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How to Earn Money on YouTube: Effective Strategies

Making a few hundred or a few thousand dollars is not a big deal but making millions is, of course, a big thing. But it’s not impossible. You spent hours of your day surfing the net and watching videos on YouTube. Do you know that you can earn money from youtube which you like the most this is YouTube? You just have to think a little and convert your thinking into a video.

Almost one-third of the population is indulged in earning money through video making and uploading it on their respective YouTube channels. Do you know that every day around 5 billion videos is watched on YouTube? Starting from a 4-year teen to a 60-year adult, YouTube is used by everyone irrespective of their age.

YouTube is the second most visited site in the world, though first is of course Google. Every minute around 400 to 500 videos are uploaded on this most loved site. So, now you can imagine how big the video platform is YouTube. A platform such big offers hundreds of opportunities to earn money online without any investment.

Making videos is an interesting job, nobody finds it boring. Well, I can’t say anything about everybody but at least I don’t find it boring. All those YouTubers who are earning millions now must have started from just one or two views, but now they are getting views in millions and they are being paid for this. Anybody can make a video. You just need a decent camera your android phone’s camera is enough and video editing software.

In this article, I am going to tell you four basic steps that will help you earn money from YouTube by making videos.

  • Create your YouTube Channel
  • Decide a Niche or your area of interest for your Channel
  • Think of a strategy to popularise your video content or gain an audience
  • Monetize your videos

1) Create your YouTube Channel

How to Earn Money on YouTube

The best thing about YouTube is that it’s a zero-investment method to earn money, you don’t have to purchase a domain nor do you have to buy any hosting plan. Simply create a channel and start uploading your videos.

How to create a YouTube channel?

  • To create a YouTube channel, you need to have a Gmail account first.
  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Visit YouTube. On the top left of the home page, you will find a drop-down menu adjacent to the YouTube logo. Click on it.
  • Click on My Channels option from that menu. A window with a menu “Set up your channel on YouTube” will appear.
  • Fill in all the required details to create your YouTube Channel.

After creating a YouTube Channel of your name. The next important step is to decide a niche.

2) Decide a Niche or your Area of Interest for your Channel

Don’t create a channel with a random niche. People hardly subscribe to such channels that post random videos. People subscribe to channels that offer specific content of their choice. You can choose any niche that you are good at. you can select a niche on the basis of your hobbies, passion, or area of interest.

For Example:-

  • Dancing:–

Dancing is an art. An art in which very fewer people are perfect, the rest are freestyle dancers. I am also a freestyle dancer, though even I also want to be a good dancer. Just like me, there are hundreds of people who want to learn dance but because of their busy schedules, they don’t get time to join any dance academy. Such people prefer to learn to dance from YouTube. if you are good at dancing you can start up a YouTube channel and upload dance tutorials.

  • Singing:–

People love singing songs. If you are good at singing and there’s a hidden singer inside you. Why not give it a try? Let the world know your talent. Create a YouTube channel for singing.

  • Teaching:–

Do you know how many students face problems in their studies, let it be a college student or a school student? Many times it happens that due to some reasons you miss your classes and as a result, we face a problem in that particular topic. Now, what to do. You don’t always go to your teacher about your problems. In that case, in your search for that particular topic on YouTube you get a tutorial of your need. If you are good at teaching a particular subject may it be mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, etc? You can help students by uploading such teaching videos.

  • Cooking:–

Our ancestors say that the way to reach someone’s heart goes from his stomach. Everybody loves food, who doesn’t? cookery shows are an area of interest for various housewives and foodies. If you are good at cooking and know how to experiment with various spices, YouTube is the correct place for your dishes. Upload your cooking videos and keep giving tips to your viewers.

  • Comedy Videos:–

laughter is the best medicine. If you have got a good sense of humor and your jokes are appreciated by your friends. enter the world of making funny videos. Just like a college student Bhuvan Bam did. Of course, you all have heard about him. His videos are totally amazing and today his YouTube channel “BB ki Vines” has around 11 million subscribers.

Apart from these, you can go for historical videos, travel videos, beauty videos, fashion videos, and the most like ‘Do it Yourself’ videos. It’s purely of your choice.

Videos can be of any type and they have no restrictions until, they deal with unnecessary content like pornography, by adding such unnecessary content you will violate the constraints of YouTube and your channel might be blocked.

3) Think of a Strategy to Popularise your Video Content or gain an Audience

You will never be able to make money from YouTube until your channel gets a large number of audiences. To popularise your video or make your video viral it needs to have quality content. Keep your video short in the beginning, don’t make too long videos. Upload new content daily.

There might be a chance that you earn from your very first video, maybe your video goes viral, but if not then be patient.

Your videos shouldn’t be on the same concept again and again. Try to come up with new strategies. Always learn from your last video. Before uploading the video watch it twice or thrice or more than that, watch it as a viewer, not as the maker. This way you will be able to see your mistakes.

You can use video editing software or techniques for improvising the quality of the video. To achieve success, you have to work very hard, you have to be regular with your channel. Upload new videos daily. Then only you will be able to gather an audience.

When viewers like your videos and enjoy its content, they like to share it with their family and friends. This way you gain more viewers. Everything depends on how good videos you make.

If your video is on some serious topic, do some research before uploading it. Your video should not contain any unnecessary content that will hurt the sentiments of your audience.

Once you started getting likes, subscribers, and views on your channel, go and apply for monetization. It means you are allowing YouTube to put ads in your videos and you will be paid for these ads.

4. Monetize Your Videos

Once you started getting likes, subscribers, and views on your channel, go and apply for monetization. It means you are allowing YouTube to put ads in your videos and you will be paid for these ads.

Click on the “Video Manager” option in the “My Channels” option. Clicking it will enable monetization in your videos. YouTube pays you $1-$4 USD per one thousand views. Don’t worry it’s not the only way of earning money from YouTube. There are many other methods through which you can monetize your videos.

  • Affiliate Marketing:–

The only source of promotion of all those companies is not just their website, they look for marketers that have their own website or blog, youtube, and social networking site users that have subscribers and followers. Affiliate marketers gather traffic on their websites, blogs, YouTube channel, or social networking site. And then they make contact with various companies that offer Affiliate marketing programs like AmazonFlipkart, eBay, Bluehost. For example, Signup with an Amazon associate. After you log in to your associate account, you will get a link for promoting the products on your YouTube channel, you can place this link in your video description and if any visitor visits this affiliate link and goes to the site from that link and buys something, you will be paid approximately 4% to 12% of that amount. Affiliate marketing works on the principle of pay-per-click.

  • AdSense:–

That five-second ad that makes you lose your patience and press the “skip ad” option can get you money. Another way to earn money from YouTube is by registering on Google AdSense. Once you provide proof of your subscribers and viewers to AdSense and sign up with it, Google will keep sending advertisements on your videos. And if any visitor clicks on the ads present in your videos google pays you for this. You get around 50% of the ad revenue.

  • Direct Promotion of Products:–

Various companies collaborate with your YouTube channel pay you from time to time for promoting their product or giving a brief description of the product in your video. You can negotiate the amount you get in return for this direct promotion depending on your fan base.

  • Asking for Donations or Crowdsourcing:–

If you’re popular so you can appeal to the audience and ask for a favor from them to donate your money for your expenses. You won’t believe that people even donate a huge amount of money to some YouTube Channels.

If you already know to earn money from YouTube and you think that I missed something, do comment

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Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful. allow us to know within the comments below if you face any issues.😊

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