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Goddess Of Victory Nikke codes (February 2024)

In the game “Goddess of Victory: Nikke codes,” you will take command of a group of powerful heroes known as Nikke, who are dedicated to defending Earth against an invasion of alien robots. This mobile shooting game requires you to assemble a team of heroes equipped with various weapons as you campaign to uncover the story behind Earth’s defense.

To assist you in your mission, some codes can be entered to receive valuable rewards. These codes can grant you Gems, Recruit Vouchers, and other bonuses, allowing you to progress through the game more efficiently. You can boost your campaign and strengthen your Nikke squad by redeeming these code bonuses.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke codes
Goddess Of Victory Nikke codes

List of all Goddess of Victory: Nikke codes

Goddess of Victory: Nikke codes (Working)

  • BRINGOUTTHEBIGBALLOONS—Rewards: 100 Gems (New)
  • NIKKELANGSAKALAM — Rewards: 100 Gems (New)
  • NIKKE1STYEAR — Rewards: 100 Gems (New)
  • NIKKE1YEAR — Reward: 10 Normal Vouchers, Skill Manual Box x5 ,Ultra Boost Modules x10, and Growth 1h Box x6 (New)
  • 1STANNIVSHOW — Reward: Gem 300, Growth Set (12H) 1, Ultra Boost Module 50, and Darling for a Day 5
  • 1STANNIVERSARYWITHU — Reward: 10 Normal Vouchers
  • 1STANNIVSHOW — Reward: 300 Gems, a 12H Growth Set, 50 Ultra Boost Modules, and 5 Darling For A Days
  • 1ARV7NEVP — Reward: 200 Gems
  • 1ARUY2AA2 — Reward: 300 Gems
  • NK09CUPIDTH10 — Reward: 100 Gems
  • LOCKNROLL — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NIKKEKRGOOGLEPLAY0901 — Reward: 1 Normal Ticket
  • 1AH20L5N5 — Reward: 100 Gems
  • 1AH06MMWD — Reward: 200 Gems
  • VICTORYT0MANK1NDMYSG — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NXNTHAILAND91 — Reward: 100 Gems
  • BORN2BNIKKE — Reward: 100 Gems
  • 1AH1D60GN — Reward: 200 Gems
  • NIKKECOMICMARKET102 — Reward: 300 Gems
  • WABBITLAVEET — Rewards: 100 Gems
  • NKSAY05NOIR23TH — Rewards: 100 Gems
  • 1f4a41gld773 — Rewards: 200 Gems
  • F4R14A4FV211 — Rewards: 100 Gems
  • HY6MNIKKE23TH — Rewards: 100 Gems
  • HAPPY6MONTHS — Rewards: 300 Gems, 1 Battle Data Set, 1 Core Dust, 1 Credit, 5 Ultra Boost, 1 Recruit Voucher, and 1 Small Manual Box
  • Nikke180daysFreeGifts — Reward: 4h Credit Box
  • nikkehalfanniv — Reward: 100 Gems
  • LoveUCommander2024 — Reward: 1 Recruitment Card
  • NIKKESAKURA — Reward: 150 Gems
  • SAKURA04TH23NK — Reward: 100 Gems
  • PINK PETALS — Reward: 100 Gems
  • TEACHMEHOWTOD0GGIE — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NK02V14DG — Reward: 100 Gems
  • Cocoalayankobuhaymo — Reward: 100 Gems
  • gawkgawk3000 — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NIKKEMODERNIA — Reward: 100 Gems
  • nikke777 — Reward: 100 gems
  • NIKKE — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKE47CAMPAIGN — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKEGIFT — Reward: Free Rewards
  • BEMYCOMMANDER — Reward: a Recruit Voucher
  • NIKEENEWYEAR — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NIKKEKRHAPPYHOLIDAY2024 — Reward: 300 Gems
  • NIKKEKR — Reward: 300 Gems
  • Nikke2024 — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NIKKEXMAS — Reward: 100 Gems
  • HA17X5DU — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NIKKEGame8Vtuber — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NIKKEFORYOU — Reward: 2H Credit Box
  • NIKKE — Reward: 100 Gems
  • NIKKE1104 — Reward: 2H Credit Box
  • NIKKE47CAMPAIGN — Reward: 150 Gems
  • BEMYCOMMANDER — Reward: a Recruit Voucher
  • NIKKENO1 — Reward: 100 Gems

Goddess of Victory: Nikke codes (Expired)

These codes no longer work in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

  • 1AWM2F1J4 — Reward: Free Rewards
  • 1AWL08GVN — Reward: Free Rewards
  • MYNIKKE — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKELUV — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKE04CONGRAT — Reward: Free Rewards
  • CONGRATNIKKE04 — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKECONGRAT04 — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKENO1 — Reward: Free Rewards
  • CRNIKKE Reward — Reward: a Recruit Voucher
  • IGOTNIKKE — Reward: 3 Recruit Vouchers
  • 1104NIKKETH — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKEGIFT — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKECONGRAT11 — Reward: Free Rewards
  • NIKKE11CONGRAT — Reward: Free Rewards
  • CONGRATNIKKE11 — Reward: Free Rewards
  • CRNIKKE Reward — Reward: a Recruit Voucher

Redeeming Goddess of Victory: Nikke Codes

To save codes in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, do the following steps:

Goddess of Victory Nikke codes
Goddess of Victory Nikke codes
  1. Launch Goddess of Victory: Nikke on your device.
  2. If you haven’t already, complete the tutorial, then press the Notice button at the top right of the Lobby.
  3. Find Event Notice, scroll down, and then press on the CD-KEY Redemption Portal box.
  4. Enter the code into the CDK text box.
  5. Press the Redeem Now button to claim your free rewards.
  6. The rewards are sent to your Mailbox, which is found on the top right side of the screen, where you can claim them.

How can I obtain more codes for the Goddess of Victory, Nikke?

The best way to get new Goddess of Victory: Nikke codes is to check back to this article. Otherwise, your best bet is to follow the game’s social media pages, such as its Twitter pageFacebook page, and official Discord server.

Why are my codes or Goddess of Victory: Nikke not working?

There could be several reasons your codes are not working in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. It is possible that some of the principles have expired and can no longer be used. Additionally, please remember that specific regulations may only allow codes to be redeemed once, so you may have already used that particular code. It is also worth checking for any spelling errors, extra spaces, or additional characters when entering the codes. Copy the codes exactly as they are listed, including matching letter capitalization.

What is the Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Nikke is a mobile shooter game that offers a third-person perspective. In this game, players can collect a variety of Nikke heroes, each with a unique appearance, weapons, and abilities. There are three main classes of Nikke heroes, allowing players to customize their squads according to their preferred playstyle. The game features an engaging story campaign where players can battle waves of enemies and level up their characters.

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