My Response Is On My Own Website: High Quality Backlinks Strategy

My answer is on my own website. It is an amazing strategy to get Dofollow High Quality Backlinks. Most bloggers use it for their event blogs. Next, I will reveal the secrets. What is due and should not be done when making links through my answer is on my own website.

Stay tuned! I will share a great “list of my answer on my own website”, from where you can easily get a Dofollowlink {Yes, I am talking about the Dofollowlink:-}

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High Quality Backlinks

What Is ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’?

Basically, “My answer is on my own website” is a group of websites. These groups of websites allow users and bloggers to create a Dofollow backlink from these websites. You can create backlinks by providing comments on comments and blog posts.

My answer is on my own website, it is a faster way to get High Quality dofollow backlinks for your own website or for a custom website without wasting time. This is the shortest work period.

When you start an event blogging. You need some faster backlinks to boost your blog even earlier than it has been directed. And these backlinks work quickly and are also indexed very soon. Most bloggers used this way to make backlinks for their blogs.

Everyone knows that backlinking is the most important thing in SEO. It’s called SEO off the page. This is very important for the ranking of any blog. I recommend that you ensure that the backlink you are creating is of high quality and unique domain. Then your blog is more likely to rank above other blogs that have fewer backlinks.

Why ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’ Is Effective?

High Quality Backlinks

As I said in the last paragraphs, “my answer is on my own website” is very useful, beneficial, and more direct:

  • It provides quality backlinks to your site in a short period of time.
  • These sites/blogs give the backlink index very fast in search engines compared to normal backlinks.
  • Bring a large amount of referral traffic to your site.
  • These backlinks come from Hi Da Pa sites, which will increase the domain of your site and the authority of the page,
  • You even get the nofollow backlink, but it has more benefits than a normal dofollow backlink.

Steps to Get Backlink from My Response Is On My Own Website

To make this article readable and easy to understand, I had to use simple sentences and I have also used HD photographs. Let’s start:

Step 1: Search on Google

Simply open Google.Com (avoid using a specific location for a search like a or, etc.).

And search “My answer is on my own website”, then you will get a lot of the article in the search.

But if you want to point to a specific niche, then I recommend you go with a particular keyword search like

Particular Keyword
“My answer is in the technology of my own website”
“My answer is on my own education website”
“My answer is on my own travel website”
“My answer is on my own digital marketing website”
“My answer is on my own SEO website”
“My answer is on my own plywood website”
“My answer is on my own Edu website”
“My answer is in the news of my own website”

I already told you that you can change according to your required category!

Step 2: Search for high DA, PA sites

If you are very interested in collecting information about different sites, use the two useful Chrome extensions, which will help you get in touch with each report of a place like DA, PA spam score, etc.

The minimum statistics for a site should be:

  • Domain Authority(DA):30+ [Min: 15]
  • Page authority(PA):20+ [Min: 10]
  • Worldwide rank: 3,00,000
  • Region Rank: 80,000
  • Backlinks: 20,000

Make sure that the website you are selecting for your category matches these statistics or is higher than the statistics listed above.

Step 3: Less Spammy Backlinks

Make sure that, when creating a backlink from a site, be sure to check once on the website’s spam score (you can verify this with the help of the Moz extension), the spam score should be Zero or one%.

As a result, if you create a backlink from sites with a high spam score, this can lead to an increase in the spam score of your own site due to the interconnection of spam backlinks.

Step 4: Complete the Requirements and Submit Your Backlink

Then, before sending a backlink to “My answer is on my own website“, you should prepare some things like title, URL, author’s name, expert, etc.

  • Title of the Article
  • URL of the article
  • Excerpt of Article
  • Name of the Main Site
  • URL of Main Site
  • Author Name

In my case, I have given a different screenshot. Just for example: how the filling form looks accurately for sending backlinks.

Make sure; The complete information must be correct. Otherwise, if you enter the wrong information, that will lead to a broken backlink in the future.

High Quality Backlinks Site List

I search a lot and I also create backlinks through these websites. I tried my best to provide you with a High Quality Backlinks list of My answer is my own website.

I hope you probably like it and it will be very useful to create quality backlinks through My answer is my own website.

If you have a problem in any field or anything, you can contact me by commenting below or by contacting us. I will do my best to help you. You can share it with your lovely friends. Also, provide your valuable comments in the comment box. That will thank me very much for getting more things like that.


There are several ways by which you can create backward links. For that, you need to find a website that has high PA and DA. Once you get these websites, add content in the same structured way as explained above. You can use some extensions like Alexa and MOZ bars.

These extensions help you differentiate between websites that have high PA and DA as well as sites with spam. Once admins shed light on your content, you will definitely get a tracking backlink. All these steps will ultimately increase traffic to your website. I hope that this article will help you to increase “my answer on my website”.

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