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What is Bounce Rate? What is the way to reduce it?

What is Bounce Rate to any blog or website owner? And what is the way to reduce the Bounce Rate of your Blog? Must know. You must have seen Bounce Rate written on Google Analytics or Alexa.

New bloggers get a little confused after hearing the name of Bounce Rate. But don’t take tension. Because after reading this article, you will be well acquainted with the name of Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate is a significant factor in terms of SEO. Because the Bounce Rate directly affects the Traffic, Ranking, and Earning of your Blog or website. That is why it is essential to take care of your site’s bounce rate.

Suppose you want to increase the search performance of your Blog. So you have to reduce the bounce rate of your Blog. The site’s Bounce Rate can be reduced by just keeping some essential things in mind.

Let’s try to understand in straightforward language what Bounce Rate is? What is the bounce rate? What should be the bounce rate? How to reduce the Bounce Rate of your website?

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What is Bounce Rate?

The bounce Rate is pronounced by mixing these two words. When a visitor visits a blog page and only visits that page, he goes back. So it is called Bounce. The meaning of the same Rate is – Percentage. That is, the Percentage of Visitors is called Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of those visitors—those who come to your Blog. But you see only one page of your Blog at a time and then go somewhere else.

Suppose you landed on one of the pages of my website, and after landing, you went out only after reading that page. So in this situation, the Bounce Rate of my Blog will increase.

The goal of any blogger should be to reduce the bounce rate of their Blog. Let us know about the ways to reduce the bounce rate. But before that, why does the bounce rate of the blog increase. You must know this.

What are the reasons for increasing the bounce rate?

The Bounce Rate of the site increases due to some mistakes of Blogger. You need to pay attention to those mistakes. Following are the reasons for increasing the bounce rate.

  1. Publishing Poor Quality Contents on Blog.
  2. The design or navigation of your blog or website is useless.
  3. The loading time of the website is high.
  4. Not using internal links in the website correctly.
  5. Using keywords in the wrong way to get traffic.
  6. The user does not like the content quality of your site.
  7. The heading in the post is not used correctly.
  8. Publishing fewer posts on the Blog or website.

What effect does Bounce Rate have on the website?

Just understand that bounce rates have a terrible effect on your site. Because having a high Bounce Rate has a simple meaning. Visitors are not staying on your site for long. That is, users are leaving your Blog early and leaving.

Due to leaving the Blog early, Google or other search engines feel that your site’s content is harmful. Due to which visitors are not stopping on your site.

Due to visitors leaving after reading the same post of your site, your site’s reputation is reduced in search engines’ eyes, which affects your site’s ranking.

So try to make your site’s bounce rate as low as possible. How to reduce bounce rate? Let us know in detail.

How to reduce Bounce Rate?

Now you have understood that what is the bounce rate? Let us know by adopting which methods you can reduce your site’s bounce rate.

  • Publish Quality and Valuable Content

Suppose you publish Quality and Valuable Content on your site. So this increases the reputation of your Blog. Because it is said that content is the king, that’s why you should also publish more than one good content on your site.

Think for yourself; you went to some site to get some information. But on that site, you will get Low-Quality Content and the information you want to get. You got the wrong information related to it. So would you like to visit that site again, or would you like to read any other post on that site? No no.

Suppose the user gets Quality and Valuable Content on your site. Then they will definitely like your site. The right content for any user is the same, which fulfills the user’s need and provides correct information.

Write your content point to point in simple language and try to keep the size of that post at least between 700 to 1500 words. Quality and Valuable Content help rank your site and reduce the site’s bounce rate. Yes, it will take some time. But you will get success.

  • Focus on Internal Linking

Internal linking is a great way to reduce the site’s bounce rate. The Blog’s Bounce Rate can be reduced by doing InternalLinking in your post correctly.

Internal Linking means adding a link to another post of your Blog in a blog post. Suppose you do internal linking in the middle of the seat correctly. So gradually, the Bounce Rate of your Blog will decrease.

Suppose you will not do internal linking in the article. So the visitors will go somewhere else after reading only that page of your Blog.

While doing internal linking, you must keep one particular thing in mind. That is when you are doing internal linking in a single post. So try to add a link to your blog’s other centers related to that post.

It will be beneficial if the visitor reads something related to the same topic. Then they will click on your link. It depends on how well you do Internal Linking on your site. Just understand that this is a ram floodway to reduce the bounce rate.

  • Open the Internal Link Post on another page.

When you do internal linking in a post, take care that that second post should open on a new page after clicking on the internal link.

The advantage of this is that the post the user is reading. It will remain open in one tab, and another post will be available in another account. By doing this, the bounce rate of the site is reduced.

  • Pay Attention to Page Load Time

The site’s loading time is also one of the main reasons for increasing the bounce rate. Actually, due to the high page load time of the site, visitors do not even reach your Blog. Let us tell you that it is essential for the website to be fast in terms of SEO.

Google sees the page speed of your blog or website in the following way-

  • Less than 1 second – Perfect
  • 1 sec to 3 sec – Above Average
  • 3 sec to 7 sec – Average
  • More than 7 – Very poor

To please your readers, you have to bring your site to the Perfector Above Average category.

  • Keep the Look and Design of the Site Responsive

You should keep the look and design of your Blog very simple so that the visitor can easily get attracted to your Blog. Think for yourself and see who will not like to Attract Look. Therefore, make the look of the site simple and readers friendly.

Due to the simple look and responsive site, visitors will also enjoy reading the content of your website. Your users will be able to quickly go to any post or category published on your site. This decreases the bounce rate of your site.

Choosing the right font, text size, and color combination for your site is very important. You have to understand by yourself which your visitors will like color or font. Suppose you will keep the text size much more minor. So the visitor will have a problem reading your content.

  • Mobile-Friendly Blog makes up.

Today the number of mobile users is more than desktop users. Due to which it becomes essential to make your blog mobile-friendly. That’s why you must also make your Blog Mobile Friendly so that the bounce rate of your Blog starts decreasing.

More than 70% of the visitors are mobile users if seen today. In such a situation, if your Blog will be Mobile Friendly. So your visitors will also like your Blog. That’s why you must also use Mobile Friendly Template on your Blog.

  • Heading Attractive and Visitors Friendly make up.

The blog post needs to be Heading Attractive and Visitor Friendly to reduce the bounce rate. Due to the Attractive Heading, visitors will read your blog post.

But along with Attractive Heading, it is essential to make the blog post-Visitors Friendly. To say Visitors Friendly means that the heading of your blog post. Only information related to that has been given in that post.

Think for yourself; you clicked after reading the heading. But you are getting to read something else in the post. So in such a situation, you will get angry. Some bloggers use clickbait headings to get views, which is not a good thing.

The heading you keep for your blog post. Write about the same topic inside the center as well. This increases the trust of visitors to your Blog. After reading a post, visitors ask if they would like any heading of the post. So he must read that post also.

What should be the Bounce Rate of the site?

If we talk about how much Bounce Rate is considered good. So let me tell you that there is no fixed rule for this because different bounce rate percentages are deemed suitable for other websites.

The Bounce Rate figures of different websites are as follows:

  • For Blogs – 50-70%
  • Sites Providing Services – 10-30%
  • Lead Generate Sites – 30-50%
  • Retail Sites – 20-40%
  • Landing Pages – 50-70%
  • Content Websites – 40-60%

If you are the owner of which Blog, then try that the bounce rate of your Blog should be between 40 to 70%. But you must also know about the exit rate because bounce rate and exit rate are related to each other.

What are exit rates?

When a user comes to any page of your Blog, he immediately goes to another post or home page of your Blog. So it is called exit rate.

When a user visits more than one web page of your site, read more than one article and leave the site after some time. So it is called Exit from the site. The percentage of users who read more than one web page or article is called exit rate.

What is the difference between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate?

If 100 users come to your Blog, 50 of them go back from your Blog. So it will be called the 50% Bounce Rate of the Blog. But out of those 50 users, 25 users should go to your Blog’s home page or any other article. So it is called exit rate.

Exit rate does not have any harmful effect on our Blog. Because of the exit rate, users go to another blog page. But in Bounce Rate, users exit from our Blog itself. Due to which it affects our Blog.

I hope now you understand what it is. Bounce Rate? What is the way to reduce the Bounce Rate? Understand this much; Bounce rates are significant in the world of blogging. So you must pay attention to this matter.

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