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How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2024

Instagram is the most popular platform for sharing photos and videos with a large audience. To gain maximum exposure, you can create captivating stories and tag your friends, family, or recent followers. While Instagram promotes social sharing, it allows users to have private Instagram profile accounts.

There are two types of Instagram accounts: public and private. When you create a new account, your photos and videos are automatically set to public, meaning anyone can view your posts and follow you. This type of account makes it easy for users to find people on Instagram using phone numbers and usernames.

On the other hand, private accounts have restrictions, and photos and videos can only be viewed if the person approves the following request. This type of account hides your activity on Instagram from public view, but there are ways to find the phone number of a private Instagram account.

So, how can you view private Instagram profiles without following them or seeing the followers of a personal account? A free tool called Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch allows you to view personal funds without human verification.

If you want to access private Instagram accounts for free, you will find the Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch tool helpful. This guide will also teach you different methods to view a personal Instagram account’s photos, videos, reels, stories, and highlights without human verification or surveys.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles
How to View Private Instagram Profiles

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How to View Private Instagram Profiles

1. Private Instagram Viewer by staunch

To access private Instagram profiles, use the Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch. Enter the Instagram username in the provided box and click the “View Private Instagram Account” button. You can then view photos and videos from private Instagram profiles without following them or going through any human verification process.

2. Send Follow Request for Private Instagram Accounts

The most effective and legitimate way to view a private Instagram profile is to click the blue Follow button and wait for the person to approve your request, regardless of whether they know you.

After sending the request, be patient and give them time to act. If you are lucky, your follow-up request may be accepted quickly, even if they don’t know you. If someone already knows you are their friend, it can increase the chances of your request being approved.

Once your follow request is approved, you can easily view the Instagram profile pictures in full size and posts such as photos, videos, and reels. You can also send a direct message to a private Instagram account to express your interest in following them.

Ensure your profile is genuine, and your private message is impressive so the person finds no reason to reject your request. If you can catch their attention through a direct message, encourage them to check out your profile because personal interaction works in your favor.

Although this approach rarely works, it can be a way to access a private profile without resorting to other complicated tricks. Ultimately, Instagram encourages users to follow a particular shape to access it.

3. Create a Fake Instagram Account

An alternative option exists if sending follow-up requests and direct messages is impractical. You can create a fake Instagram account, but it’s important to note that this method is unethical and goes against the platform’s terms of service. Therefore, if you choose this method, you do so at your own risk.

Tips for Creating a Fake Account:

  • Try to create an account with a girl’s name, as it has a higher chance of getting approved. (According to the research, 60% of fake social media accounts have girls’ names, as people will respond fast to such statements.)
  • Also, select an eye-catching Instagram username to grab your attention. You can easily claim an Inactive Instagram username if your desired username is unavailable.
  • Upload real girl photos that display women’s interests (not an actress).
  • Make your profile enjoyable by uploading at least 8-10 photos.
  • You can also set your account to private to generate curiosity for your target.
  • Once you complete all essential settings, drop a follower request to the person you wish to see.
  • If your request is not approved, send a direct message and explain your intention to them.

4. View Private Instagram Photos of Mutual Followers Without Following Them

If a particular person has made their Instagram profile private and you want to view it from your profile, you may have mutual followers who can help connect you to that person.

You can ask a friend with access to the private account to save and share the person’s posts with you.

If you’re unsure which of your friends are also familiar with that person, you can ask them through WhatsApp. Other methods exist, such as using third-party apps to view private Instagram accounts.

5. Look at Private Instagram via Google

If you have been waiting for a long time without receiving a response to a request you sent, you can try searching for the person on Google. Open your web browser, Chrome or Safari, and enter the person’s name and “Instagram” into the search bar.

When Instagram users have private profiles, Google may still have copies of their posts before the account was made private. By clicking on the image tab after loading the search page, you can access a collection of the person’s public posts and profile pictures.

If you’re looking for a photo of the person for a surprise birthday wish, this method can save you the hassle.

6. Search on Other Social Media Platforms

If the person whose profile you want to view has set it to private on Instagram, many other social media platforms are available to explore. You can check for the same person on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

By checking their Instagram bio, you can find their full name, which can be used in your search. Exploring other social media platforms will help you find the photos and information you seek.

7. Instagram Profile Viewer

There are several free private Instagram viewer tools available on the internet. One of the best tools is Likecreeper, a leading web-based tool that allows users to view personal Instagram profiles without signing into their account.

This tool lets users anonymously browse photos and videos from private accounts on various devices such as Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. Additionally, it provides the functionality to see who has viewed your Instagram profile.

After completing the viewing process, users can return to Instagram and search for the same username to access the private account’s content.

Final Words:

We hope we have addressed all of your inquiries, and now you can access the private Instagram profile that was previously inaccessible. We are always eager to assist! Please let us know in the comment section below if you have further questions.

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