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Windows 11 Free Download ISO file [32, 64 Bit] – Direct Download Link!

Windows 11 Free Download:- Microsoft company has made it’s latest Windows 11 available for the official update. Users all over the world can download Microsoft’s new operating system to their computer or laptop. Not everyone will get the Windows 11 update immediately. For this, users will have to wait till the update option comes on their system. Let us tell you that the customers with Windows 10 will get the update of Windows 11 for free. After the new WINDOWS 11, laptops from companies like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo will now come into the market with Windows 11.

Let us tell you here that if your device will not support it then you will not be able to download it. If you want to download Windows 11 on the old device, then for that you have to install it manually through Windows 11 ISO file. But with this, you will not get automatic updates.

Now the update is being started, you can also check whether the update is available for your device or not. For this, you have to go to the option of Windows Update by going to Settings.

To download, first, you have to go to the software download page of Windows 11 by going to your PC’s browser. After this, you have to download Windows 11 Installation Assistant. Once downloaded, run it and follow the instruction. With this, you will be able to download Windows 11 on your PC.

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Windows 11 Free Download ISO file

Windows 11 Free Download ISO file [32, 64 Bit] - Direct Download Link!

With the invention of laptops and computers, some software was also created so that the system could work well. Windows in any PC or laptop need as much as the breath of the body. It is not possible to do any work on a laptop or PC without Windows. After the invention of Windows, Microsoft company released several updates related to it one after the other. In today’s time windows, 11 iso download made by Microsoft is being made available in 32 bit and 64 bit.

You don’t have to wait any longer to Windows 11 Free Download ISO 32/64 Bit. We are going to provide you with its download link soon. We will provide you with every news related to Windows 11 ISO file 32/64 Bit through our article. You can access it soon through the link given by us. After Windows 7, 8, 10, now a lot of searches are being done on the internet for Windows 11 ISO download 32 bit.

Windows 11 release date 

Microsoft launched Windows 11 on October 5 as a free upgrade, though some people were able to install it a day early on October 4.

Windows Update (Source: Twitter)

Windows 11 Free Download ISO File Complete Setup Guide

To update Windows 11 ISO Microsoft, you will soon be given complete details of its setup. On updating Windows 10 to Windows 11 released by Microsoft company, your PC and computer will automatically update OS Android apps, new design, start menu, performance improvements, multitasking, and many more features. According to the information we have received, the links for Windows 11 Upgrade 2021 can be released next week.

Till now, the company has to bear a lot of expenses in making and upgrading any software. Microsoft has also spent a lot of money in creating the ISO file of Windows 11. To cover this cost, you may have to pay some fee to update 32bit and 64bit Windows 11 on your PC or laptop. Windows 11 ISO File Leaked According to the news, users using Microsoft company Win 7, 8, 10 will be able to download Windows 11 32 and 64-bit full versions on their PC or laptop.

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Windows 11 Free Download Offcial link

Windows 11 ISO File Download 32bit

Now you can improve your system by downloading Windows 11 ISO 32 Bit on your laptop or PC. We have provided you with complete information about this through this article. Windows 11 information was leaked through social media on 17 June 2021. Since then users using Windows 7 to 10 have been trying to download it.

If you are also searching for Windows 11 Free Download iso 32 bit, then let us tell you that you will be able to download it only after the official announcement. The information regarding the release date of Microsoft Windows 11 ISO File 32 and 64 bit will be updated soon. The release date is being discussed in India right now. Microsoft had called a press meeting on June 24 at 10 am regarding the release date of Windows 11, but Windows 11 ISO information was leaked on social media shortly before the meeting.

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Window 11 Dark Themes
Windows 11 will now run on older CPUs.

Windows 11 ISO File Download 64bit

The computer world was revolutionized with the release of Windows 10 on 25 July 2015. Everyone had become crazy about Windows 10. On June 24, 2021, Microsoft decided to launch Win 11 Lite version after Windows 10. Windows 10 users can download this new  Windows 11 Free Download ISO 64 Bit for free. For this, they just have to update their Windows 10 with the new features of Windows 11. Only after that, you can use this Windows.

Let us tell you that users using Windows 10 will not have to pay any additional fees for Windows 11 to any website. Windows 10 users will now be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. What will it cost for those using Windows 7 and Windows 8? No information has been released regarding this yet. For the Update guide from 10 to 11, you can read other information by clicking on this link Win 11 Download Links.

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Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/64bit

Many users still started searching for Windows 11 Free Download 32/64 bit ISO files. Let us tell you that this version of Windows is yet to be released. On June 24, some announcements will be made regarding the release of Windows 11. After Win 11 is released and available for download, it will be available only on Microsoft’s official portal.

The Win11 ISO file will be provided to users for free (preliminary prediction) and users will not have to pay for the new version. We recommend that you upgrade your OS to Win11 as soon as it becomes available. Because, after a certain time limit, Microsoft can even pay it. Windows 11 ISO file bot will be available for 32 and 64 bit operating systems. You have to download the ISO file of the version according to your OS.

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Windows 11 ISO 64/32 bit Installation Process:

To download and install Windows 11 on 64 bit OS, you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all download the Windows 11 ISO file from the link given above .
  2. Now take a USB drive (with at least 16 GB space) and make it bootable.
  3. You can make this pendrive bootable using Rufus.
  4. Launch Rufus and select the Windows 11 ISO file you just downloaded.
  5. Don’t make changes to any other fields and keep all of them as defaults and then click on the Start button at the bottom .
  6. After that, Windows 11 will be flashed in your USB drive.
  7. Plug this USB drive into the system where you want to install Windows 11.
  8. Now restart your laptop/ PC and keep pressing the Boot Key .
  9. Select the USB drive as the primary from the boot device options.
  10. After pressing the Enter button, the Windows 11 installation process will begin. Now choose your language, time and keyboard input method and click on Install button.
  11. Since you do not have a product key , click on the option “I don’t have a product key” .
  12. Now select the Windows 11 version you want to install. After which, Windows 11 on 64 Bit OS will be successfully installed on your laptop and PC.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Processor1GHz or faster on-chip compatible 64-bit processor or system with 2 or more cores
Storage64GB or larger storage device
System firmwareUEFI, Secure Boot capable
TPMTrusted Platform Module (TPM) Version 2.0
Graphics cardCompatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
DisplayHD (720p) displays over 9 inches diagonally, 8 bits per color channel
Internet connection and Microsoft accountFor Windows 11 Home Edition: Internet connectivity; Microsoft account to complete device setup on first use. For all Windows 11 versions: Internet access to download and use updates and certain features; Microsoft account for some features
windows 11 pc health checker
windows11 pc health checker

Features of Windows 11

The update to Windows 11 saw many changes, in which the design, interface and Start menu have been quite different from the previous update. There will be some minor changes in the Windows start sound. With Windows 11, you will also not get to see live titles with Hi Cortana with the Welcome Screen in the new Windows. With the design of Windows 11, Microsoft plans to compete with macOS and Chrome OS.


So, this guide is about how to download and install Windows 11 ISO files on a PC. I hope this article helped you! Please share this with your friends also. If you have any doubt related to this then let us know in the comment box below.


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