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How To Create A Custom WordPress Dashboard With Elementor in 2023

In this post, we will be installing the Elementor Page Builder. (free version) and Importing one of our Elementor user dashboard templates. This is the base template we also use when visiting your TechnoVimal member’s area. Let dive deep to explore the details!

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Creating a Custom WordPress Dashboard

Elementor vector icon png
Elementor icon

Isn’t it amazing to facilitate your clients with a custom dashboard in WordPress? Here you’ll decorate the welcome area with warm greetings, any special message or a helpful guideline to work the location. Also, it is often a contact form for all kinds of media files. And any elements or sections you would like to feature. Nevertheless, you’ll arrange the fields consistent with your client’s preference.

Therefore, it allows you to leave a singular fingerprint on the board. You’ll reign the doorway where you or your clients arrive after login into the location.

Furthermore, it’ll accelerate your brand value and increase customer satisfaction levels. This way, you’ll personalize your product and services by uniquely identifying your WordPress Dashboard.

👉 So, you can add a custom dashboard to display in your reception area:

  • A Welcome Message.
  • Useful Instructions to operate the site.
  • Contact form for more questions or help.
  • Company description and contact information.
  • Description of services and products.
  • Video-tutorial.
  • Answers to common frequently asked questions.
  • Important links, updates, and news.

👉 This will enable its customers to:

  • A quick look at links and important updates
  • Comprehensive guidelines for browsing the site
  • Maintain a private board based on your business processes.

Hence, with Elementor, you will get full control over the WordPress welcome panel by following a few easy steps.

Step1: How to Create a Custom Dashboard for Elementor

  • To get started, we will need to install and activate Elementor. To do so, click the Add new option in the Plugins menu.
WordPress Add new Plugins menu
WordPress Add new Plugins menu
  • Next, type “Element Page Builder” in the search field and hit Install for Page Builder. When finished, also hit the active button…
Element Page Builder install also hit the active button
Install for Page Builder
  • After that, it will take us to the element reception page. Scroll to “Templates” and click the Save Template option.
Welcome to Elementor page. Save Template option.
Element Reception Page

Here is your download link for the TechnoVimal Block Templates:

  • WordPress dashboard and navigate Elementor → My Templates → “Import Templates” button on the top. As it is currently empty, we have to import a panel template to start.
 Import Templates Option
Import Templates Option
  • Next, click the “Choose file” button and navigate to the dashboard template .zip or a.JSON file you downloaded from your member’s area. For this instance, I can import the dark template by clicking the “Import Now” button.
importing the dark template by clicking on the “Import Now” button.
Import option
  • Great, it’s now imported and available to be used for a page.😊 Let’s add a replacement page which will be used as the dashboard.
Add new
Add new
  • First, provide a name/title for the current page. Then, in the Page Attributes drop-down menu, select the page template of the elements canvas and edit with the Element button.
name title to the current page
New Page

👉 You can save the options and start the page generator.

Step 2: Change the Page Layout to Elementor Canvas

  • When the page generator is loaded we must press the “folder icon” to see the available templates.
  • Click on the “My Templates” tab to see the list of imported templates.
See my template organized template list
My Templates
  • As you can see, the “Dark Dashboard template” will be available; all we have to do is press the “Insert” button.
Insert Dashboard template
Insert Your upload template
  • Be sure to choose “Yes” to insert the actual configuration of the page, for example, the background gradient that I originally added to the template…….
  • Well, we have a fully functional user dashboard that you can edit just the way you will need it.
fully functional user dashboard
User Dashboard
  • From here on, when your customers log in or get logged in automatically with the fulfilment URL from TechnoVimal utilized in the ThriveCart product, they will be greeted on this page if your settings are left blank for “Redirect after successful login (URL).”
log in or get logged

Note –

👉 If you plan to update, you should not dismiss the dashboard. ❗

Final Verdict on Custom WordPress Dashboard

WordPress and Elementor are widely known for their robustness and customization options. There is nothing concrete here. You can modify and mould everything right for you and your business.

In this continuation, you can also change the view of the WordPress back-end panel to facilitate the navigation of your personal or client evaluation. The default WordPress dashboard may be familiar to you as a developer, but your customers may have difficulty operating it.

Nothing to worry about. You can now govern the back end of your site and create a custom WordPress panel to assess the value of your brand and customer satisfaction.



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