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12+ Best Face Swap Apps For Android in 2024

Are you searching for innovative ways to enhance your selfies and photos? You’re in luck! In this exclusive compilation, we have curated the best face swap apps available for Android in 2024. These exceptional applications will revolutionize and uplift your ordinary pictures into extraordinary creations.

Get ready to be astounded as these apps introduce a whole new realm of excitement to your photographs. From outrageously funny transformations to astonishingly realistic resemblances, the possibilities are boundless. Capture the attention of your friends and family with jaw-dropping face swaps that will get everyone talking.

Embrace the chance to trade faces with celebrities, historical figures, or even your beloved pets! The options are limitless regarding the myriad of possibilities these apps provide. Prepare to create cherished memories by immersing yourself in a world of face-swapping marvels. Discover these top-tier Android apps at the forefront of the photography scene in 2024!

Best Face Swap Apps For Android

12+ Best Face Swap Apps For Android in 2024

In this article, we have only listed the popular and trusted ones. Let’s explore the list of best Face Swap apps for Android.

1. Mivita: Unleash Your Creativity


Mivita is an exceptional face swap app that brings the power to morph faces right to your fingertips. With this app, you can effortlessly craft hilarious images by swapping faces with your friends, family, or even your favourite celebrities. The intuitive interface of Mivita ensures that using the app is a breeze, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all users.

Whether you want to generate some laughs or have fun experimenting with face swaps, Mivita has you covered. The app’s user-friendly design allows you to navigate its various features, making swapping faces enjoyable seamlessly. Get ready to engage in a world of creative possibilities and transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary masterpieces with Mivita.

2. FacePlay: Fun for All Ages


Discover the delightful world of FacePlay, where laughter knows no bounds. This remarkable app is a simple tool and a true laughter generator. With FacePlay, you can immerse yourself in hilarious filters and effects designed to bring joy and entertainment.

Imagine the pure joy as you and your friends exchange faces, creating outrageous combinations that will leave you in fits of laughter. Whether it’s swapping faces with your best friend, a beloved pet, or even a celebrity, FacePlay will ignite your imagination and keep you entertained for hours on end.

Explore a vast collection of filters and effects, each more amusing than the last. Transform into a goofy cartoon character, a timeless masterpiece, or a mythical creature. With FacePlay, the possibilities are endless, and laughter is guaranteed.

Go ahead, and dive headfirst into the whimsical world of FacePlay. Let your imagination run wild, share your hilarious creations with friends and family, and create moments that will be cherished forever. Get ready for an experience that will have you smiling from ear to ear, thanks to the unmatched fun and laughter that FacePlay brings to your fingertips.

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3. Face Switch: A Twist of Amusement

Face Switch
Face Switch

Add a twist of amusement to your photos with Face Switch. Instantly switch faces to create delightful visuals that will leave your friends amazed. This app’s algorithm ensures accurate face placements, making your swaps look impressively realistic.

4. Reface: Where Magic Happens


Reface is more than just a face-swapping app; it’s a portal to a magical realm where you can immerse yourself in endless possibilities. With Reface, you have the power to transform your face into that of pop culture icons, historical figures, and even fictional characters. The app’s advanced AI technology ensures a seamless fusion of faces, creating stunning and realistic results that amaze you.

Picture yourself as your favourite celebrity or step into the shoes of a historical figure you admire. Reface allows you to explore various face-swapping possibilities and experience life through different perspectives. Whether you want to laugh with friends or create jaw-dropping transformations, Reface has you covered.

What sets Reface apart is its commitment to producing high-quality and lifelike face swaps. You’ll be amazed at how seamlessly your face can blend with another, creating a truly immersive experience. The app’s AI technology is constantly improving, ensuring that each face swap is more accurate and realistic than the last.

So, prepare to be captivated as you dive into the realm of magic with Reface. Let your imagination run wild, explore different personas, and create mesmerizing face-swapping creations that will leave everyone in awe. Unlock endless possibilities and witness the stunning fusion of faces that Reface offers. Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment and prepare to be astounded.

5. FaceApp: Redefining Selfies


FaceApp has quickly emerged as a leader in face-swapping, offering users a unique and entertaining way to elevate their selfies. With a wide array of filters, age transformations, and face swaps, this app provides endless possibilities for creative expression.

One of the standout features of FaceApp is its extensive collection of filters. Whether you want to enhance your natural beauty, experiment with different makeup styles, or try a completely different look, FaceApp has got you covered. From subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations, the app allows you to customize your photos to match your desired aesthetic easily.

But FaceApp is not just about filters. Its age transformation feature allows you to see how you might look in the future or relive the past by making yourself younger. It’s a fun way to imagine the effects of time on your appearance playfully. The face swap functionality lets you borrow someone else’s facial features, turning your selfie into a hilarious and surprising experience.

Beyond its impressive features, FaceApp also boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to users of all skill levels. Navigating through the app is a breeze, with straightforward controls and intuitive design. The streamlined interface ensures a smooth and enjoyable user experience, making it easy for anyone to dive into the world of face-swapping.

The most remarkable aspect of FaceApp is its ability to generate remarkably lifelike results. The app utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to seamlessly blend the chosen filter or transformation with your original image. The outcome is often astonishingly realistic, leaving users amazed by the accuracy and quality of the edits.

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6. Snapchat: More Than Just Snaps


Snapchat has revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends and loved ones. While it may be known for its easy-to-use messaging features, its true magic lies in the array of face-swapping options that will take your selfies to a new level.

With Snapchat’s vast collection of filters, you can explore a world of creativity and imagination. From cute furry animals to mythical creatures, the possibilities are endless. Open the camera, select a filter, and watch in awe as your face seamlessly blends with characters, transforming you into someone completely different.

Whether you want to be a fierce lion, a mischievous monkey, or even a majestic unicorn, Snapchat has got you covered. The face-tracking technology ensures that every movement you make is accurately reflected on these virtual masks, creating a truly immersive experience.

Capture these hilarious and mind-bending moments using Snapchat’s snap feature, and share them with your friends to spread the joy. Connect with others, laugh together, and discover a new world of face-swapping fun with Snapchat – the ultimate hub for unlimited entertainment.

Remember, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. So dive in, explore, and get ready to unleash your creativity with Snapchat’s face-swapping filters. Happy snapping!

7. Face Swap by Wombatica Gold

Face Swap by Wombatica Gold
Face Swap by Wombatica Gold

Face Swap by Wombatica Gold is the ultimate tool for face-swapping enthusiasts. With its simple yet powerful features, this app allows users to effortlessly swap faces in photos and create hilarious and mind-bending images. Whether you want to see what you would look like as a celebrity, swap faces with your friends, or dive into a world of creative possibilities; Face Swap has got you covered.

One of the standout features of this app is its emphasis on practicality. Unlike other face-swapping apps that overwhelm users with complex settings and options, Face Swap by Wombatica Gold keeps things straightforward. It provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, ensuring that even beginners can achieve remarkable results.

To get started, choose the photo you want to work with and select the faces you want to swap. The app’s intelligent face detection technology ensures accurate and seamless swaps, giving your images a touch of humour and creativity. The results are so convincing that you might even start questioning reality!

In addition to its simplicity, Face Swap by Wombatica Gold offers various customization options. You can adjust the swapped face’s size, position, and rotation to achieve the perfect blend. With just a few taps, you can apply filters, add stickers, or overlay text to personalize your creations further.

With Face Swap by Wombatica Gold, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to amuse your friends, create eye-catching social media posts, or have a good laugh, this app delivers lighthearted entertainment that will keep you entertained for hours.

So download Face Swap by Wombatica Gold and let your imagination run wild. Get ready to unleash your inner prankster and witness the magic of face-swapping like never before!

8. Face Swap – Live Face Sticker

Face Swap Live Face Sticker
Face Swap Live Face Sticker

Live Face Sticker is a fantastic app that takes face-swapping to new heights by incorporating animated stickers that react to your facial expressions. Not only can you swap faces with friends, family, or even celebrities, but you can also add animated stickers that bring your photos to life.

With Live Face Sticker, you have a wide array of animated stickers. These stickers can follow your movements and mimic your facial expressions, creating an interactive and entertaining experience. Whether you want to become a cute animal, a funny character, or a mesmerizing mythical creature, the animated stickers in Live Face Sticker can make it happen.

The app’s advanced face-tracking technology ensures that the stickers seamlessly integrate with your face, making them appear as part of your expression. As you smile or make different facial gestures, the stickers will react accordingly, adding fun and amusement to your photos.

Live Face Sticker offers a user-friendly interface that makes navigating various features and stickers easy. Select a sticker of your choice, place it on your face, and watch as it comes to life with your every movement.

Whether you want to create hilarious and memorable photos to share with friends or enjoy playful moments by yourself, Live Face Sticker is the perfect app to take your face-swapping endeavours to the next level. Explore the vast collection of animated stickers, unleash your creativity, and let your face become a canvas for endless entertainment. Get ready to have a blast with Live Face Sticker!

9. Space: A Galaxy of Face Swaps


Space face-swapping technology has revolutionized the way we explore the cosmos. With just a tap, you can transport yourself to distant planets, experience historical eras firsthand, or even step into the shoes of beloved fictional characters. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Imagine gazing upon the magnificent rings of Saturn, with your face reflected in its ethereal beauty. Or stepping back in time to witness the construction of the Great Pyramids, feeling the sun’s warmth on your face as you take on the appearance of an ancient Egyptian. You can even become a character from your favourite book or movie, living out their adventures in a truly immersive way.

The intergalactic face-swapping technology allows you to see and be a part of these incredible worlds. You’ll feel the weightlessness of space, the excitement of exploration, and the thrill of discovery. The experience is so vivid and realistic that you might forget you’re not there.

So go ahead, let your imagination run wild. Explore the vast expanse of space, go back in time, or venture into the realms of fiction. With intergalactic face-swapping, the universe is your playground. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and imagination like never before.

10. Photo Face Swap: Effortless Magic

Photo Face Swap
Photo Face Swap

Transforming faces has never been easier than with Photo Face Swap. This cutting-edge tool lets you unleash your creativity and have fun with your photos like never before. With a wide array of filters and styles, you can quickly transform your face into something completely different or add a whimsy to your images.

Whether you want to become a fierce warrior, a mystical creature or swap faces with your favourite celebrity, Photo Face Swap has got you covered. The seamless blending technology ensures the transformation looks natural and realistic, making it hard to believe it’s not you in the picture.

The possibilities are endless with Photo Face Swap. You can create hilarious memes, surprise your friends with creative profile pictures, or explore different looks and styles. Get ready to embark on a magical journey of self-expression and unleash your imagination with Photo Face Swap. Let the enchantment begin!

11. Mivo: Where Fantasy Meets Reality


Mivo is not your typical face-swapping app. It goes beyond the mundane by seamlessly blending fantasy and reality. With Mivo, you can transcend the limitations of the natural world and embark on a captivating journey to mythical realms. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fantasy by swapping faces with legendary creatures and mythical beings. Transform into a majestic dragon, an elegant elf, or even a powerful sorcerer with a button tap.

Mivo unlocks the doors to a universe brimming with imagination and wonder. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild as you explore the boundless possibilities that Mivo offers.

Step into a world where dreams come to life and embrace the extraordinary in your everyday existence. Get ready to venture into the realms of magic and make-believe with Mivo – the gateway to a world of endless possibilities.

12. Cupace: Crafting Visual Wonders


Cupace is a remarkable app that gives you the power to create stunning visual wonders through its innovative face-swapping features. With this app, you can let your creativity soar and generate funny photos or surreal images that captivate anyone who sees them.

The true beauty of Cupace lies in its comprehensive toolset, designed to bring your unique visions to life. From seamless face swaps that seamlessly blend one person’s face onto another’s to the ability to overlay different facial expressions onto existing photos, this app takes photo editing to a whole new level.

Bring a smile to your friends’ faces by turning them into hilarious caricatures or surprise them with mind-bending images that blur the line between reality and imagination. With Cupace, the possibilities are truly endless.

Unlock your artistic potential and unleash your creativity with Cupace. Start creating masterpieces that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. Upgrade your photo editing game and experience the magic of Cupace today.

13. FaceHub: Your Face, Your Way


Wrap up our list with FaceHub, a versatile face-swapping app that lets you take control. With an array of customization options, you can fine-tune your swaps to match your preferences perfectly.

Not only can you swap faces with friends and family, but you can also try on the look of your favourite celebrities or historical figures. Imagine transforming into a well-known personality or immersing yourself in a different era. FaceHub truly opens up a realm of possibilities for self-expression and creative experimentation.

From subtle tweaks to complete face transformations, this app offers an intuitive interface that allows you to blend features and create seamless swaps seamlessly. Get ready to embark on endless possibilities and showcase your creativity with FaceHub.


In conclusion, these 12+ remarkable face swap apps for Android in 2024 bring a new dimension of creativity and amusement to your photos. With the ability to seamlessly swap faces, these apps provide a fun way to transform your images into something entirely new.

Through their advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, these apps ensure precise facial recognition and accurate swapping, enabling you to see yourself or your friends in a new light. Whether you want to swap faces with a celebrity, turn yourself into a cartoon character, or laugh with your friends, these apps have covered you.

Not only do these face swap apps offer a wide range of pre-loaded templates and filters, but they also allow you to customize and personalize your swaps. You can adjust the swapped faces’ size, position, and orientation for the perfect blend. Many apps offer editing tools, such as stickers, text, and filters, to enhance your photos.

Furthermore, these apps make sharing your creations with friends and family easy. With just a few taps, you can save and share your swapped photos on social media or send them directly to your contacts.

So, go ahead and dive into the world of face-swapping! Unleash your creativity, have fun, and let your imagination run wild. With these remarkable face swap apps for Android, the possibilities are endless!

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