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Action Required: Your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies. What is the solution?

Method 2

Only ads user AdMob, Facebook etc. – Data collected and shared automatically

  1. Open Google Play Console
  2. App content
  3. Data safety => Manage
  4. On Top Right side you see Import from CSV file. Here, simply upload the Data-Sefty.csv file ONLY.

Download Data Safety Form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oiNMbX5ZTkMiWDHQRPAvAtbJyW7i5vYm/view?usp=sharing

then save

Click next and save and the app will review and approved by the play store team.

AdMob, Facbook - Data collected and shared automatically

Method 2

  1. Open Google Play Console
  2. App content
  3. Data safety => Manage
  4. Overview click next
  5. Answer the questions (then next):
    • Does your app collect or share any of the required user data types? = yes
    • Is all of the user data collected by your app encrypted in transit? = yes
    • Do you provide a way for users to request that their data is deleted? = yes
  6. go to Device or other IDs and check it then next
  7. check Device or other IDs and manage it
  8. answer the questions
    • Is this data collected, shared, or both? = Collected
    • Is this data processed ephemerally? = yes
    • Is this data required for your app, or can users choose whether it’s collected? = Users can choose whether this data is collected
    • Why is this user data collected? = check App functionality
  9. then save
  10. click next and save and app will review and approved by play store team
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