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How to Make Group calls on WhatsApp in 2024

That WhatsApp is a free messaging app. Which was created in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. This is America’s Country App. WhatsApp is monetized from Facebook. Most of the use of WhatsApp is done in India only. WhatsApp has more than 5B+ downloads on Google Play Store. 

This post will know how to do group calling on WhatsApp, conference or group calling, and the limit of calling on WhatsApp. We will cover all the benefits of forum calling in today’s post. I hope. If you read the entire post well, all the questions regarding your conference call will be cleared. And then you can also make group calls easily. 

Make Group calls on WhatsApp

What is a Group Conference Call? 

The word conference may be new to you. But you can understand with Group Call. What are we going to talk about today? Let me tell you. When we can speak to many people simultaneously, we call it conference or group calling. Let me explain to you more simply. 

For example, if you have many friends and all live in different places. And you have to invite everyone to your birthday party. So in such a situation, if you call everyone one by one, you will waste a lot of time. You can invite everyone together by making a conference call or group call in such a situation. Due to this, your time will not be wasted, and everyone will also be invited. 

The video calling feature of WhatsApp is used a lot in India. Due to which WhatsApp is quite popular. But still, some people do not know how to do a conference or group call on WhatsApp. So today, how do we make you a conference call on WhatsApp. I will give complete information. 

How to Join Conference Call on WhatsApp 

Earlier, we could talk to only one person on WhatsApp on a video call, as you all know. But now, in the new Update of WhatsApp, you can also do group calling on WhatsApp. Many people have liked this Update of WhatsApp. So we will tell you step by step how to do a conference or group call on WhatsApp. 

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Step 1) As I told you earlier, you could talk to only one person on WhatsApp. But you can make conference calls only when WhatsApp is updated. But still, some people have not updated WhatsApp. So, first of all, you have to update your WhatsApp. Only then will you be able to make conference calls. 

There are many ways to update WhatsApp. But I will tell you to update WhatsApp in two ways. You can update WhatsApp according to what you like.

  1. The first way is to update. You go to Google Playstore and search for WhatsApp. WhatsApp will open in front of you. Now you will see that the option of Update will be coming there. You can update from there. 
  2. This is also another way to update WhatsApp. Your search on Chrome browser, WhatsApp New Update, and you can also download Updated WhatsApp from there. But if you believe me, you should update WhatsApp from Google Play Store itself. Because WhatsApp downloaded from Chrome can bring Viruses to your phone. And it is also less secure. 

Step 2) After the Update of WhatsApp, now you have to open WhatsApp. And you have to turn on mobile data as well. Now you have to call anyone person on WhatsApp. 

Step 3) Now, as soon as he receives your call, you will see a plus (+) icon on the side, as you can see in the screenshot. 

Step 4) Now, you have to click on that plus (+) icon. As soon as you click on it, your contact list will open in front of you. Now whatever you want to call. Click on it. After that, you will have to write Add A Call in front of you. You have to add it. In this way, he will join your video call. If you want to add more people, you can add more people by doing the same process. 

What is the WhatsApp group video call members limit?

We have learned that how to do a conference call on WhatsApp. But some people also have this question. That’s the maximum number of people we can add to the conference call. So let me tell you that in April 2021, WhatsApp was testing a new feature. In which you can add more than four people to the conference call.

Today WhatsApp can finally add up to 8 people on a video or audio conference call from now on to everyone who has installed the iOS and Android beta. Earlier we could make conference calls with only four people on WhatsApp. But in the new Update, you can do a conference call with up to 8 people. 

Advantages of Group Call 

By the way, there are many benefits of Group Call. But let me tell you about some advantages. 

This is the most significant advantage of 

  • Group Call. In this, we can make video and audio calls with eight people simultaneously. 
  • Suppose you have many friends. And you have to explain a concept to everyone, and you have less time. Then you can take advantage of this facility. When you have to explain the same idea to everyone, why would you call each other and understand everyone? It is better to explain the concept to all of you at once. This will not waste your time. And you will also be able to explain the concept very well to everyone. 
  • As everyone knows. That Covid 19 is still going on in the country. Some time ago when there was a lockdown in our country. Then people could not go to meet their loved ones. At that time, people contacted their relatives through a conference call.
  • And also followed the guideline of lockdown. Due to which people kept feeling close even after staying away. This is what I mean to say. With this, we can take care of our loved ones through conference calls, even by staying away from people. 
  • You can meet with your employee through a conference call.
  • If you are getting bored. Then you can have fun with all your friends through a conference call. 


Today, we taught how to make a conference call on WhatsApp, the conference call limit, and the benefits of conference calls. The video and audio conference call method on WhatsApp is the same. I hope you liked today’s post very much. And you, too, will not have any problem making conference calls from now on. By the way, I have answered all the questions. If you still have any doubt, you can talk to us through a comment. 

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