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How To Increase Website Traffic For Free Without SEO

In this post, I have told you How to Increase Website Traffic, so if your blog is new and traffic is not coming, you will find this post very useful.

To earn money from blogging, it is very important to have traffic on your blog. The more traffic you have on your blog, the more you will be able to earn from your blog. In such a situation, a new blogger must know How to Increase Website Traffic.

The biggest problem for any new blogger is that traffic does not come to his blog. So he can’t even earn money; bringing traffic to the blog takes time. It is not that you created a blog, wrote content, and started getting good traffic in a month.

Bringing traffic is not a big problem; the problem is how you will increase website traffic to your blog over time. And in this way, a lot of traffic will come to your blog after a few months.

What Are the Different Types of Web Traffic?

Traffic comes to any blog in many ways. We can divide all the incoming traffic into 6 types of sources.

1. Organic

The traffic from Google or any other search engine is called organic search traffic. SEO is needed to bring traffic from search engines.

2. Direct

The traffic that comes directly to your website without any medium is direct traffic. If someone only enters your site by typing the domain in the browser, it is direct traffic.

3. Social

The traffic coming from any social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) is called social traffic.

4. Referral

If someone comes to your site using the link on any other site, it is called referral traffic.

5. Ads

If you run an ad campaign from google ads, bing ads, or Facebook ads and traffic comes from them, it is called traffic coming from ads.

6. Direct

If you send an email for the promotion of your site and the traffic comes from those emails, it is called traffic coming from email.

So now we know how to bring many types of traffic to the website or blog.

How To Increase Website Traffic in 2021

So today I will give you some tips. You will be aware of most of these tips, but you will not know how to use tips. So I will tell you the tips, and I will also tell you how to use those tips.

How to Increase Website Traffic: These are some tips to increase traffic on the blog.

1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your blog. SEO is the only way by which you can bring a lot of traffic to the blog.

Google is the world’s largest search engine, and in SEO, the main target of everyone is Google. Because 86.86 per cent of searches in all search engines in the world are in Google, the rest are bing, yahoo, Yandex, and others.

Optimizing your blog or its pages so that that page ranks in the search engine on the target keyword is called SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization. The traffic ahead of search engines is called organic traffic.

It takes less time to do SEO for any site but more time to get the result of SEO if your site is new.

To bring traffic to the blog from Google, you have to do SEO. In SEO, you have to write SEO-friendly articles or content on your blog.

Many things are done inside SEO. To learn more about SEO, read this: What SEO Complete Guide.

Organic traffic generates more sales on affiliate blogs and more CPC on Adsense blogs.

It takes more time to bring traffic to any new blog from SEO due to which google sandbox. Google does not trust any new site. So google monitors that site and now keeps the site in the sandbox. At the time of sandbox, google does not give good rankings to that site, no matter how well SEO is done.

When Google feels that now it can trust that site, it starts ranking the site on keywords. And traffic starts coming to the site. The sandbox time can range from 1 month to 6 months. So at this time, you keep writing good content on your site and create backlinks.

2. How to Drive Website Traffic Through Social Media

You can use social media to drive traffic to a blog. You can create a social media account for your blog, share new posts, and get a little traffic.

The traffic that comes to the site from social media is social.

If your blog does not have followers on social media accounts and there is little expectation of traffic from them, then you will find many groups on Facebook where people question and answer, then give the URL of your post as an answer in the comments. Can.

Apart from this, if you want to bring traffic from the images of your sites, then you can use Pinterest. Apart from this, you can also try to bring traffic from Twitter, Youtube, etc. Even if someone else shares your content, you will get traffic.

3. How do I drive traffic on Quora

Quora is the best way to bring traffic to any new site. Quora is a forum where people ask questions, and knowledgeable people answer those questions.

On Quora, you have to create your profile and add related topics of your blog’s niche to your profile so that people ask questions related to that thing.

If someone asks you a question and you have already answered the question in any of your posts, then you should answer the question and also give a link to your post along with the answer.

Don’t give full details in your answer. You give some information in the answer and a link for the rest so that people will come to your blog for complete information.

You will get visitors to your new blog from Quora. If traffic comes to your blog, it will be a positive signal for Google and give your site rankings quickly.

Like Quora, you can also use Reddit. There is a difference between Reddit and Quora. Quora is only for questions and answers, whereas you can post on Reddit. You can share anything by posting on Reddit. Hindi and Indian public are negligible on Reddit, so if you target India from your site, Reddit will not be useful.

4. Target Long Tail Keywords

It is good on any new blog that you target long-tail keywords. If you target Short Tail Keywords on your blog, then ranking your blog on Short Tail Keywords isn’t easy.

If you know little about keywords and research, read this post: Keyword Research Kaise Kare.

You can rank on a long-tail keyword quickly and easily compared to a short-tail keyword. This will bring traffic to your blog.

5. Internal Linking

Internal linking means giving the link of your domain’s page, i.e. site, to any other page.

Simple language When you link any of your posts to any other post, it is called internal linking.

By doing internal linking properly, you can multiply your blog’s traffic. You can do internal linking to send visitors to any of your posts to your other pages. You link the right post at the right place. You link a similar post to your blog, i.e. of the same category.

6. Update Old Content

If there is old content on your blog and traffic does not come, then you can update such content.

If you made mistakes while writing the post or missed something important in the post, the old data is written in the title of your post, and there are broken links in your post, then you can rectify those things.

You can add new information to your content. This will make your content new and more likely to rank on Google.

7. Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks help in off-page SEO and bring traffic to your blog. People make backlinks so that the authority of their domain increases and the site ranks in Google. For more information about backlinks, click here.

If you create backlinks, you will benefit from SEO, and traffic will also come to your blog. You can create backlinks from guest posting. Apart from this, you can create a backlink by commenting.

You can also make a nofollow backlink from Wikipedia. Medium is a very good site where you can write a post and link your post to that post and get a nofollow backlink.

It does not matter whether the backlink is dofollow or nofollow. If you have created a backlink in the right place, traffic will come to your blog.

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I have given you some tips on following which you can increase website traffic on your blog. Google is the best way to bring traffic to the blog. It would be best if you focused the most on Google, and for this, it becomes necessary that you learn SEO and do SEO for your blog.

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