SEO Stop Words List

SEO Stop Words List: Have you ever imagined what are the words that the search engine ignores? The common words you should always avoid using in your content?

Yes, the search engine omits common words called stop words to save space in the database and also to speed up the tracking/indexing process.

How Stop Words Hurt Website Positioning

These leaked words can hamper your SEO(search engine optimization) efforts, especially if they are used endlessly in the titles of your website. They successfully waste the beneficial house, which is very important in certain areas due to truncation in the search results.

Areas to explicitly avoid the use of stop words (for those who should shorten the problems) include:

  • Page title
  • Website Post, Page URLs (Permanent Link)
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image or image Alt textual content

Here, we have created a complete list of empty stop words that the Search Engine ignores.

SEO Stop Words List

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