.

Step 6: As soon as you choose your avatar, i.e., nature, your ID will be ready. After that, you can easily play a free fire game.

How to play Free Fire – A Beginners’ Guide

Friends, first of all, you have to create an ID of free fire. After creating an ID, you can easily play the game. To play the free fire game, you have to open the game first.

After opening, the home page of the free fire game will open in front of you, where you will see many different types of options! You will see the START button at the bottom to start the game. You have to click on that button. As soon as you click, it will begin searching the lobby for you.

As soon as you get to the entrance, you will be taken from the top of the map by sitting in a plane. Wherever you want to land, you have to click on the jump button at that place.

You will be landed on the site as soon as you jump. First, you have to find the guns to kill your enemies. Fifty people are released from the plane simultaneously.

After that, the blue zone starts coming. You have to go inside the area in time. Otherwise, your health decreases and you lose! Knowing inside the location, you have to kill the enemies. If you survive till the end and destroy your last enemy, you win, and you are given a BOOYAH.

Garena Free Fire: A basic beginner’s guide

Friends, as soon as you open the free fire game, the home page of the free fire game will open in front of you, there you will see different types of options! On the home page, you mainly see five types of opportunities.

  1. STORE 
  4. PET 

So let us now understand the functions of all these options in detail. And see how you can use them!

1. STORE: From the store option, you can buy all the things used in the game like clothes, skin, character, pet, name card and many more items from here! If you want to buy a coat for your guns, you can buy this option by paying money, buy a diamond by producing, and buy a pet for your character, which will be with you during the match.

 2. LUCK ROYAL: Friends, Luck Royal, this is a spin option you can spin by giving diamonds. On spin, you get different types of them from here, which you can use during the game! To win the prize by spinning in this option, you need three diamonds for one spin. That’s why you must have a diamond.

 3. CHARACTER: With the help of this option, you can change your avatar, i.e., character. You can select a male or female character in this option! You get to see many different characters in male or female too, but they are locked in the initial time. As you complete your levels, your new characters will be unlocked.

4. PET: In this option, you get to see different types of pets, i.e., animals or birds. You can buy these pets by paying money or giving diamonds! If you buy one of these pets, that pet will stay with you during the match and will keep following you until the entire game is over.

 5. COLLECTION: When you complete your free fire game level, you are given coins and different types of rewards for completing each level or winning the match! You can collect those coins and tips from this option, and with those coins, you can buy cool things from the Free Fire game store.

How to change your name in Free Fire?

When you create an account for a free fire game in the starting time, you put your name in anything because you do not know the initial time.

But when you watch the streams of big gamers, their names are different, and you also wish that I had kept such a name, but you do not know how to change the name.

To change your nickname in FREE FIRE, you must first open the game and go to your profile! After going to the profile, you will get an edit option on the left side. You have to click on that option. As soon as you click, you will get the chance to change the name.

You can put whatever nickname you want. If you’re going to put fancy words, you can also generate and put fancy names using a fancy text generator.

Last Word

So, guys, it was Free Fire Game. HOW TO PLAY I hope you will understand how to play Free Fire Game K. I Hope you enjoy this article.

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