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Hello, you must know what TechnoVimal is about. And read about us to understand what is the purpose of this website. If you also want to share your knowledge on TechnoVimal. If you’re going to help more people, then you are welcome. You can send me your post, and then I will publish it on TechnoVimal.

Guest post submit TechnoVimal
Guest post submit TechnoVimal

While writing the post, keep these things in mind:-

  • Your post should not be copied anywhere, meaning it should be 100% new. It should be with 0% Plagiarism.
  • There should be 1 image related to the work related to the post.
  • Post work should be 500 words, no matter how long it will last, but there should be the talk of work in the post. Post Send to First Word Count Karle.
  • The post should be of use. That does not mean that it is not of any use.
  • Post you Chaiye accurate information.
  • You can use (Hindi + English both) in writing the post.

The post should be any:-

  • Must be at least 700 words.
  • There must be an image. You can do a free stock image related to the post. Download the copyright-free picture from Google in the center. If you copy the image, then definitely give its credit link.
  • Write the post in a short paragraph which is easy to read.
  • If you add a link to the post, there should not be a link to any wrong site.

What is the benefit of guest posting on TechnoVimal:-

What are the benefits of posting TechnoVimal to you? Let’s know that too!

  • The post will be posted in your name. Due to this your popularity will increase.
  • A link to your website will also be added in the Author Box. Due to this your website will also be promoted. With that, you will also get a High-Quality Backlink.
  • Even without creating your website, you can make your own identity by sharing your knowledge with the world.
  • You will also join the list of 150+ Guest Authors on TechnoVimal.
  • You will get a chance to be featured on the most popular blog on the Hindi website.
  • The most important thing is that there is no cost to the happiness of helping people. 

If you want to promote your product/service through GuestPost, then your post will come under the category of Sponsor Post, and if you’re going to post a contact, then first contact us and tell its details, then we will be able to tell how much will be charged.

On which topics can you write a post?

  • Blogging:- Any information related to
  • Social Networking Sites: – Any information or tips and tricks about Facebook, Twitter, Google+ about a site on Blogger or WordPress, what they can do and what they can benefit from (Important Websites).
  • Online Money:-  Any information above (should not be fake).
  • Mobile:-  Information about.
  • Internet News:-  Any information related to Internet News, Tips, Tricks, Security.

TechnoVimal terms and conditions for Guest Post

  1. Once the post is published on TechnoVimal, after that you can never unpublish it. Only backlink removal will be done!
  2. Any unnatural link in the post or any such connection which is not open will not be published with the post.
  3. Your Affiliate Link will not be given.
  4. I can edit the position you will sell me according to my own to suit my eyes and TechnoVimal Reader.
  5. If wrong things are shared on your blog, then the backlink you are getting from TechnoVimal can be followed.
  6. After you send it, it may take 1hr – 48hr for the post to be published on TechnoVimal.

How to Send Post

You can write your post in any text file, MS Word, HTML and submit it from the form.

    If you can doubt or have any discussion related to guest posts, you can contact us through Contact Us Form. Or you can also directly email

    You can see all the guest posts published on TechnoVimal here.

    I will be waiting for your post. Thank You!