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20 Best Windows 11 New Features: You Should Check Out

Windows 11 New Features: Windows 11 is the king of the personal computer world. All desktop computer users are familiar with its name. This operating system has worked to bring back the diminishing branch of Microsoft and Bill Gates.

Windows 11 has become the word of discussion after Microsoft announced the closure of Windows 7. And from enterprise users to personal computer users have also been forced to think about Windows 11.

Therefore, the first question that comes to the mind of a common user is that what is this Windows 11?

After this, what are the best features of Windows 11 OS and why is Windows 11 better than other Windows operating systems? Moving on to these questions.

Understanding your compulsion, we are giving complete information about using it while introducing Windows 11 in this guide. This Windows 11 User Guide has been divided into the following sections for the convenience of study.

20 Best Windows 11 New Features: You Should Check Out

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What is Windows 11?

Windows 11 is the latest version of the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft for personal computers, which was introduced for general users on 04 Oct 2021. Win X OS is the successor of Windows 8. And there is a single platform for all Windows devices.

Microsoft’s Windows operating system is the lifeblood of personal computers. And it is used a lot in computers present all over the world. 

Since the announcement of the closure of Windows 7, the demand for Windows 11 operating system has increased. It has started replacing Windows 8.

Microsoft wanted to create an ecosystem for all its devices and software. For which it needed a single, secure and fast platform.

It has fulfilled this need by developing Windows 8. And launched Windows 11 instead of the Windows 9 version. Which does a similar job for computers to mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices (Xbox one), and Internet of Things devices.

You don’t need a separate operating system for each device. One operating system works smoothly on all devices. Windows 11 handles issues like screen size, screen type, hardware compatibility, etc.  

Written inC, C++, C#, Assembly Language
OS FamilyMicrosoft Windows
Released to
October 5, 2021
October 5, 2021
Latest Release10.0.22000.194 (October 4, 2021)
Latest Preview10.0.22471.1000 (October 4, 2021)
Marketing TargetPersonal Computing, Tablets
Available in110 Languages
Update MethodWindows Update Microsoft Store
Platformsx86-64, ARM64
Kernel TypeHybrid (Windows NT kernel)
UserlandNative API
Windows API
.NET Framework
Universal Windows Platform
Windows Subsystem for Linux
Windows Subsystem for Android
User Interface
Windows shell
Preceded byWindows 10 (2015)
Official Websitemicrosoft.com/windows/windows-11
Windows 11 FreeDownload

20 New Features Included in Windows 11

1. Start Menu

Center Taskbar and Start Menu | Windows 11 vs macOS
Center Taskbar and Start Menu | Windows 11 vs macOS

Correcting its mistake, this time Microsoft has added back its trademark Start button in Windows 11. The loss of removing this button in Windows 8 and Microsoft could not muster the courage to face criticism from users this time.

Therefore, in Windows 11, users have developed a more stylish and easy Start button than the Start button present in Windows 7. Now users will have the real feel of running Windows.

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2. Animations, Blurring and Rounded Corners Windows 11

Rounded Corners for Windows 11 vs macOS
Rounded Corners for Windows 11 vs macOS

Windows 11 rounded corners and design effects won’t slow down your PC

3. Widgets Section

 Widgets Section Windows 11 vs macOS
Widgets Section Windows 11 vs macOS

Microsoft is bringing widgets like Windows Vista Gadgets to the desktop. This will allow users to view Microsoft News Feed on their desktop and receive daily updates on weather and traffic.

4. Ability to Run Smartphone Apps

windows 11 android apps macOS iPhone apps
Windows 11 android apps macOS iPhone apps

Microsoft showcased Android apps, including TikTok, coming to Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore. “Windows customers will be able to search for Android apps in the Microsoft Store and access them through the Amazon Appstore,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

5. Different Backgrounds for Different Desktops

Different Backgrounds for Different Desktops windows 11

Windows 11’s virtual desktops are a less valuable power-user feature, giving you a way to group Windows into their own spaces for more powerful multitasking. Now, Microsoft is adding custom desktop backgrounds, allowing you to give each desktop a unique wallpaper.

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6. Xbox tech for better gaming. 

Windows 11 will get some features like Auto HDR and Direct Storage in the Xbox console to make gaming better on your Windows PC.

7. Microsoft Teams Integration

Teams are getting a facelift and are pinned to the Windows 11 taskbar, making it easier to access (and a bit more like Apple’s FaceTime). You’ll be able to access Teams from Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

8. A new, more Mac-like interface. 

Windows 11 Mac-like interface
Windows 11 Mac-like interface

8. New Windows Store

New Windows Store
New Windows Store

Microsoft is introducing a new App Store for Windows 11 and Windows 10. It has been redesigned to help users find and install their favorite apps, games, movies, etc.

Several desktop apps are now available in the Store, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Teams, TikTok, Notepad, and Paint.

9. Tablet Mode

It is a dream to make Windows 11 universal. So that the same type of user experience is available on all devices. Therefore, the Windows 11 Tablet Mod feature has been made available for touch screen devices.

You can enjoy touch screen windows by activating this mode in your tablet computer or touch screen support laptop.

11. Windows 11 Continuum

To convert a mobile device into a computer, this time a new feature named Windows Continuum Application has been given in Windows.

Through this app, Windows 11 Mobiles can be connected to the computer and taken as a computer. This feature is very helpful for users doing office work on mobile.

12. Integrated Search

The search tool was also provided in previous versions of Windows. But, this time it has been introduced with the power of the web.

This means that you will be able to explore the web with Windows with the same search tool. In which you will be helped by Microsoft’s new and powerful Edge browser.

13. Microsoft Edge

Gone are the days of Internet Explorer web browsers. Microsoft has decided to give him retirement. Therefore, a brand new, faster, and more secure web browser has been provided with Windows 11.

The name of this web browser is –  Edge browser.

The Edge browser was initially made available for Windows 11 devices. However, its new avatar has been made available for free for Windows Phone and Android devices along with previous versions of Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8).

14. Cortana Voice Assistant

As soon as you say “Hello Google” a personal assistant is activated to help you on Android devices. Which you know by the name of Google Assistant.

Similarly, a voice assistant called “ Siri ” is already present in iPhones and Apple devices.

To fill this game, a voice assistant named “ Cortana ” has also been given in Windows. Who is always ready to serve you.

You can control everything from knowing the weather to the web, device, and cloud.

Along with this, the remainder of your work is also ready to remind Cortana. You will not feel alone when you talk with Cortana.

15. Universal OS

Microsoft wants to develop a single but universal platform for all its devices. Windows 11 is the first strong step towards this.

From personal computers to gaming devices (Xbox) are also being controlled from this operating system. Also, small devices like mobile phones and tablets are not untouched.

Now the devices differ but Windows 11 is one. You will get the same user experience across all devices.

16. Universal App Store

Universal App Store has been created to give power to a single platform. From where users can download the app for their Windows 11 devices.

Windows Store is provided built-in on all devices. Which also has the facility to access through the website. The apps present in this app store are compatible with all devices.

17. Live Tiles Views

Windows’ familiar Start menu has been replaced with Live Tiles. It was first given in Windows 8. And also placed in Windows 11.

The Live Tiles Start menu gives a different feel to the Windows operating system on touch-screen devices. There is no problem when switching devices.

18. Action Center

Action Center is given on the right side of the Start menu. It’s not just a notification area. If you want, you can control your computer completely.

19. Multiple Desktop

If you work with multiple programs. Then the virtual desktop features of Windows 11 can prove to be very useful for you.

You can slide programs of the same type onto different desktops by opening multiple desktops. This feature proves to be very effective when multi-screen is available.

20. Windows Hello

The way to password protect a Windows user account is complete. That’s why Windows Hello has been introduced for users to log user accounts more securely and smartly.

Windows Hello is a biometric lock. Which uses the biometric information of the users i.e. fingerprints, iris, face, etc.

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Windows 11 Free Download ISO file

Download Link

Windows 11 All Editions Info

Like previous versions of the Windows operating system, many different variants of Windows 11 have also been developed. Which is sufficient to meet the specific needs of the users.

If, you have any version of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 for Mobile, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. So you will get the Windows 11 version of these versions at a lower cost.

Do you know?

In the launching year of Windows 11, users are being offered to upgrade it free of cost. Which was valid for a whole year.

There are currently 7 versions of Windows 11. Which are being told below.

#1 Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 Home has been developed keeping in mind the desktop users. Hence, all its features are consumer-centric. Which, can be used on personal computers, laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1s devices.

The Windows Start Button has been added to the desktop as in Windows 7 (Windows 8 does not have a Start button). In addition, the Microsoft Edge browser is designed to be a very fast, secure, and simple to use web browser.

Whose powerful features are providing users with a better internet experience than Internet Explorer?

#2 Windows 11 Pro

This version built on top of Windows 11 has been introduced to meet the needs of small businesses. Which is available for Desktops, Tablets PCs, and 2-in-1s.

Some additional features have been added to Windows 11 Pro. So that small businesses can run their business more securely, faster, and more efficiently.

Device and apps management is more efficient in this edition. And gives the ability to handle them remotely. In addition, the security of additional security-sensitive business data is guaranteed.

Windows Update for the Business facility has also been introduced with the support of cloud technology. Which allows them to reduce costs, control updates, and have quick access to new updates for security.

#3 Windows 11 Enterprise

Windows 11 Enterprise Edition has been developed to meet the needs of medium and large businesses. Which provides more powerful and advanced capabilities to protect against modern threats on devices, apps, and company confidential data.

Windows 11 Enterprise Edition is made available as a Volume License. So that they can get instant access to new and advanced features. Along with this, access to Windows Update for Business and Long Term Servicing Branch is also given.

#4 Windows 11 Education

The field of education has also not been left unfinished. Therefore, Windows 11 Education Edition has also been made available to meet its different and specific needs.

Windows 11 Education is developed for Schools, Colleges, Universities. So that the needs of the school staff, administrative officers, teachers, and students can be met.

The special feature of this edition is that school and student users of Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro have also been given the facility to upgrade to Windows 11 Education Edition. Which they can upgrade to Academic Volume License.

#5 Windows 11 Mobile

Windows 11 Mobile is developed for small, mobile, and touch screen devices. That is, it can be accessed on smartphones and small tablet devices.

Microsoft’s idea behind launching this edition is to provide the computer experience on smaller devices.

Therefore, powerful and new features like Continuum for Phone along with Universal App Store are available in Windows 11 Mobile. With the help of which you can use a Windows 11 Mobile as a computer with a big screen.

People who use their Windows Mobile for office work. A touch version of Microsoft Office has also been given for those users.

#6 Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise

People who use mobile phones and small devices like tablets for office work. Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise Edition is a great mobile operating system for them.

The ability to adapt to business needs with strong security is a key feature of Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise Edition. Which comes with Volume Licenses.

#7 Windows 11 IoT Core

The Internet of Things is now becoming a reality. Electronic devices are now turning into smart devices. Therefore, Windows 11 Internet of Things Edition has been launched to establish its foothold in this brand new market.

This version can be used for wearables devices, posh machines, robots, bunking products like ATMs, etc.

Note:- The only license that can be purchased is Windows 11 Baseline Editions. All other editions are made available under the Volume License.

Common FAQs About Windows 11

Question #1 – Tell us About the Technical Features of Windows 11?

Answer:– Windows 11 Technical Info.

Developer:- Microsoft Inc.,
Programming Languages:– C, C++, C#
Launch:– 04 Oct 2021
Available Languages:– Above 110
Platform:– 32-bit, 64-bit
License:– Proprietary Type
Devices:– PC, Mobile, Tablets, IoTs

Question #2 – What are the minimum requirements for Windows 11?

Answer:– Windows 11 Minimum Hardware Requirements PC

Processor – 1 GHz (Gigahertz) or Faster CPU
RAM – 1 GB (Gigabyte) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard Disk Space – 16 GB for 32 bit or 20 GB for 64-bit
Graphics Card – DirectX 9 or Later with Windows Display Driver Model 1.0
Display – 800×600

All of the above is a basic requirement of Windows 11. Windows 11 OS will not run perfectly on computers with features less than this specification. And you have to buy a new computer.
Therefore, before buying Windows 11, definitely keep in mind the Minimum Requirements.

Question #3 – What are the minimum requirements for Windows 11 Moblie Devices?

Answer:– Windows 11 Minimum Hardware Requirements for Mobile Devices

Processor – 1 GHz (Gigahertz) or Faster CPU
RAM – 1 GB (Gigabyte) 
Hard Disk Space – 8 GB
Graphics Card – DirectX 9 or Later with Windows Display Driver Model 1.0
Display – 720p Screen Resolution with 32 bits color pixels

Question # 4 – Is Windows 11 a Free or Paid Operating System?

Answer:– Windows 11 is a pad operating system. To use which you will need to purchase the appropriate Windows license.

Question #5 – What is the cost of Windows 11 in India?

Answer:– The price of Windows 11 depends on your need. That is, which edition of Windows do you want to buy.
I am assuming that you are a simple computer user who needs Windows for your personal use. That’s why I am telling you the price of Windows 11 below for its basic edition. The price of the volume license is not being given.

Windows Home Approx. ₹ 10,000/-
Windows Pro Approx. ₹ 15,000/-
Windows Pro for Workstations Approx. ₹ 22,000/-

Pay Attention
This price list has been taken from Microsoft’s website. and the cost of 1 computer license. Before buying Windows 11, you must check its latest price.

Question #6 – How much does Windows 11 Mobile cost?

Answer:– Windows 11 Mobile is not sold separately. It comes pre-installed on Windows Mobile phones. For this, you have to buy Windows Phone only.

Question #7 – Where can I buy Windows 11?

Answer– You have many options to buy Windows 11.

Microsoft Store:- The first and most trusted place is the Microsoft Store. From there you can buy a license for Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro by creating a Microsoft account.

Online Store:– If you do not want to buy Windows 11 from Microsoft Store. So you can buy from other online shopping portals. In which the first name comes from Amazon Store. After this Flipkart is also present.

Question #8 – How to do Windows 11 Free Upgrade?

Answer– Windows 11 Free Upgrade has expired. This offer was given only in the launch year. After this, you will have to pay for Windows 11.

Question #9 – What is the difference between Windows 11 and Windows 10?

Answer:– Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Which is available from personal computers to mobile phones. And Windows 10 is an older Windows version. Which Microsoft has decided to close. And in turn, Windows 11 is developed.

Question #10 – Why is Windows 11 operating system better than Windows 10?

Answer:– Improved Solution: Windows 11 New, Best Quality, Strong Defense, A Modern Technology with Dum Support. The potential to transform and digitize the environment has been fulfilled.
The system is placed in the system according to the Windows 10 systems. Its features are not enough to meet the needs of users and new devices. Therefore, windows 11 is better.
We should upgrade ourselves with time. Otherwise, time leaves us behind.

Question #11 – Can I install Windows 11 on my Old Computer?

Answer – If your old computer meets the minimum hardware requirements of Windows 11. Then you can easily install Windows 11. not otherwise.
I have mentioned above the hardware requirements of Windows 11. Match it with your computer specifications.


In this article, I have given you complete information about Windows 11 operating system. You have to know the answers to questions like what is Windows 11, features of Windows 11 and why is Windows 11 better.

Also, how to install Windows 11, Windows 11 Price, How to Upgrade Windows 11 and Windows 11 Hardware Requirements.

I hope you like Introduction to Windows 11 and find it useful for you. Do share this information with your friends.


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