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How To Delete Free Fire Account Permanently in [April 2024]

In this article, we will share with you How To permanently Delete a Free Fire Account! So, let’s get started. Do you like playing games? There are so many choices of games that are fun to play, one of which is Free Fire.

But for Free Fire game players who may be bored with the game or don’t want to play anymore, of course, want to permanently delete the game, you need to know how to delete a complete Free Fire account.

How To Delete Free Fire Account Permanently

How to Delete a Free Fire Account

Free Fire is a battle royal game played online on Android and iOS. This game was very popular among people who like to play games until it was awarded the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store. Not to mention the number of active users growing more and more.

Playing the Free Fire game is quite exciting, especially since there are so many updates related to the game that makes you feel comfortable and like playing the game even more.

However, if you have started wanting to stop playing the Free Fire game for one reason or another, you can do several ways that can permanently delete your Free Fire account.

If the Free Fire application is still on your cellphone and has not been uninstalled or deleted, then you must do the following steps.

  1. Enter the Free Fire application on your cellphone.
  2. Next, you need to open the profile page.
  3. Then press the Account Settings menu.
  4. In the settings menu, you need to select Disconnect.
  5. The Free Fire account is no longer connected to your cellphone.

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How to Delete a Free Fire Account on Facebook

When you first registered for a Free Fire account, you were allowed to log in, right?

One option is to log in to your Free Fire account using Facebook, this makes your Free Fire account connected to social media, so if you want to delete an account, it’s not enough to uninstall the application; you need to do the following steps so that the version is Free Fire connected to Facebook can be removed.

  1. Log in to the Facebook account that you use to access the Free Fire game
  2. Then you press the Settings and Privacy menu in the report.
  3. Then press the Settings menu.
  4. After that, press Apps and Websites, then select Free Fire.
  5. In the next step, press the Delete Application button to delete the Free Fire application connected to Facebook.
  6. Your Free Fire account on Facebook has been completely deleted.

How to Delete a Free Fire Account Connected to Google

In addition to the choice of registering a Free Fire account using Facebook, when you first register for a Free Fire account, there is also the option to log in using a Gmail account connected to Google, so you don’t need a new email to log in, because it is directly related to the Gmail account.

If you want to delete the Free Fire account connected to Google Gmail, here are the steps you need to do.

  1. First, you need to open a Gmail account.
  2. If you have more than one Gmail account, you only need to log in to the Gmail account connected to the Free Fire application.
  3. Next, you select the Settings menu.
  4. Google > Manage Your Google Account
  5. Data & Privacy
  6. Scroll down. Third-party apps with account access
  7. Press the Free Fire access button to continue this deletion process, then Remove Access.
  8. Then press OK.
  9. You will receive information regarding account deletion through your Gmail account.

How Long Does it Take to Delete a Free Fire Account

Suppose you observe how to delete a Free Fire account described previously. In that case, it is clear that deleting a Free Fire account, whether connected to Facebook or Google Gmail, is quite easy as long as you follow the instructions and steps correctly. Of course, it doesn’t take time. Which is old.

How Many Free Fire Accounts Can Be Used in One Device?

The Free Fire game is indeed a game that can be played with other players in real-time, with a match duration of 10 minutes, and can be played together with 50 other players.

But when you use one device, can you have more than one account? Of course, you can use one device for 2 Free Fire accounts. As previously explained, there are two options for logging into a Free Fire account: Facebook and Google Gmail.

By choosing one of them, you already have a Free Fire account. You can create a second account using a FF Guest account. This account is a temporary Free Fire account and is usually used as a trial.

After you have one Free Fire account, to create another account, you need to follow these steps,

  1. Open the Free Fire game that you have installed.
  2. Then go to Settings and select Log Out account.
  3. Furthermore, if you initially logged in using a Facebook account.
  4. You need to log into the Facebook account, but if you log in using a Google Gmail account, you need to log in to the Gmail account if you have logged out of the bill earlier.
  5. After that, open the Settings / Settings menu on your cellphone.
  6. Then look for Application Settings, and find Free Fire.
  7. Select Storage, then press Clear Data.
  8. The next step is to open the Free Fire application and register using a new Facebook or Gmail account.
  9. Your second Free Fire account can already be used.

Even though you already have 2 Free Fire accounts on one device, it doesn’t mean you can use them simultaneously. You can only play these accounts one by one by logging out of one account and moving with this log utilising another account.

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Can I Create a Free Fire Account in a Different Country?

The Free Fire game is a game that is widely played in various countries, so each country has its server.

This does not rule out the possibility for you to change servers to other countries and deal with players from other countries.

By changing the server to another country, you will experience a different feel of the game, know game strategies from other countries, and find content or characters that do not exist in India but exist in other countries.

To create a Free Fire account with a different country, you need to do it in two ways, namely changing servers or moving countries using a VPN by creating a new account, and the second is moving servers without a VPN by creating a new account using Google.

Those are some ways to delete a Free Fire account connected to Facebook or Google Gmail.

If you have decided to delete this Free Fire game, you should not play it again or play other games. It’s better to focus on your school or work. It may be useful.

FAQs about Deleting Free Fire Account Permanently

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the permanent deletion of a Free Fire Facebook account:

Q1: Can I recover my Free Fire Facebook account after deleting it permanently?

A1: No, it cannot be recovered once you permanently delete your Free Fire Facebook account. Ensure you have backed up any important data before proceeding with the deletion process.

Q2: Will my Free Fire game progress be affected if I delete my Facebook account?

A2: No, permanently deleting your Free Fire Facebook account only disassociates your game data from your Facebook profile. Your game progress and data will remain intact within the Free Fire app.

Q3: How long does Free Fire process the account deletion request take?

A3: The processing time for account deletion requests may vary. Free Fire support typically responds within a few business days, but it is advisable to allow additional time for the process to complete.

Q4: Do I need to delete the Facebook app from my device to remove the association?

A4: Deleting the Facebook app from your device is not mandatory, but ensuring the complete removal of any lingering data or connections between Free Fire and Facebook is recommended.

Q5: Can I unlink my Free Fire account from Facebook without deleting it permanently?

A5: You can unlink your Free Fire account from Facebook without permanently deleting it. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to successfully unlink your account.

Q6: After deleting the previous one, can I link a different Facebook account to my Free Fire account?

A6: Yes, after deleting your Free Fire Facebook account permanently, you can link a different Facebook account to your Free Fire account if desired. Simply follow the Free Fire settings instructions to connect to a new account.

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Deleting your Free Fire account permanently is a simple process that ensures the disassociation of your game progress from your profile. Following the step-by-step instructions in this comprehensive guide, you can successfully unlink your Free Fire account and initiate the permanent deletion process. Remember to back up any important data before proceeding, and feel free to reach out to Free Fire support if you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions. Now you can move confidently and control your Free Fire gaming experience.

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