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Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Your Device in 2024

Today we bring you the Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps. A cell phone tracking app is software installed on another device to track their activity, including GPS activity, call logs, text messages and more. This type of software can also follow a computer or tablet action.

Parents widely use the phone tracker app to spy on their child’s phone activity or keep them safe from companies that want to monitor their employees’ activity while on the job.

But with over 20 different Cell Phone Tracking Apps to choose from, it can be overwhelming, to say the least, when most are right. Some software only has basic options such as GPS location Cell Phone Tracking Apps, while others have more advanced phone call recording, social media monitoring and remote camera access.

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Although it is possible to track a cell phone without someone’s permission because the app is invisible on the target phone, it is only legal if the person you are following is a child under the age of 18 or has access to the person’s phone. Consent – whether as an employee or an associate.

Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Your Device in 2024

I’ve put together this guide to the best cell phone tracking apps to help you find the right phone tracker app for your needs. I’ve analyzed each service on various key factors, including features, device compatibility, price, and customer reviews.

List of Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps

  1. FlexiSpy: Best for phone call blocking and recording.
  2. mSpy: Best for spying on text messages and social media apps
  3. Clevguard: Best for Android surveillance.
  4. Spyic: Best for GPS Location Tracking.

1). FlexiSPY — Best for Tracking Social Media Activities

FlexiSPY is one of the best phone tracker apps in the market. It is packed with useful features that provide convenient smartphone spying and surveillance. FlexiSPY lets you track the movements of Android and iOS devices so you can stay on top of your loved one’s behaviour in real time. You can also follow the activity on the computer.

FlexiSPY Cell Phone Tracking Apps

All you have to do is install the FlexiSPY app on your target device (i.e. your child’s cell phone). The Phone Track app operates discreetly in the background, monitoring activities without drawing attention to itself. The program also has a convenient mobile app to track all phone activity wherever you go.

Features Cell Phone Tracking Apps:

  • Record phone calls
  • Built-in camera and microphone access for live spying
  • Phone call blocking and alerts
  • Keep an eye on social media and instant messenger apps
  • GPS Location Tracking & History
  • Track all incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Access all photos and videos taken with the phone
  • Track Internet usage and browsing history
  • Monitor all installed applications on mobile phone

FlexiSPY comes in three versions: Lite, Premium and Extreme. The Lite app provides essential functions at a low cost, while the premium app lets you text messages, call logs, and view images. The Extreme app has a full suite of advanced features, including live call interception.

Although FlexiSpy is not the cheapest option available, it is the best phone tracker app without permission. It is compatible with all devices, and installation is easy compared to other products on the market.

2). mSpy  — Best Phone Track App for Parental Control

mSpy is the best cell phone tracker for parents. mSpy allows you to monitor your child’s entire phone activity so you can ensure they are always safe, no matter where they are.

mSpy Cell Phone Tracking Apps

MSpy application parent is easy to use and takes less than 10 minutes to set up. The app works discreetly in the background, so your child will never know it’s installed. The app updates cellphone activity every 5 minutes, informing you about your child’s actions in real-time.

Features Cell Phone Tracking Apps:

  • Call Log Monitoring: You can view all outgoing/incoming calls, including timestamp, time duration and contact information.
  • Spying on instant messaging apps: You can access chat transcripts from various messenger apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, and Viber.
  • GPS Tracking: You can track the GPS location of the device and view its location history.
  • Message Monitoring: Check all incoming and outgoing text messages, even if they have been deleted from the phone.
  • Monitor Internet History: Check browsing history, including all Internet searches, even if the device is in Incognito mode.
  • Spy on Social Media Activity: View all social media activity on major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Tinder.
  • View All Media Files: Easily view and share all videos, photos and other media stored on the phone with others.

With MSpy, you can easily track both Android and iPhone devices. You’ll first need to select your subscription based on the number of subscriptions you want to get started. Next, you will follow the simple installation guide to get the mSpy application on the target device. After installation, you will access Control Panel to view all phone activity from one central location.

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  • Trusted by over 1.5 million parents from all over the world.
  • Access to a control panel to easily monitor all device activities.
  • Perfect for keeping your child away from cyberbullying or other harmful online activity.
  • The application works in the background, so users will not see icons on their devices.
  • You will get a notification if the user tries to delete the mSpy application.


  • You can only cover one device with the Basic and Premium subscriptions.
  • For premium features, the Android device needs to be rooted.

3). Clevguard — Best Discreet Spy Devices

As a parent, it is natural to worry about your child. You want to know what they see on social media and where they are at all times. Solution: Clevguard, a GPS tracker app.

Clevguard Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Child-tracking software works best for filtering online content and spotting predators. Clevguard provides quick access to a child’s social media app, browser history, and a phone’s real-time location. The Active Spy app is ideal for catching and preventing cyberbullying and other forms of harassment before they get out of hand.

Clevguard lets you track cell phone locations without permission because it is the best app to track someone’s phone. If your child goes into a prohibited area, you will be the first one. You can get real-time GPS tracking if you have a 3G or 4G, or 5G connection.

Features Cell Phone Tracking Apps:

  • Data export
  • Wi-Fi Logger
  • call monitoring and recording
  • Remote screenshot and photo access
  • iOS and Android Capabilities

If you’re looking to supervise your child, KidsGuard Pro can help. This best phone tracker app provides accurate and cost-effective tracking for all mobile devices without permission. Now you can flex your parental controls without breaking a sweat.

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4). Spyic — Mobile Phone Tracker That’s Compatible With Most Smartphones

You probably want a phone tracker app without the phone user knowing it’s on their device. When you need Cell Phone Tracking Apps and spying features for iPhone or Android, Spicec has you covered. This convenient spy app makes location tracking fast and straightforward.

Spyic Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Start Cell Phone Tracking Apps for someone in three steps. Sign up for a free Spicy account with your email address and install the application on the target cell phone. Once the tracking software is downloaded on each one, you can start remotely monitoring activity on the number without knowing the phone’s owner.

The Spike app covers all the basics of iPhone and Android tracking. That includes remote screenshots, call recordings, search alerts, and a Wi-Fi logger. It also provides a complete record of phone activity and call logs. Happiness spreads even on small things, such as:

Features Cell Phone Tracking Apps:

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 100% Security with Stealth Mode
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • hassle-free refund

Spike has over a million users worldwide. This is especially useful for tracking your child without them knowing. You can get started with a free demo by downloading the app from Google Play or the Android store.

Important Features to Look for in Mobile Phone Tracking App

GPS Location Tracking

Use GPS Location to keep track of your child or loved one. The best phone tracker app tells you the location of the target device track phone within seconds. You can see the user’s exact location, whether they are at school, work, or home.

Some apps, like mSpy and Where’s My Droid, also show you location history. The app records GPS coordinates throughout the day. When you go through that information fully, you can see whether your loved one went straight to work in the morning or moved to another place.

Phone Call Recording

Phone call recording involves documenting incoming and outgoing calls. The app automatically records the conversation on your dashboard, where you can download it or listen later. Some apps filter your recordings based on incoming or outgoing phone numbers.

All the files will appear on the call recording page. You can sort and select the required recordings while deleting the rest. This feature works regardless of whether the user’s phone is an iPhone or Android.

Call Log History

You are in luck if you need a spy app to track call logs. Several major services offer a reliable way to monitor incoming and outgoing calls. Including voicemail, missed calls and deleted messages.

The app sends you an alert after someone calls or receives a call. You will see the user’s contact information, call duration and call time. Many apps let you download the call log to a spreadsheet and store the data in one place.

Social Media Monitoring

You also access someone’s social media apps when you track a cell phone. The software records the user’s keystrokes and passwords. You can use this information to log in from another device. Once you open their account, you can see if a partner leads a secret life or a child abuser.

Spy apps let you access Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Tinder and other social media sites. An app also doesn’t work if the user uses two-factor authentication or location alerts. If you log into their cell phone around them, they can get a notification from the app about “suspicious activity”.

Spy on Text Messages

Tracking software acts as a filter for text messages and SMS. You can read incoming and outgoing messages even if the person deletes them. This feature lets concerned parents watch without their child’s mobile device knowing, so they can avoid being exposed to inappropriate content.

According to TextRequest.com, the average person receives 94 text messages per day. You can limit the influx of alerts with keyword filters. The app will only send notifications when the target device receives or sends a text containing that keyword.

History of Internet Browsing

A spy app lets you monitor someone’s internet browser history. Even if they use Incognito Mode, you’ll still have access to their past questions and searches. The app lists the websites they visited in chronological order, so you know where and when they were.

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It’s important to know someone’s location without raising the alarm. The same applies to one’s phone history as well. Ensure your kids stay away from online spam, malware and other unwanted content with internet browser monitoring.

Control Panel

The best control panel gives you quick access to whatever feature you need. They have clean displays and legible types to easily navigate the different sections. If you’re concerned about your child’s well-being, the last thing you want is to fumble around the control panels looking for the tracking feature.

A simple design should not sacrifice performance. Apps should provide robust functionality that meets the needs and preferences of your specific track phone. Some apps have a customizable control panel to customize the display.

How to Choose the Best GPS Phone Tracker

Ease of USE

Spy software can appear technical and complex. However, the leading Android and iPhone spy apps have intuitive interfaces that are easy to use. Popular apps, like mSpy and KidsGuard Pro, let you follow a target phone in less than a minute.

If you want to track someone without permission, the best way is to download a spy app. After you have installed it, the descriptive software on the target phone will disappear after you are followed on another device. While you can track someone from your phone using several non-software solutions, such as Find My iPhone, these options don’t offer the same ease of use.

Device Compatibility

The best spy apps work on demand. Whether you own an iPhone or Android, you can track someone else’s or monitor driving directions effortlessly. Many tracker apps also work on desktops and tablets to track a target phone on multiple devices.

Available Features

Make sure the spy app meets your needs and budget. Consider which features you value most and which companies offer them. My Droid is excellent if you want real-time GPS tracking or location history. However, if you’re curious about someone’s social media apps, messaging apps, or browser history, then Where’s My Droid doesn’t have the features for you.

Membership Plans

A GPS tracker app can get expensive in a hurry. Some options on this list can set you back several hundred dollars annually. At the same time, you should find a cost-effective app to track your loved ones. Remember that their long-term well-being and safety are priceless.

Are There Free Phone Trackers You Can Use?

You can find dozens of free tracking apps, such as Find My Kids, FamiSafe, and Spy Human. The application has simple interfaces and caters to parents who want to watch their child or other family members. Most of these options do not feature call recording and are detectable on the target device.

For example, Cynic’s Family Locator app offers a straightforward control panel with easy-to-use features. Including SOS alerts, geofencing, and locating history. It doesn’t have advanced software to monitor call logs or track phones without permission.

Can you Track Your Phone Without Anyone Knowing?

While it is possible to track a person’s phone without permission, it is also illegal. States consider it a felony or the equivalent of a felony, which results in at least one year in prison and a hefty fine. This applies whether you record calls, intercept text messages, or remotely pass through someone’s browser history. Of course, if you get someone’s consent to use the tracker, you don’t need to worry about legal ramifications.

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The one exception to the rule is if you’re tracking your child’s phone and they are under 18. The law allows parents to make decisions in the best interest of their children, even if it means tracking their phones without them.

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