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15+ Best Apps to Hide Photos/Videos on Android 2024

If you have an Android phone, there are many ways to keep your photos private. But some methods are a little more secure, and others are less secure. For example, a person moves his photos to a different place so that when he turns his phone to a friend or relative, his friend or relative will not see all those photos. Below, we will tell you four ways to keep your images private on Android Phones.

15+ Best Apps to Hide Photos/Videos on Android 2024

Best Android Apps to Hide Photos and Videos 2024

Professionals who give more importance to their privacy prefer open-source applications because open-source code can be reviewed. With this, programmers can review that code to know whether that program is doing anything wrong with their photos.

1. Simple Gallery Pro: Photos

Simple Gallery Pro Photos

This is an open-source app that works on most Android devices. You can hide your photos in Simple Gallery Pro. Here you can keep your hidden items safe, or if you want, you can also access this App through PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint. The developer of this App is Simple Mobile Tools, and this company also provides other apps, such as Simple File Manager Pro Apps.


Name: Simple Gallery Pro: Hide Photos & Videos
Requires:5.0 and up
Developer:Simple Mobile Tools
play store

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2. Vaulty – Hide Pictures & Videos

Vaulty is the most popular App in terms of hiding content. Millions of users have positively reviewed this App in the Google Play Store.

Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty

This App has a Photo Gallery. You can create more than one Vault in Gallery. This means that you can show different photos to different people.

All your content is password-protected and backs up your media so that even if you lose your phone, your content will be safe. You can also use Vault for free. Its premium version is also available.


Name: Vaulty – Hide Photos & Videos
Requires:5.0 and up
Developer: Vault
play store

3. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

Keepsafe Photo Vault Hide Private Photos & Videos

Vault’s biggest competitor is Keepsafe Vault. The features of these two are also very similar. Here all your photos are password-protected and encrypted so that you can back up your photos to the cloud storage of this App.

There is another feature in this App, which hides its onscreen icon. This means that even if someone takes your phone, he will not know you have hidden Something.

You can also use KeepSafe Vault for free. Its premium version is also available.


Name: Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos
Requires:5.0 and up
play store

4. Hide Something – Photos, Videos

Hide Something photos, videos

Hide Something is also an excellent app for hiding pictures on Android. You can also hide photos with PIN and Passwords. all your photos will be backed up in Google Drive.

Some unique features have also been given in this App. First, save your files or folders using Share Menu in your phone’s Vault. Second, it will not appear in your recently used apps list.

You can also use Hide Something for free. Its premium version is also available.

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Name: Hide Something: Hide Photos & Videos
Requires:5.0 and up
Developer:Hide Something
play store

5. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault Hide Photos & Videos

LockMyPix hides countless photos or videos on your Android phone or tablet using standard-grade AES encryption.

The most important feature of this App is creating a fake Vault with a different PIN than the App. Here your SD card photos are also supported. Encrypted backups, as well as GIF files, are also supported. |

You can also use LockMyPix for free. Its premium version is also available.


Name: LockMyPix: Hide Photos & Videos
Requires:5.0 and up
play store

How to hide private photos and videos on Google Photos

With the help of the Archive Feature, you can move your photos. However, whoever has your phone will be able to see your archived photos, and archived images will appear in our Album and Search Results. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your ideas private, but not the safest.

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Warning: If you give your phone to someone else, he can see any archived images of your Google Photos.

Follow these steps to hide your photos:

1. Open Google Photos on your Android Phones.

2. Select one or more images by tapping.

3. Tap on the three vertical dot menus on the top right side.

4. Now tap on Move to Archive. After that, all your selected images will go into the Archive of Google Photos.

To access Archive’s photos, tap Library at the bottom right and then Archive.

Native Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android ROMs

First, you should check on your Android device whether the method of Secure Images has been given in it. For example, in Samsung’s device, which has Android Nougat 7.0 or later OS, the company provides the facility of Secure Folder, and older Android versions have the option of Private Mode. In addition, LG delivers a Content Lock feature in some of its devices so that images and videos can be made private.

Once configured, you need a PIN, Pattern, or Password to view the photos. This method keeps your photos more private than the Archive feature of Google Photos.

How do I hide images in Nomedia?

If you want to hide hundreds or thousands of photos, moving them one by one won’t be easy. So instead, it is better to create a “.nomedia” file for the folder you want to hide.

When your phone sees a .nomedia file in a folder, it scans your directory when it cannot load its contents.

You must use a third-party file manager app to create the file. Using this, you go to the folder you want to hide and make a new file in the directory named .nomedia. Having any content in the file is unnecessary – Filename is the essential part. To get this process back as before, delete the .nomedia file.

What are other Android Vault Apps?

Vault means the items that you keep there. So they should always be safe. The purpose of Vault Apps is to protect Digital Content. Usually, in Vault App, you can select and place your photos, videos, and other files there and then access those photos, videos, and files with a PIN, passcode, and the fingerprint required. And in some circumstances, your photos can also be accessed through face recognition like biometric authentication.

First, you must search “Vault” in the Google Play Store, after which you will get a long list of Vaults. If you do not understand which Vault App to download, then, first of all, see how many downloads are there in the Play Store of all the apps given in the list and the rating of that App. Usually, you should see that App has many Million Downloads and its rating is 4.5 or more.


So, did you like our suggestions on how to hide your photos and videos on Android? Leave your comment below saying which apps you wanted the most and if you already use them on your smartphone or tablet! Don’t also forget to check out the best free Android apps!

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