How to Download Private Instagram Videos, Reels, Photos [2022]

Do you also want to know How to Download Private Instagram Videos, Reels, Photos? Today, we will tell you how you can download Reel Video of any Instagram Private Account.

In today’s time, everyone is running Instagram. Everyone has an account on Instagram. And many new people are also now creating their accounts on Instagram and sharing their photos and videos there.

When we are running Instagram, we like a photo, video, or reel. And we want to download them. But many times, we cannot download due to having a private account, so what to do in such a situation.

So with what we are going to tell you today, you can download photos, Video or Reels videos of any private account very quickly.

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Today, we will talk about downloading all the things. You will need a laptop or computer. Only then can you download any video or photo from your Instagram Private Account.

So let us tell you further how you can download videos, photos, or reel videos of any private Instagram account. Let’s know.

Millions of videos and photos are uploaded to Instagram every day, and sometimes you may end up seeing the same video on multiple accounts. But in this case, if the account you are following is private, then downloading anything from it is not so easy. So today we are going to tell you about the easiest way.

Download Private Instagram Videos

How to Download Private Instagram Videos

To download the post of private account, read all the steps given below carefully.

1. First of all, open an Instagram Photo, Video, or Reel you want to download. And then copy the link to that post, as you can see in the below screenshot.

instagram private downloader
Download Private Instagram Videos

2. Now, you have to go to the website. After going to the website, you have to paste the copied link in the first box, where it will be written Login to Instagram account by PC and copy/paste private post URL. You can see this in the below screenshot.

instagram private downloader
Download Private Instagram Videos

3. After entering the link, now in the second box where it will be written, Copy the text below and open it in your new browser tab, you will see a link there, and there will be a copy button below it, click on it and click on the link. copy. As shown in the above screenshot.

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4. Now, you have to open the new one in your browser and paste the copied link in the URL. After which, you will see some code, as shown in the screenshot below. After that, you have to copy the complete code. Copy the code.

instagram private downloader
Download Private Instagram Videos

5. After this, you have to go to the website again, and then in the last box where it is written, copy the source code into your browser and paste it into the box and paste the copied link there. . As you can see, in the below screenshot. After entering the code, click on the Download button.

instagram private downloader
Download Private Instagram Videos

6. After clicking on the download button, you will see the option to download the video below, as shown in the screenshot below. You then have to click on the Download button, after which your video will be downloaded.

instagram private downloader
Download Private Instagram Videos

Although the video can be downloaded in many other ways on the computer, today, we can download the posts of any private account.

Whenever you post a photo, video, live video on Instagram, that post is visible to your followers. If you want, you can hide that post from your followers. For this, you have to make your Instagram account private. And after this, if you want to download photos or videos of any personal account, you can download them in the above way.

From whichever Instagram account you have to download any photo or video. So you can do that. Just keep in mind that do not misuse any video or picture. Otherwise, you may have a lot of trouble ahead with this. It is illegal to misuse someone’s photo or video. And for this, you can also get punishment. So whatever you do, do it carefully.

Some Questions and Answers Related to an Instagram Private Account.

Q1. Can Videos from Instagram’s Private Account be Downloaded?

Ans. Yes, Instagram private account videos can be downloaded.

Q2. Can you download photos of your account?

Ans. Yes, you can download images of private interpretation.


So, friends today, How to Download Private Instagram Videos. Today we gave you information about downloading pictures and videos of a private account. We hope that if you do not understand anything in the information provided today, or if you have to ask anything from us, you have given below. You can ask in the given comment box.

Today we told you How to Download Private Instagram Videos or Photos from any private Instagram account, and you must have got to know a lot from it today.

And friends, if you liked this article, and you got to learn something good from it today, then definitely share this with your friends too. Thank you for reading this article.

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