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Top 4K HD Wallpapers App For Android (May 2024)

Are you looking for a Trend – Wallpapers and Backgrounds app (HD, Full HD, 4K, Live Wallpaper, Ultra HD Wallpaper App)? Then you are in the right place 😜.

Trend – Wallpaper and Backgrounds app provides you with the best high–quality 4K wallpapers suited to the smartphone with the display. We always try to offer you the best quality 4k wallpaper. We promise you will never regret installing the Trend – Wallpaper and Backgrounds app.

All cool wallpaper suitable for your screen size will be displayed for you. All images are of high quality and with different resolutions.

Frequent updates keep your screen looking great with the 4K HD wallpaper you have ever seen.

4K Wallpapers & Backgrounds – Live Wallpaper 2024

Auto Wallpaper Changer is a free app with a large variety of 4K (UHD | Ultra HD) and Full HD (High Definition) wallpaper | and backgrounds.

We add new Unique and Top Quality 4K wallpaper | Full HD wallpapers daily! This app is an excellent tool for 4K Backgrounds | Full HD Backgrounds, and it is a Wallpaper Store for users to experience the best-handpicked backgrounds and creative wallpaper. The app is designed for Android phones & tablets, so the app works on any screen size or screen resolution. Note: Live Wallpaper is an inbuilt Android system service that is used for changing Backgrounds Automatically.

😍Features of the app:

Our simple & user–friendly interface offers the following features.

📌 Recent Wallpaper:
– This is where you see the latest updated wallpaper.

📌 Trending Wallpaper:
– Popular wallpapers are sorted based on user downloads.

📌 Featured Wallpaper:
– Best Wallpaper handpicked by our designer’s team.

📌 Random Wallpaper:
– Wallpaper is randomly shown from the whole Collection with hourly updates.

📌 Live Wallpaper:
– Imagine having cool gif/video effects as background on your home screen.

📌 Exclusive Wallpaper:
– Cool, personalized moving Wallpaper with a Panorama effect. It moves as your mobile moves.

📌 Double Wallpaper:
– Decorate your home screen & lock screen with a different wallpaper simultaneously.

📌 Wallpaper Changer:
– This feature changes Mobile Desktop Background Automatically. Users can choose time frequency also.

📌 Search Wallpaper:
– A searching system will help you select 4k HD wallpapers you want to set up as your mobile/tablet/pc screen.

📌 Categories:
– We provide a large number of wallpaper across 30+ categories.
Abstract Wallpaper, Amoled Wallpaper, Animal Wallpaper HD, Dark & Horror Wallpaper, Anime Wallpaper, Artistic Wallpaper, Cars & Vehicles Wallpaper, Cartoon & Funny Wallpaper, City & Building Wallpaper, Flowers Wallpaper, Food Wallpaper, Pattern Wallpaper, Sayings & Typography Wallpaper, Space Wallpaper, Sport Wallpaper, Superheroes Wallpaper, Technology Wallpaper, Texture Wallpaper, Gradient Wallpaper, Game Wallpaper, Girls Wallpaper, Love & hearts Wallpaper, Material Wallpaper, Minimal Wallpaper, Music Wallpaper, Movie Wallpaper, Nature Wallpaper and many more.

📌 Collection:
– This unique app offers over 15000+ wallpaper.

📌 Download & Set
– You can set Wallpaper with just one click—no need to hesitate to open a gallery and find images.

📌 Share:
– You can also share Wallpaper on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

📌Universal wallpapers options
– We create images for any Android device, including phones with big screens: 720×1280 (HD, 720p), 1080×1920 (Full HD, 1080p), 1440×2960 (QHD) and 2160×3840 (Ultra HD, 4K).

– The Trend app automatically detects your smartphone’s resolution and selects the appropriate images for your screen. No stretched or compressed pictures on your phone – only quality wallpapers.

📌New wallpapers every day:
– Our Collection consists of more than 100,000 cool wallpapers, and the wallspic.com team adds hundreds of new pictures every day: casual and professional shots, quality backgrounds, scene shots, 4k wallpapers, and more.

📌Built-in wallpapers editor:
– All images are manually cropped so that wallpaper will fit your screen perfectly.
Download the wallpaper in its original size and edit any image to your liking: crop, apply a filter, change contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. All this with Trend’s simple built-in tools.

📌Optimized wallpapers search:
– Aspic shows only the backgrounds and pictures you’re looking for and nothing unnecessary. Swipe up your favourite wallpaper to see similar images and find even more cool wallpaper.
Install the Trend app and get free access to a vast library of original wallpapers.

📌Simple interface:
– The Trend app is focused only on wallpaper. We created an interface that is easy to use and, at the same time, gives you the maximum desired outcome. Download high-quality pictures and wallpaper on your smartphone with only one touch.COLLAPSE

📌Permissions Notice:
Photos/Media/Files: We needed to allow you to use custom photos as Wallpaper.
Storage: This authority is required to enable backgrounds to be saved in the storage of the user’s device.

We are thankful for your support and always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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