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Best file sharing apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

If you are also searching for the best File Sharing Apps, with the help of which you can share the biggest file in a few seconds. So this post will be very helpful for you, in which you will know which are the best File Sharing Apps. 

Today we are growing very fast with technology, in such a way there has been a lot of change in the way we worked like earlier when we had to share a file, we used to share the file through Bluetooth which took a lot of time, but Today we do not have enough time to wait for hours for file sharing. 

That’s why now many apps like ShareMe, Xender, and Jio Switch have come, with the help of which you can easily share the biggest files in a very short time, which saves a lot of your time. 

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By the way, you will find many File Sharing Apps on Google Play Store. But it isn’t easy to find the best File Sharing App among them because of some of the work. 

Some have bugs, and they don’t even work, and by downloading such apps, both your data and time get wasted. So Today, you will know what File Sharing is and which are the best File Sharing Apps. 

Best file sharing apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

What are file-sharing Applications?

When you share a file (Song, Videos, Games, and Apps) from one device to another, it is called File Sharing, and in this, the app through which you share the file is called File Sharing App. . Let us tell you more simply. 

If you have Pubg Game and your friend wants to take that Pubg Game from you, then suppose you are sharing Pubg Game with him through ShareMe App, then ShareMeApp is a File Sharing App in it. 

How Does File Sharing Work

As we told you, that file-sharing app is used to transfer a file from one device to another, this whole action is based on networking in which there is a Device Receiver and another Device Sender.

In this, they have their servers to send and receive files. Third-party networks are not involved in this. This file-sharing method is called Pair to Pair Sharing or P2P system. Most of the File Sharing Apps work only on P2P Connections. 

Best File Sharing Apps for Android in 2023

Your time and data are not wasted, so we have selected some of the best File Sharing Apps for you, which have got very good reviews, and many people are also using them in file sharing.

#1. – ShareMe (Mi Drop)

ShareMe is a very popular File Sharing App created by Xiaomi company. Still, you can use this app on all Android Devices like RealMe, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and apart from these, you can use it on many Android Devices of many brands. 

Its special thing is that you do not need an Internet Connection to share files, and it works on P2P Connections.  

Using this app, you can share Music, Videos, Games, Apps, and Files. The best thing about this app is that you do not need to see Ads to use it. This App is Ads free. 

This app has a rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store, and 1B+ people have downloaded this app. 

Features of ShareMe App:

  1. In this, you can share Apps, Images, Games, Videos, Music, Contacts, and Files quickly (very quickly). 
  2. You do not need Mobile Data and Network Connection to transfer files in this app. 
  3. It is very easy to connect mobile through this app. 
  4. Its interface is User Friendly, Clean, and Simple. 
  5. This app supports 70+ languages. 
  6. It transfers files 200 times faster than Bluetooth. 
  7. This is an Ad-Free App; you do not have to see Ads to use it. 

How to use ShareMe App:

Step 1) To share files through ShareMe, you must download ShareMe App from Google Play Store. You can download ShareMe App by clicking here.

Note:– If you have a Xiaomi company phone, you do not need to download it because it is already present in Xiaomi phones. 

Step 2) After the App is downloaded, you have to open the app. To share the file, you have to click on Send, and the recipient of the file has to click on RECEIVE. 

Step 3) To send the file, you have to click on SEND. 

Step 4) After clicking on send, you have to choose from above what you want to send, like Files, Installed Apps, Music, Videos and Photos, etc. After deciding on the file, you must click on the Send button given below. 

Step 5) After that, this app will ask you to turn on Location, Bluetooth, and Wifi. You have to permit to turn Location On by clicking on the Next Button. 

Step 6) Now, it will ask you to scan the QR code. The QR code will come on the phone of the person you are sharing the file with. Apart from this, you can also connect mobiles among themselves by searching Nearby Device. 

Step 7) After connecting the mobiles, your file-sharing will start. 

#2. – Jio Switch 

Jio Switch is a fast file-sharing app made by Reliance Jio Company, which Mukesh Ambani owns. This is a very good and fast File Sharing App to share the biggest files in a very short time, and it is also an Ad-Free App that means you will not have to see Ads to share files in it. 

This Jio Switch has got the best rating of 4.3 stars on Google Play Store, and 10M+ people are using this app. Jio Switch App is only 5.8MB which does not take much space on your phone. 

How to Transfer Files from Jio Switch App 

Step 1) To transfer data from Jio Switch App, both mobiles should have Jio Switch App, so first, you have to download Jio Switch App from Google Play Store. Click here to download Jio Switch. 

Step 2) While opening the app, it will ask you for permission. You have to allow it. 

Step 3) Now, you will see Send and Receive buttons in it. To send a file, you have to click on Send, and the recipient of the file has to click on Receive. 

Step 4) After this, you have to select what you want to send, such as Videos, Music, Photos, Apps, Contacts, etc.,, and click on Send Button. 

Step 5) Now, Jio Switch will ask you to turn on Wifi. You have to turn on Wifi. 

Step 6) After that, this app will search for Nearby Device, and after searching, it will start showing on the screen. You have to click on it. 

Step 7) After doing all this, a request will go to the one who will receive the file. If he accepts it, then the file transfer starts. 

Jio Switch Features:

  1. Through Jio Switch, you can transfer files between Android and iOS Smartphones. 
  2. In this, you can share any big file without any size limit. 
  3. Jio Switch moves files 100 times faster than Bluetooth. 
  4. You do not need the internet to use it. 
  5. Jio Switch Ads is a free app. 
  6. Files By Google 

This is one of the best File Sharing App made by Google, through which you can share your files that too with fast speed. This App is Secure with WPA2 Encryption. Which gives you more security for file sharing. 

This app has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Play Store and 1B+ Downloads. You can download this app by clicking here. 

Features of Files By Google:

  1. It gives recommendations to clean your phone. 
  2. You can share files offline through this, which is too fast and without data. 
  3. If you want to keep a file in your phone forever, you can take a backup file of it through Google Drive or any other cloud app to save your file permanently and will not take up space in your phone. 
  4. In this, files are transferred at a speed of 480 Mbps. 
  5. In this, you can boost the speed of your mobile by clearing Junk Files, Cache, and Phone Memory. 

#3. – Zapya File Sharing App

Zapya is the best File Sharing App in which you get the support of Cross-Platform. Cross-Platform means sharing files between Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Windows Computer, Mac, etc. 

In Zapya, you can share many files through QR Codes with one click. This app has a rating of 4.4 stars and 100M+ downloads on the Play Store. The size of this app is 14MB. For the download, click here

Features of Zapya:

  1. By shaking the phone together, you can connect the mobiles among themselves. 
  2. In Zapya, you can share files both online and offline. 
  3. In this app, you get the facility of cross-platform. 
  4. It shares files at 128 times the speed of Bluetooth. 
  5. You can transfer your old phone’s data to the new phone with one click. 
  6. Send Anywhere (File Transfer) 

Send Anywhere is a Fast and Secure File Sharing App in which you have to enter 6 Digit Key to share the file. In this, you can create a link and share the file with many people at once. 

In Send Anywhere, you do not need data to share files. In this, the file is transferred through Direct Wifi so that your data is not saved on any other server, and in this, you can share files without any limit. 

You can download Send Anywhere App for free from Google Play Store; this app has a rating of 4.6 stars on the Play Store and 10M+ Downloads. Download the app by clicking here. 


1). What is File Share Indian App.

India’s Jio Switch App is the best for file sharing. 

2) Where is the Xender App

India’s Jio Switch App is the best for file sharing. 

3) Which is the Best File Sharing Apps

To share files, there is ShareMe, Jio Switch, Zapya, Send Anywhere, Files By Google, Inshore, and Share All, etc. 

Summary: In Today’s post, you have learned what File Sharing Apps is, how to share File with ShareMe, how to transfer data from Jio Switch, and which are the best File Sharing Apps. 

I hope you have liked this post of ours a lot, and now you too can easily share the file, but if you are still having any problem in sharing the file, you can ask us through comments. 

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