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FMWhatsApp v16.80 APK Download Latest Version: APK is another WhatsApp Mod developed by Fovods team. FMWhatsApp is based on the YoWhatsapp mod, but with some additional exclusive features. Since the launch of FMWhatsApp, many users have moved to FMWhatsapp from other modifications. Many people do not know that the FaudMods team has also developed Faude WhatsApp, one of the most commonly used WhatsApp currently available.

Like FMWhatsapp it also comes with emoji and no emoji variants. Variants without emoji only have default emoji and cannot be added to other emoji in the mod.

FMWhatsapp APK Info

Developer:Fouad Mokdad
Size:50.53 MB
MOD Features:Many Features
Update:15 Aug 2021
Download Version 8.12Download Version 8.00
Download Version 7.20Download Version 7.10
Download Version 7.35Download Version 8.20