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Top 10 Best Video Games in 2024

Everyone likes to play the best video games, do you know? What are the best games in the world? In this post, we will talk about the best games in the world. And how to play them? 

Technology is developing more with time. New changes are coming in the tech world. Today, you can play high-quality games on your mobile. The quality and graphics of these games are excellent. The story that we are going to tell is famous worldwide. 

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New games are launched in the gaming industry every day, but some remain at the top even after many years of launch. Millions have downloaded these games. Almost every game lover knows about them. If you also like to play games, you must read this post.

best video games of the year
best video games of the year

What are the best video games of 2024?

If you go to the Play Store and search “best games in the world,” you will get many games in the results, but most are not widespread, and you have good fun and trouble finding suitable matches. In this post, we will tell you about the ten best and most popular games, so let’s start with the first game.

#1. – Pubg

No video game player has heard about Pubg; it cannot happen. You must have also played or heard Pubg. The complete form of Pubg is Player Unknown Battleground. It was released on December 20, 2017. 

Pubg is owned by the South Korean company Krafton. 

It was fully launched in 2018 for Android and iOS devices. Pubg broke many records within a short time of its release and became number 1. 

Pubg has 1 billion downloads all over the world. From this data, you must have understood how many people like Pubg. 

Talking Pubg’s Game Play is a multiplayer game. In Pubg, there is a team of 4 players. Your team is dropped from a plane on the island. You must collect Guns, Drink, etc., and survive by killing the anime. The team that stays last is the winner. 

In this, you get more Game Mods. This is a perfect and popular game. This game was banned in India for some reason, but seeing its popularity in India, the company relaunched it under the name of BGMI. You can download it by clicking here

The graphics of Pubg are excellent and advanced. It runs well even on mobile with less RAM. 

Let’s move on to our next game.

#2. – Among Us

Among Us is an Online Multiplayer Game. It was launched in 2018. Among Us has over 100 million downloads on the Play Store and is rated 3.6 stars by users. This game has been in a lot of trends since September 2020. The graphics of Among Us are not so good. Even after not having very high pictures, gamers are very much liked. 

The plot of Among Us Game is based on Spaceship, where you must find a Crew Member (Imposter) from one of the game’s players who kills the team members and prevents them from completing the task. The other players identify the imposter and get him out of the Spaceship.

If you are an imposter, you must stop the team members from completing the task and kill them. You can download it by clicking here

#3. – GTA Series

GTA is a gaming series. The full name of GTA is Grand Theft Auto. The series is published by Rockstar Games and developed by Rockstar North, Digital Eclipse, Rockstar Leeds, and Rockstar Canada. The first game, GT, A, was released on October 21, 1997. Since then, it has made many games. 

There is a total of 15 games in this series. Some of these are also 2D games, but more new games came into this series as the technology progressed. Like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, this game was 3D and became famous. 

The last game in this series was GTA 5, released in 2013. This game has even more features and very nice graphics. 

Real-world locations, such as cities, are shown in these games. You are given some missions, which you have to complete. In this game, you can do whatever you want with your mind: racing, gun driving, hitting NPC(Non-Playing Character), ordering a new car, etc. You can do whatever you want in it. There is also a reason for it to be famous. 

There will be more new games coming in this series. Gamers like GTA V. If you haven’t played a single round of GTA, you should play it. In this, you will get an excellent gaming experience. 

#4. – Minecraft

Minecraft is a Sandbox Video Game developed by Mojang Studios. It was completed entirely in 2011. More than 200 million copies of this game have been sold, with more than 140 million Monthly Active Users.  

There is a 3D World in Minecraft, and you also get many tools to do different things. In this, gamers create their own world, such as houses, Pools, Ground, etc. 

Minecraft also has Survival Mode, where you must maintain your health with limited resources and avoid other dangerous creatures.

This is a Creative and Open World Game. Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. You can download it by clicking here

#5. – Fortnite

Fortnite is an online game developed by Epic Games. It was released in 2017. Talking about the genre of this game, you get many modes: battle Royale game, Survival game, Third-person shooter, and Sandbox game. 

Fortnite has three gaming modes.

  • Save The World: In this, 98% of the world’s population has ended. Now, you have to find the resources. Creatures like Zombie will attack you. You have to survive in all these situations.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale: It is somewhat similar to Pubg in that you have to Survive by making a Squad/Duo. Weapons have to be taken from Airdrop. 
  • Fortnite Creative is similar to Minecraft. You have to collect resources by breaking the already given structure with a pickaxe. In this, you are given complete freedom. You can make up your mind in the game.  

#6. – Call Of Duty 

If you search on Google for the best games in the world, you will see the name of Call of Duty there. It was launched in 2019. Ise Hum was one of the biggest mobile game launches in history. Call of Duty made a record by completing 480 million dollars and 270 million downloads within a year. 

Call of Duty is an Online Multiplayer Game. It had completed 500 million downloads in May 2021. It is one of the biggest mobile games in the world. 

There are many other modes in Call of Duty apart from Battle Royale Mode. In this, you get many characters, guns, Skins, etc. This game is a Shooting game. If you like playing Pubg, you will like this a lot. You can download it by clicking here

#7. – Clash Of Clans 

This game was launched in 2012 by Supercell. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. This is a Fantasy Game. Here you get a Village, where you have to improve your Village. You can increase the resources to make a Village by attacking other players’ Villages. 

There are kings, soldiers, and all the people in this, and you have to give them work to create new things. The security system of your Village has to be improved so that if someone attacks your town, it cannot win. 

It contains Gold and Elixir, which you win by attacking other villages. With this Gold and Elixir, you can create new things and strengthen your defense. 

This game has been viral among people. It has over 500 million downloads on the Play Store, so you can guess how many people like it. You can download it by clicking here

#9. – Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game. It has also received the award for “Best Popular Vote Game”. Free Fire is going to be the most downloaded in 2019. Free Fire has a record of 80 million daily active users, which is very big. Even Monthly Active Users of any game are not 80 million. 

Its gameplay is very similar to Pubg. In this, 50 players are parachuted on an island. These players must collect resources and kill the anime to survive with their team. 

Free Fire has over 1 billion downloads on the Play Store and has been rated 4.2 stars by users. You can download Free Fire from the Play Store by clicking here

List of most played video games by player count 2024

GameNumberBusiness modelRelease datePublisher(s)
PUBG: Battlegrounds1,037Mfree-to-playDecember 20, 2017Krafton / Tencent
CrossFire1,000MFree-to-playMay 3, 2007Smilegate / Tencent
Dungeon Fighter Online700MFree-to-playAugust 2005Nexon / Tencent
QQ Speed / GKART / Speed Drifters700MFree-to-playJanuary 23, 2008Tencent / Garena
Minecraft600MPay-to-play/free-to-playNovember 18, 2011Mojang / NetEase
Pac-Man Google Doodle505MFree-to-playMay 21, 2010Bandai Namco / Google
Candy Crush Saga500MFree-to-playApril 12, 2012King
Among Us500MFree-to-play/pay-to-playJune 15, 2018Innersloth
Microsoft Solitaire400MFree-to-playMay 22, 1990Microsoft
Mini World400MFree-to-playDecember 26, 2015Crazy racing Kartrider
Osu!380MFree-to-playJune 1, 2004Nexon
Fortnite350MFree-to-playSeptember 26, 2017Epic Games
Fantasy Westward Journey310MFree-to-playDecember 2001NetEase
RuneScape280MSubscription/free-to-playJanuary 4, 2001Jagex
Rules of Survival230MFree-to-playNovember 17, 2017NetEase
Roblox202MFree-to-playAugust 27, 2006Roblox Corporation
Dragon Nest200MFree-to-playMarch 2010Nexon
MapleStory180MFree-to-playApril 29, 2003Nexon
Tetris177MPay-to-play/free-to-playJune 6, 1984Various
Animal Jam160MFree-to-playSeptember 2010WildWorks
World of Tanks160MFree-to-playAugust 12, 2010Wargaming
Grand Theft Auto V140MPay-to-playOctober 1, 2013Rockstar Games
The Legend of Mir 3120MSubscriptionOctober 2004WeMade Entertainment
League of Legends111MFree-to-playOctober 27, 2009Riot Games
World of Warcraft100MSubscription/pay-to-playNovember 23, 2004Blizzard Entertainment
CityVille100MFree-to-playDecember 2, 2010Zynga
Happy Farm100MFree-to-playNovember 20085 Minutes
Scions of Fate100MFree-to-playNovember 25, 2004KRG Soft
The Sims Social100MFree-to-playAugust 9, 2011Electronic Arts
Zhengtu100MFree-to-play2007Zhengtu Network
Microsoft Solitaire Collection100MFree-to-playJuly 29, 2015Microsoft
Hearthstone100MFree-to-playMarch 11, 2014Blizzard Entertainment
Apex Legends100MFree-to-playFebruary 4, 2019Electronic Arts
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes100MFree-to-playNovember 24, 2015Electronic Arts
Call of Duty: Warzone100MFree-to-playMarch 20, 2020Activision Blizzard
FarmVille83MFree-to-playJune 19, 2009Zynga
Westward Journey Online II83MFree-to-play2001NetEase
Ragnarok Online80MSubscriptionAugust 31, 2002Gravity
Moshi Monsters80MFree-to-playApril 16, 2008Mind Candy
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links80MFree-to-playNovember 17, 2016Konami
Dragon Oath75MFree-to-play2007KRG Soft
Rocket League75 millionFree-to-playJuly 7, 2015Psyonix
Dofus62MSubscriptionSeptember 2004Ankama
Adopt Me!60MFree-to-playJuly 14, 2017Uplift Games
Flyff60MFree-to-playAugust 16, 2004Gala Lab
Overwatch50MPay-to-playMay 24, 2016Blizzard Entertainment
Lineage50MSubscriptionSeptember 3, 1998NCSoft
Perfect World50MFree-to-playJuly 2005Beijing Perfect World
Team Fortress 250MFree-to-playOctober 10, 2007Valve
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege50MPay-to-playDecember 1, 2015Ubisoft
Warframe50MFree-to-playMarch 25, 2013Digital Extremes
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive46MFree-to-playAugust 21, 2012Valve
FarmVille 243MFree-to-playSeptember 2012Zynga
The Sims 436MPay-to-playSeptember 2, 2014Electronic Arts
Drakensang Online35MFree-to-playAugust 2011Bigpoint
Teamfight Tactics33MFree-to-playJune 26, 2019Riot Games
Evony33MFree-to-playMay 6, 2009Evony LLC
FIFA 1832.5MPay-to-playSeptember 29, 2017EA Sports
FIFA 2131MPay-to-playOctober 9, 2020Electronic Arts
Pac-Man30MPay-to-playMay 21, 1980Namco
Black Desert Online30MPay-to-playJuly 14, 2015Kakao Games
FIFA 1730MPay-to-playSeptember 27, 2016EA Sports
FIFA 1628.3MPay-to-playSeptember 22, 2015EA Sports
GetAmped26MFree-to-playApril 26, 2002CyberStep
Metal Slug Defense29MFree-to-playMay 1, 2014SNK
TERA28MFree-to-playJanuary 25, 2011Bluehole
Unturned27MFree-to-playJuly 7, 2017Smartly Dressed Games
Street Fighter II25MPay-to-playFebruary 6, 1991Capcom
Call of Duty: WWII24.9MPay-to-playNovember 3, 2017Activision
Forza Horizon 424MPay-to-play/SubscriptionOctober 2, 2018Microsoft Studios
Left 4 Dead 223MPay-to-playNovember 17, 2009Valve
Sudden Attack23MFree-to-playApril 11, 2005Nexon
Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds21MFree-to-playApril 5, 1996Nexon
Final Fantasy XIV20MSubscriptionAugust 27, 2013Square Enix
Mabinogi20MFree-to-playJune 22, 2004Nexon
DC Universe Online20MFree-to-playJanuary 11, 2011Daybreak Game Company
Sea of Thieves20MPay-to-playMarch 20, 2018Rare
Shadowverse20MFree-to-playJune 17, 2016Cygames/NetEase
Blade & Soul18MSubscriptionJune 30, 2012NCSoft
Payday 218MPay-to-playAugust 13, 2013Starbreeze Studios
Farm Town17M Free-to-playFebruary 1, 2009SlashKey
The Last of Us Remastered15.9MPay-to-playJuly 29, 2014Sony
Puyo Puyo!! Quest Arcade15.2MFree-to-playSeptember 16, 2007ppy
Doom15MSharewareDecember 10, 1993id Software
For Honor15MPay-to-playFebruary 14, 2017Ubisoft
Trove15MFree-to-playJuly 9, 2015Trion Worlds
Puyopuyo!! Quest Arcade15MFree-to-playNovember 7, 2013Sega
Lineage II14MSubscriptionOctober 1, 2003NCSoft
Paladins14MFree-to-playSeptember 15, 2016Hi-Rez Studios
Battlefield 413.9MPay-to-playOctober 29, 2013Electronic Arts
The Elder Scrolls Online13.5MPay-to-playApril 4, 2014Bethesda Softworks
Dota 213MFree-to-playJuly 9, 2013Valve
Call of Duty: Ghosts12.6MPay-to-playNovember 5, 2013Activision
FIFA 1912.5MPay-to-playSeptember 28, 2018EA Sports
Guild Wars 211MFree-to-playAugust 28, 2012NCSoft
Forza Horizon 310MPay-to-playSeptember 27, 2016Microsoft Studios
Star Wars: The Old Republic10MSubscriptionDecember 20, 2011Electronic Arts
Free Realms10MFree-to-playApril 28, 2009Sony Online Entertainment
H1Z110MFree-to-playFebruary 28, 2018Daybreak Game Company
Robocraft10MFree-to-playAugust 24, 2017Freejam Games
Ark: Survival Evolved10MPay-to-playAugust 29, 2017Studio Wildcard
Forza Horizon 510MPay-to-playNovember 9, 2021Xbox Game Studios
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order10MPay-to-playNovember 15, 2019Electronic Arts
State of Decay 210MPay-to-playMay 22, 2018Xbox Game Studios
Most-played video games by player count (with at least 10 million) Source of Wikipedia


Although thousands of games are available, everyone likes only a few. Which one of the best and most popular games in the world did you like the best? Tell me by commenting. If you want to ask us anything related to this post, comment.

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