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How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends 2024

Mobile Legends is a popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. In this game, players engage in thrilling battles, utilizing various heroes with unique abilities, to achieve victory. Diamonds, the premium currency in Mobile Legends, play a pivotal role in enhancing the gaming experience. They allow players to purchase heroes, skins, emblems, and other in-game items that can boost their chances of success. While diamonds can be purchased directly, there are also several ways to acquire them for free.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods to obtain free diamonds in Mobile Legends.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

What are Diamonds in Mobile Legends?

Diamonds are a valuable currency in Mobile Legends that grant players access to a range of exclusive features and items. With diamonds, players can:

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  • Purchase new heroes: Unlock a diverse roster of heroes, each possessing unique skills and abilities, to enhance their strategic options.
  • Acquire skins: Customize the appearance of heroes with visually appealing skins that showcase their personality and style.
  • Enhance emblems: Upgrade emblems to augment the attributes and abilities of heroes, providing an edge in battles.
  • Purchase items: Gain access to powerful items that grant heroes additional stats, abilities, and effects, enabling them to dominate the battlefield.

Ways to Get Free Diamonds

Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends

1. Participating in Events:

Mobile Legends frequently hosts various events that offer free diamonds as rewards for participation. These events may involve completing specific tasks, achieving milestones, or participating in challenges. By actively engaging in these events, players can accumulate diamonds without spending real money.

2. Daily Login Rewards:

Simply logging into Mobile Legends each day can yield free diamonds. The game offers daily login rewards, which include a variety of items, including diamonds. The rewards improve as players maintain a consistent login streak, encouraging them to return to the game regularly.

3. Lucky Spin:

The Lucky Spin is a chance-based feature in Mobile Legends that allows players to win various prizes, including fragments, skins, and diamonds. Players can utilize their free spins to attempt their luck and potentially acquire diamonds. While luck plays a significant role, participating in the Lucky Spin consistently can increase the odds of winning diamonds.

4. Redeem Codes:

Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends, occasionally releases redeem codes that players can use to claim free diamonds. These codes are usually distributed through social media channels, influencer collaborations, or special events. By keeping an eye out for these codes and redeeming them promptly, players can acquire diamonds without making any purchases.

5. Watching Ads:

Mobile Legends offers players the opportunity to earn free diamonds by watching advertisements. These ads typically appear between matches or during certain events. While the amount of diamonds rewarded for each ad may be small, consistently watching ads can accumulate a significant number of diamonds over time.

6. Completing Achievements:

Completing achievements in Mobile Legends is another way to earn free diamonds. These achievements range from simple tasks, such as reaching a certain level, to more challenging feats, such as winning a specific number of matches with a particular hero. By completing these achievements, players demonstrate their skills and dedication, and in return, they are rewarded with diamonds.

7. Joining a Guild:

Joining an active guild in Mobile Legends can provide players with access to guild tasks and events. Participating in these activities can yield diamonds as rewards, contributing to the overall accumulation of free diamonds. Additionally, guild members can gift diamonds to each other, fostering a sense of community and support.


Obtaining free diamonds in Mobile Legends is possible through various methods, including participating in events, claiming daily login rewards, utilizing the Lucky Spin, redeeming codes, watching ads, completing achievements, and joining a guild. These methods allow players to acquire diamonds without spending real money, enabling them to enhance their gaming experience and enjoy the benefits that diamonds offer.


1. How often are new redeem codes released?

The frequency of redeem code releases can vary, but Moonton typically releases new codes during special events, collaborations, or significant milestones.

2. Is there a limit to the number of diamonds I can earn through ads?

While there is no strict limit, the number of diamonds earned through ads may be capped to prevent abuse. However, consistently watching ads can still contribute to a substantial accumulation of diamonds over time.

3. Do achievements expire?

Achievements in Mobile Legends do not expire, allowing players to work towards completing them at their own pace. This flexibility enables players to earn diamonds continuously by completing achievements as they progress through the game.

4. Can I transfer diamonds between accounts?

Diamonds are account-specific and cannot be transferred between different Mobile Legends accounts. This restriction ensures the security of diamonds and prevents unauthorized access or transfer of in-game currency.

5. What are the best ways to maximize my chances of getting free diamonds?

To maximize your chances of obtaining free diamonds, consistently participate in events, claim daily login rewards, utilize the Lucky Spin, redeem codes whenever available, watch ads regularly, complete achievements, and join an active guild. By engaging in these activities, you can accumulate diamonds efficiently without spending real money.

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