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Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire (April 2024)

Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, so it is often readily available to mobile gamers. Free Diamond is used in Free Fire to buy Fire Pass and increase your ranking, so everyone is free. He wants to get free diamonds in Fire.

The free Fire game has been downloaded by more than 500 million people from the google play store to guess the popularity. It is a 10-minute cervical shooter game where you have to play with 49 other players.

That’s why getting Free Diamond in Free Fire is not easy. That is why some people quickly buy Diamond in Free Fire by paying money, but for those who cannot buy Diamond in Free Fire, how can they get Free Diamond in Free Fire? Let’s know. Huh.

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire (April 2024)

What are Diamonds in a Free Fire?

Free Fire is a game that is the most popular game played on mobile in India, and its popularity has increased rapidly after being after the PUBG game, due to which the number of people playing this game has risen quickly.

Although you can easily download and play the Free Fire game, if you want to upgrade your player, you need a Diamond for that, with the help of which you can play Fire Pass, Costume, Skin, Outfits, and Guns in Free Fire. And you can buy things like weapons etc., and improve your player.

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Due to the increasing craze of free fire games, everyone wants to upgrade their free fire player to play better, but this free Fire requires a diamond you have to spend money to buy.

But there are also many such methods, with the help of which you can get Free Diamond in Free Fire, so we will tell you about many ways to get Free Diamond in Free Fire, so read the article till the end.

How to Get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire?

As we told you, there are two ways to get Diamonds in Free Fire. The first way yo, you have to pay money to buy Free Fire Diamonds, and you can easily buy as many Diamonds as you want where you will get 100 in ₹ 80, ₹ 310 in 250, 520 in ₹400, 1060 in ₹800, 2180 in ₹1600 and 5600 in ₹4000.

Free Fire Redeem Code Generator Today
Free Fire Redeem Code Generator Today

To buy diamonds, you have to open the game, and diamonds will appear in front of you in the game; as you can see from the screen shown above, you can easily buy diamonds by clicking on the number of diamonds you want for as many rupees.

Top 3 ways to get Free Fire diamonds for Free 2024

The easiest way to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire is to cross more than 30 levels in Free Fire, after which you start getting Diamonds; so if you are less than 30, you don’t get any Diamonds, but it’s See you later.

To get free diamonds in free Fire, you have to play in a great and best way, which gives you chances to get more and more diamonds. Due to the popularity of free fire games, there are many such apps in the mark and ich. You can also get Free Diamond in Free Fire.

#1 – Google Opinion Reward

You have to answer some survey questions given by Google and complete them. You get some money from Google Opinion Rewards for completing your task.

You can easily withdraw this money and buy diamonds in Free Fire ID; this app is available in Google Play Store, which you can easily download by clicking on the button below.

#2 – Rozdhan App

It is an app that, if you open it every day, you get some coins converted into money afternoon every night. You can easily withdraw this money and get a free Fire id. Where can you buy diamonds?

In Rozdhan App are given various types of taxes. By completing reading the news, watching videos and playing games, etc., you can get money in the form of coins, and with that money, you can buy Free Diamonds in your Free Fire through this app. Click on the button below to download.

#3 – App Download

Like these two apps, there are many such apps in the Google Play Store using which you can earn money from your smartphone, so we are providing you with a list of all the apps you can download and install and make money.

And by sending that money to your bank or Paytm, you can easily buy Free Diamond in Free Fire with its help, so if you do not have money and want to buy Free Diamond in Free Fire, you can use the app given below. Can.

  • Paybox
  • Task Bucks
  • Rozdhan
  • Google Opinion Reward
  • MPL
  • PhonePe
  • Dream 11
  • Nostradamus Pro
  • Cash Buddy
  • Pocket Money
  • Cash Boss
  • True Balance
  • Google Pay
  • Cash Karo
  • Loco
  • Amazon Pay
  • Paytm First Games

So friends, those who play Free Fire Game and want to upgrade their player, which requires diamonds, but due to lack of money, they cannot upgrade them, so if you’re going to get free diamonds, you can tell us. You can use the app and earn money to buy as many diamonds as you want for Free Fire ID.

As we told you, ever since the PUBG Mobile game was banned in India, the popularity of the Free Fire game has increased rapidly, so Free Fire Mobile Lite version has also been launched by Free Fire, which normal smartphone users use. It can also be used efficiently.

So, friends, we hope you have liked this article of ours, and it must have helped you a lot, which would have been beneficial for you; so if you like this article, share it with all your friends who play Free Fire Games. Do share with us so they can also benefit from this information.

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