Download Free COVID-19 Coronavirus v1.2.1 – Viral Pandemic Prediction Tools WordPress Plugin

COVID-19 Coronavirus – Viral Pandemic Prediction Tools Plugin for WordPress Free Download v1.2.1 Premium version.

COVID-19 Coronavirus v1.2.1 – Viral Pandemic Prediction Tools WordPress Plugin may be a software-breaking pandemic modeling tool that permits you to look at the potential impact of pandemics on society by using charts and tables with estimated data. The potential size and severity of an epidemic (locally or globally) are often shaped.

COVID-19 WordPress plugin is a breaking edge pandemic modeling software, which will allow you to see using charts and tables with estimated data, the possible impact of pandemics, on society. you’ll be ready to model the possible magnitude and severity of an epidemic (local or worldwide).

Corona Virus Banner & Live Data WordPress Plugin

Corona Virus Banner & Live Data WordPress Plugin Features

This is a very simple plugin with the sole purpose of allowing website owners a quick way to add a COVID-19 notice to their website. This free plugin is intended to provide a stop-gap solution and does not attempt to compete with more full-featured β€œbanner” plugins.

  • India COVID-19 live map
  • Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard
  • WHO dashboard
  • Italy COVID-19 live map
  • Romania COVID-19 live map
  • HealthMap
  • NextStrain Visus Strain Graph
  • Hong Kong COVID-19 live map
  • Macau COVID-19 live map
  • Shenzhen China COVID-19 live map
  • China Live Map
  • JHU Dashboard
  • University of Virginia Dashboard
  • Germany COVID-19 live map
  • Japan COVID-19 live map
  • South Korea COVID-19 live map
  • Singapore COVID-19 live map
  • Portugal COVID-19 live map
  • Taiwan COVID-19 live map
  • Indonesia COVID-19 live map
  • Philippines COVID-19 live map
  • Thailand COVID-19 live map
  • University of Oklahoma Dashboard
  • Evolution Map
  • 3D Globe Interactive Dispersion Map
  • Israel COVID-19 live map
  • Turkey COVID-19 live map
  • Cases Map
  • Spread Map
  • Global Confirmed Deaths and Recovered Chart
  • Global Deaths and Recovered Chart
  • Worst Affected Areas Chart
  • Affected Countries Map
  • Bing Dashboard
  • LiveData Dashboard
  • Florida COVID-19 live map
  • Switzerland COVID-19 live map
  • Europe COVID-19 live map
  • UK COVID-19 live map
  • London COVID-19 live map
  • Sweden COVID-19 live map
  • Global Map
  • Country Graphs Table
  • Country List Table
  • Denmark COVID-19 live map
  • India COVID-19 live map
  • Global Spread Map Animated
  • Confirmed and Recovered Map
  • Country Chart Alternative Version
  • World Map Alternative Version
  • USA COVID-19 live map
  • USA COVID-19 live map alternative
  • USA Travel Ban live map

Download COVID-19 Coronavirus WordPress Plugin

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