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Windows 7 Product Keys & Activation Code 32bit+64bit (July 2024)

In this article, we present the details of how to activate windows 7 and share windows 7 product keys for any windows 7 edition.

Windows 7 is still the most popular version of Microsoft’s operating System. There are many reasons why many users prefer to use it lately.

Windows 7 Pro and Product Keys & Activation Code

Even in 2024, the number of users using the Windows 7 operating system on their computers is huge even though Microsoft company has already developed several versions of Windows 10.

Some people prefer one of the many Windows 7. It is still a valid option because of its functions, special features, stable operation and ease of resource management, compatibility with almost all programs, and many more.

When you have this operating System, you have a version that, for this reason, rarely presents problems in its operation or its updates.

It can be said that Windows 7 offer the best performance, given that it should always be taken into account, considering the characteristics of the devices in which it is used.

One of the weak points, so to speak, of how to get a key for Windows 7 Pro or any edition to complete the System’s activation is that most people cannot buy or have access to an original license.

So the System shows them a persistent message reminding them that they should activate Windows 7 immediately, and even in some cases, access to the session may be lost due to lack of activation.

This activation is done simply because it is possible to get a product key for Windows 7 Pro and any other version through various means and forms, which we will present here.

Windows 7 Product Keys & Activation Code

Enter the password for Windows 7 Pro at installation.

As we just mentioned, there are currently several ways by which users can activate their Windows 7 operating system.

It is essential to complete the following steps to fully update your operating System with all its functions active and without any issues.

An easier way to activate it is when the operating System is installed on the computer. In this case, almost at the end of the installation process.

The wizard will ask you to enter a 25-character serial number, which must be placed there to continue the installation process.

Activation keys for installation can be easily found on the Internet. This key must be unique and must correspond to the version of Windows 7 being installed.

For this, you must know whether you want a key for 32 bits or a key to activate Windows 7 for 64 bits.

Following are some of the keys that will help you to activate Windows 7 from its installation:

Windows 7 Product Keys for 32-bit

Windows 7 versionActivation key
windows 7 starter9JBBV-7Q7P7-CTDB7-KYBKG-X8HHC
windows 7 home basic6JKV2-QPB8H-RQ893-FW7TM-PBJ73
Windows 7 Home Premium6JQ32-Y9CGY-3Y986-HDQKT-BPFPG
windows 7 proD63NM-7QWZJ-P5CQ3-8SFKN-2U9DH
windows 7 enterpriseMZDPH-XCBR3-PFWJG-Zaucy-DYUYH
windows 7 ultimateJSEC7-Q79QR-3HBT3-72DPR-NU3HQ
windows 7 professional24437-XVJQQ-F36R3-7HM2B-RXTCX

windows 7 product keys For 64-bit

Windows 7 versionProduct Key
windows 7 starterACWPP-4UAMH-35U7N-FFYK-BJRYK
windows 7 home basicBNKH7-7E6P8-GQHVU-MPFWK-UJJ5T
windows 7 proNY6Z5-ZK9RM-37Z24-RDF3G-272J3
windows 7 enterpriseD9RHV-JG8XC-C77H2-3YF6D-RYRJ9
windows 7 ultimate7XRCQ-RPY28-YY9P8-R6HD8-84GH3
windows 7 professional2KH22-2H9QT-YG6WX-8X6Q8-Y89K4

Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional Serial Key (OEM)

  • Lenovo – 22TKD-F8XX6-YG69F-9M66D-PMJBM
  • Dell – 342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K27

On the other hand, if you have Windows 7 operating system installed on your computer and skip the activation step, you can do it as follows:

  1. Go to the Start menu from the desktop, type Run in the search bar, and press Enter.
  2. A window will open in which you have to type “cmd” you will get the system symbol application, which you have to open with the “Run as administrator” option.
  3. When sales open, you must command “slmgr.vbs – ipk ***** *****”. In this case, the asterisk should be replaced by one of the activation keys from the list we showed you earlier.
  4. After this, you must enter another command, “slmgr.vbs-ato,” to activate the operating System.

Once this is done, your Operating System will be activated, and you can use it normally without any warnings when the session starts.

Windows 7 Activate Without Using Any Program

Although in the previous method, we explained how to enter a key for Windows 7 Pro during its installation and thus activate it.

It doesn’t matter when the System is activated, before or after its installation. If this activation works, the System will be fully operational.

The most important point to this process is that you have 30 days to activate your Windows 7 after installing it.

If you don’t do this, you will see notifications asking you to activate the System, and some features may be gradually disabled.

So that this does not happen to you, we will tell you another way to activate Windows 7.

  1. Go to the Start button menu, and from there, go to Control Panel.
  2. Now click on the first section, System and Security.
  3. Then choose System.
  4. You will see an option that says View basic information about the computer, there you need to click on the Change product key just below Windows Activation.
  5. Now a screen will appear where you must enter a 25-character password or serial number.

Once you have completed these steps, your Windows 7 should be activated. To finish, we recommend restarting your computer to complete the process.

How to Check if Windows 7 is Genuine?

If you don’t know whether the Windows 7 you use is activated or not, you can find out by following a series of steps below:

  1. You must do this with an account with administrative permissions when logging in to your computer.
  2. Open the Start menu, and in the search bar, you need to type “cmd.exe” and hit the Enter key.
  3. When the CMD executable appears, open it with the option to “Run as administrator.
  4. A black window will open in which you must type the command “slmgr.vbs -xpr” and press Enter.
  5. After a few seconds, you will see that a window appears on the screen showing all the information about the version of the operating system that is installed and whether it is activated or not.

At the same time, you can use the fastest method for checking:

To do this, open the Start button menu and, from there, open Control Panel, then go to System and Security.

Then in System, and at the bottom, you’ll get a message telling you that Windows is activated.

Benefits of Activating Windows 7 from CMD

Activating the Operating System with commands via CMD Advantage has its advantages. Between them:

  • The operating System can be activated and validated without downloading and installing third-party programs or software that may harm our device.
  • This method works for any version of Windows, regardless of language.
  • It is a simple and fast process that does not consume resources that could slow down our computer.
  • It is not necessary to deactivate the antivirus at any time. On the contrary, if it should be done by other means.
  • You should not download anything online or choose pirated elements since unzipping can infect your computer.
  • The activism that happens is for a lifetime.
  • You can use the Windows Update service without any problems. It doesn’t restrict it at all.
  • It will be possible to upgrade the System to Windows 10 without problems.

A Pirated Copy of Windows Is Less Safe

As is well known, many web pages are searching the Internet where you can find information to learn how to activate Windows 7 for free, and although most are very helpful, the truth is that many Let’s take risks on incense sticks.

Although the risks are not critical, using activators and pirated programs in recent versions of this operating System may be a cause for concern.

Also note that if the password or incorrect program is used, it may affect your device’s functioning and even the security of your elements.

This can be especially harmful if you work or store personal or company data on the computer where you use these methods.

In this case, the best thing to do to get a complete operating system is to legally obtain a basic license, that is, to pay for it. The same applies to Microsoft Office 2016.

By doing this, you can access all the Windows 7 operating system functions.

But you can also get direct technical support from the company (first) rating system developers.

Recommendations for them to continue innovating and improving Windows features for future releases.

Windows 7 version

Finally, we want to remember that these activation methods, regardless of whether they may or may not pose some risks, are compatible with any version of Windows 7 that has been released.

All forms of activation apply to all versions, from the most basic to the most complex:

  • Windows 7 Starter: The ideal edition to install on low-resource computers
  • Windows 7 Home Basic: This is a more advanced version, but not the most complete, ideal for simple computers. Very useful for running light programs.
  • Home Premium Edition: For midrange computers and most currently used computers. Ideal for use in home appliances.
  • Windows 7 Professional: Edition is dedicated to small businesses and professionals, offering many special functions, including linking to Internet domains. Supports heavy programs
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: A more advanced version that works for almost everyone, offers better security features and account management settings similar to the Enterprise edition.
  • Windows 7 Enterprise: Edition is dedicated to large companies, offering features specific to their work type.

Remember that almost all of these versions are the same. They differ only in some features and functions.

Besides, each was designed for devices with certain characteristics in their components. The following materials may be helpful:


So far, in our article, remember that you can use any of these methods or keys to activate Windows 7 Pro at any time.

We invite you to visit our blog to find more articles like the ones we share here.

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